Human Body Parts Meat Market in India

Human Body Parts Meat Market in India

Human Body Parts Meat Market in India

A truly bizarre video apparently from India shows what appears to be a human body parts meat market. They even have a board with prices for what they sell.

The video has avery realistic feel to it and everything about it suggests that it’s real, but I wonder if it’s indeed real or some Bollywood movie production set. Could a meat market like that truly exist? What do you guys think? Real or fugazi?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Human Body Parts Meat Market in India”

    1. If you look at the arm just to the right…the way the hand is spread out like that and there doesn’t seem to be much of an elbow to it….looks pretty fake to me. That’s the first thing that caught my eye, anyways.

  1. That’s some mentally disturbed shit right there….

    Seems real… Scenario: tractor smashes through a market place, local madman sits next to scene and starts blabbing about his day… Food is essential to survive

    Where ya at @sloth12 I’ll save you a spare rib, if I can spare any… Ha

    1. Haha I just arrived SS. I agree, this seems real to me also. I worked in a plaster casting workshop where we made various models and ceiling roses and we could do this kind of stuff, however i don’t see these retards being able to model those arms and heads. If it’s not real i reckon they’re using real body parts. Not least because it’s india/pakiland, we need a translator

        1. Wow. You are right. Shit -eating,piss-drinking,rotten-corpse eating,opium-smoking, ascetics.

          Did you see the guy that has a foot long cock and he rolls it up in a stick for storage!! Haha.

          If i need to go on a diet ,i will join these guys.not an inch of fat on any of them. Ripped!!

  2. Could be Bollywood but I think it’s just Raj & Abduls film studies project, the guy under the chopping table is neatly done though the pile of limbs to right are nowhere near real, the guy laying against the stump is practicing waiting for a train and the one with his head missing is probably sticking it in a hole under the tractor tyre? going by the effort of covering tableman, digging a hole for a head is no big challenge.

    Hope they get good grades for such a decent effort

  3. I’m from India and i can confirm you its from a south indian movie which is based on cannibals living in forests. And hunting unsuspected prey from local villages and tourists.

    It’s a shitty movie thou!

  4. In some parts of India they consume human meat however cow is a sacred animal & its consumption could cost one their life if proven guilty. Families have been slaughtered for cow meat consumption. Human meat is still bought & sold but not out in the open as cameras are strictly not allowed. Most human meat comes from Kashmir & Gujarat region & internal organs stored & shipped out to foreign buyers as well as wealthy locals. Human meat is usually labelled as sheep or goat meat.

    Almost all tourists who lost their lives in freak accidents portrayed to look like either suicide or accidents in media had their internal organs surgically removed

  5. Tourist 1:…”Oh..My… God!!… *pukes*… How’d you say you found this place agin?… Yelp?!”

    Tourist 2:…”No…I said I thought I heard someone scream for help, but it was just a yelp”

    T-1:…*pukes yet agin*.. “This is fukn disgusting!… Let’s gtf outta here..!”

    T-2:….”Hold on! … Wait a minute!… I just checked the Yelp reviews for this place and it sez the finger handwiches are to die for… ”

    T-1 :….” Those handwiches are DISGUSTING!.. They have flies landing on them..! “

  6. Oh I think I might know what this is. This is equivalent to those random side shows or a circus.
    It’s shock shows I think. Classmates even say there’s random little “we found an alien” show in cities too, and people just record and look at the stupid deformed cow or camel.

  7. Fake. Doesn’t look like a real market, it looks like unorganized chaos. The tractor scene is also a sign that it is fake due to the the blood on the wheel….why kill at the market, should have all the parts ready for sale on stalls! This is a staged event.

  8. Its kind of costume competition mostly happens in town. You can dressup as you want to entertain. It happens on 31 Dec in my town. The decapitated guy has his torso buried and legs out.

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