Human Meat Market Chop Up on Road in Haiti

Human Meat Market Chop Up on Road in Haiti

Human Meat Market Chop Up on Road in Haiti

All that I got for backinfo is that the video was filmed in Haiti. Haiti, of course, is a blacks run country in the Caribbean and arguably the biggest shithole in the western hemisphere.

The video shows a human meat market chop up on a road somewhere allegedly in Haiti. A group of men armed with machetes and assault rifles dismember and disembowel and unspecified number of other men. Maybe an aftermath of gang war?

Props to Best Gore member @jrfivestar for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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440 thoughts on “Human Meat Market Chop Up on Road in Haiti”

          1. What many well-meaning Europeans who support the end of immigration need to understand is that “assimilation” or “integration” are not solutions, it is a genetic destruction.

            I do not want non-whites to assimilate countries in white. This leads to a miscegenation and genetic degeneration. These people have their origins and Hispanic cultures, and they substituting a fecundity faster than others can let them in. Keep Countries White White.

          1. I’m lonely and i love it. First what happened when i was young i said to myself, learn to go without everything and you won’t need anything, then i said learn that life is 99% boredom and be happy being bored. I never looked back. Let’s face it, if you love a hole in the ground you can live in a hole in the ground. Learn to love your loneliness and stop trying to be popular to everyone. it’s a waste of energy, just as marriage is a waste of energy

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        1. Vice did a thing about Liberia and their civil war interviewing former soldiers. There was this one who went by the name of ‘General Butt Naked’. Yeah he fought naked but before combat, he and his troops would eat the heart of an innocent young boy. It provided some kind of invincibility strength thing for them while in contact. This video totally reminded me of that piece and maybe there’s something to that ritual aside from cannibalism and explosive diarrhea

    1. @hopingfornemesis

      Yes, Nem, you are on the money, as always about Sweden et cetera!

      I saw a 6o minutes program 20 or more years ago, when a key Minister said “Muli Culturalism in the UK has been a FAILURE”

      All you get is Muzzie ghettos where whole families are on benefit for life, and the young men planning to kill ‘whitey’ because it is not a full muzzie country

      So .. why stick around in a Council flat, when you can kill innocents, and go straight to Paradise to fuck 72 ugly Arab virgin Moles ?

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      For instance, a muzzie is given special treatment to join the Fire Brigade, even though, if the fire truck and it’s 5 men are sent to an emergency and the muzzie has to say his prayers, the truck MUST pull over and let him pray to
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      So … the original fire truck sent out must call HQ and get ANOTHER fire truck sent out, because it will probably get to the house quicker than the original one ….. Makes good use of the taxpayer’s money, yes ???

      Fuck !!

      Why wouldn’t they kill Whitey, who has done all this for them ???

      The Arab is lower than any rat !

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        And one more thing ..

        If you have a workforce, eg: factory that is some white, some muzzie, many muzzies will choose to just shit on the floor, not in the bowl.

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        No filth in the entire World …

          1. I am so fucking confused…toilet???
            I thought these people just shit in a hole in the ground…wiped their asses with their bare hand… then wiped the shit on the wall…not facing Mecca…WTF?

    2. was a fake nationalist implanted by the deep state to make sure whites forget about their replacement and think everything is alright.

      I voted for him. I’d prefer Hillary would have won at this point. Trump has done nothing for the right except act as a stress-relief valve, which is BAD because he’s done jack shit on his campaign promises. At least with Hillary cuckservatives and dumb neocons and shit would be getting rightfully angrier.

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    1. These Creole bastards fabricate barbecue pits out of 200 liter chemical drums from the local dump, lay down a piece of chain link fence from the abandoned school, machete off a few low hanging tree branches, siphon off a pint of petrol from Pierre’s new ride of the day, and there you go.

  1. You know of course that if this did happen in Haiti there had to be some HIV transmission associated with the festivities. The weird thing is, it looks like none of the (living) participants have any concern regarding contact with the bodily fluids of the man-meat they’re frolicking in.

  2. And to think our Western Govts wanna bring in all this kind of filth from 3rd World Nations, and plonk these apes right in the middle of our ‘bustling cities’.
    Our Govts are nothing short of criminals:
    Bush Snr
    Bush Jnr
    Prez Osama
    Prez Thump

    All just criminal cunts ..

    1. no one is terrified of trump
      he doesn’t do anything but tweet
      they screech that he’s a racist daily to 1. energize their base and 2. put trump supporters on the defensive (so they’ll stick up for him instead of thinking about his actual failure to do anything)
      it’s all very simple and obvious
      there is no shadowy plan that will reveal itself any day now
      just donald the globalist with his globalist cabinet and the globalist democrats, gop and courts doing the globalist agenda

        1. Yeah, I voted for Ross Perot (remember black and white TVs?)
          I helped Clinton’s victory.
          Unless whole system is overhauled… 3rd Party are just vote-thieves.
          Unlike Ron Paul, I think Perot was a plant.

          1. @thedre
            Always reminded me of Mr. Perdue Sr. The pencil-neck egg head chicken guy.
            Made for many cool SNL skits in the ’80s.
            Best, was when ‘Perot’ (Dana Carvey) would pull out the graphs and charts and the pointing stick. Lol!
            ‘Oh, here we go again, with the charts!’
            Pulls the easel from out his ass or somewhere.

      1. Were you some of those Cucks that held-up signs during the election that said 🙂 Go Hilary Go!
        Cause You’ve all failed miserably when looking back at what The Alternative/Outcome could have been if Trump lost eh? lol, 😉 lol, 😉

        ************** 🙂 GO HILLARY GO,,,,, GO, GO, GO! 🙂 ***************

    2. I honestly can’t remember a politician who betrayed his base as completely as Trump has. Fuck this Israeli puppet for giving us hope.

      >NO WALL


      >Illegal immigration at highest levels since Dubya

      >No repeal and replace Obamacare

      >Trump couldn’t stop the caravan

      >Trump couldn’t end DACA

      >Trump couldn’t pass the RAISE act

      >Trump couldn’t end Birthright Citizenship

      >Trump couldn’t make E-Verify a law

      >Trump couldn’t defund Planned Parenthood

      >Trump couldn’t invest $1 trillion to improve national infrastucture

      >Trump couldn’t pass the travel ban

      >Trump couldn’t close the Wall Street special interest loopholes

      >Trump couldn’t put price controls on prescription drugs

      >Trump couldn’t stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for American election

      >Trump couldn’t resist bombing Syria

      >Trump couldn’t pull the U.S out of NATO

      >Anti bds law

      >Gave israel 38 billion

      >Increased the National debt by $2trillion

      >Gave the 1% a tax cut

      >Farmers bill

      >Omnibus bill

      >Amnesty bill

      >Crime ‘reform’ bill

      >No unclassified FISA

      >No Awan indictment

      >No Uranium One investigation

      >No voter fraud investigation

      >No Feinstein Chinese spy investigation

      >Sessions did nothing

      >Pedogate has vanished

      >Assange has vanished

      >55k sealed indictments went nowhere

      >Hired a bunch of neocons

      >Continued middle eastern wars

      >Ramping up for even more wars

      >Global LGBT crusade

      >more guns regulations than obama

      >Full amnesty omnibus Bill

      >Summary of bill:

      >Combating European Anti-Semitism Act

      >Assembles a cabinet of bankers, generals and chickenhawks who precum to the thought of war with Iran.

      >’Gives’ Israel Jerusalem.

      >’Declares’ all jewish settlements to be Israeli land.

      >pulled out of missile treaties with Russia

      >fired McMaster and replaced him with Bolton because McMaster dared to criticize Israel

      >the Trump Dept of Education makes it illegal to criticize Israel at public universities as it constitutes ‘antisemitism’

        1. But nobody can deny that it would have made *Hillary/Killary-Kunt-Clit-Hard-On Two if she would have ended-up winning, cause we all would of been a lot worse off and fighting a possible war with Russia that The U.S. Could never win, no matter how many bases they have scattered all around my dearest Mother Russia as *A Master Jew Ball-Licking-Kunt* herself

  3. @hopingfornemesis

    Just to re-iterate and expand on previous post:

    JFK – Illegal foreign invasions
    LJB – had JFK killed, then escalated the war for profits
    Nixon – misuse of CIA, then escalated the war for profits, attempted misuse of Nukes
    Regan – Illegally swapped cash & Nukes for POW release, helped Thatcher kill innocents in Fauklands
    Bush Snr – war criminal
    Clit-on – Rape, sex deviant who bit girls on the mouth in frenzied lust, and went to Lolita Island weekly to fuck pre-teen girls, all ok with his Illuminati/Satanist wife
    Bush Jnr – more of a war criminal that his Daddy, which is pretty hard, installed ‘Patriot Act’ used to spy on all citizens, to be used for corporate profit
    Prez Osama – Liar cunt, borrowed 1 Trillion, bailed out mates, had whitleblowers permanently shut up
    Prez Thump – Liar cunt, knew Hillary Clit-on would get more votes, so had his mates in KGB & China get a ‘rigged’ software count, which would also be upheld by the Supreme Court, if it went that far, just like Bush Junior’s illegal ‘vote win’ which used the Supreme Court as the ultimate tool to betray the voters, by ordering ‘stop the counting’

    Need I say fucken more ??

          1. To quote Jack Nicholson:
            “You can’t HANDLE Jonny’s penis, Son …..”

            (Like Clinton, you are likely to end up raped)

            (Unless that’s your cup of tea …)


          1. Saw it briefly. Another money-grab by mankind’s Greatest Exploiting Hypocrites- Hollywood.

            I will predict in this modern version:

            First cop on the scene: Black
            School teacher: ”
            Principal: ”
            Any person of authority ”
            Forensic doc ” (maybe Asian)
            Dumb sap that initially blamed Black dude
            for all rising action: Cracker
            Any lessons learned: Cracker
            Film profiteers: None of the above (The Great Exploiters)

      1. Thatcher and the ‘Torries’ couldn’t give a fuck about a small island off the coast of Argentina.
        She only sent the army to ‘kill’ to improve her ‘ratings’ & get the British public not thinking about what a Cunt she was, because the ‘National Spirit of War’ was ‘awakened’
        Thatcher will go down in history as a total cunt-rag and Mole …

          1. That’s it, he’s had his chance, he speaks English when he wants to then talks spic, eventually he gets bored and lonely and tries talking English again looking for company, blank him from now on whatever language he uses
            @badanddy @hopinfornemesis

          2. It’s not the fucking Malvina’s, it’s the fucking Falklands, and that picnic on the road is fuck all compared to what the Paras done to your faggot girl scout army of cock suckers

          1. Dunno if I told you this, Nem, but I come from the same town as Maggie. I even used her parents’ shop when I was at school as it was close by. Speaking of school, I was educated at the same school where Isaac Newton was educated; his name is carved on the window sill of the school library, a part of the school that dates back to around the battle of Hastings. Also, my history teacher was ‘Gus’ Golding, brother to William Golding, the guy who wrote Lord of the Flies. It’s only a small town but it’s had more than its fair share of famous people come from it.

        1. @BadJonny; I’ll agree on the political posturing, but other factors that may have been involved in the decision making might include strategic location, fish, oil and gas exploration, military refreshment (maintaining fighting skills in a real ‘war’ as opposed to training exercises / Northern Ireland), weapon obsolescence (using up munitions nearing their Best Before Date* (typically air delivered products e.g. AIM-9 series / AGM-45 Shrike / Sea Skua / AS.12) and testing of an early version of the Laser Dazzle System (LDS) against aircraft sensors and pilots.

          *Weapons manufacturers love military conflicts as they get to sell more weapons to replace those used.

          1. thatcher was a cunt i never forget that photo of her crying in the back of the car when her own crew stitched her up..politicians are all cunts

          1. Yes, Nem, and if you get the documentary : 9/11 Loose Change
            There was a dude who was on camera testifying that bombs went off below the twin towers first, to weaken the infastructure before final detonation up above.
            The film-maker went looking for him later, and the PI he hired wrote a letter to him saying “Here is you money back, please don’t contact me about this person again .. If you want to follow the matter up further, contact the police …”
            Hmmm – how strange the guy with the vital info has … vanished !!

          2. Well now proven there were tactical nukes on the foundations ,so it happened the way the “conspiracy nuts ” said all along. Somone knew it was going to happen and only authorised people had access to it physically and legally . Also the owner got a double insurance payment out of it; Mr Something -stein and AussieZio Mr Lowy of Westfield Shopping Group. Such is the truth.

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        PS – it’s the party ‘machine’ that makes these ‘deals’, Trump is just aware of it !
        Think: Now the votes are counted by a machine
        Groovy, right?
        But, who do you think CONTROLS the fuckin’ machine?
        The machine?
        The cunts that made the machine still CONTROL the machine
        Known as software writers
        Then get the Govt contract, under a ‘deal’
        Their machine gets ‘approved’
        Then they add ‘code’ to make it do whatever the fuck they want it to
        They are in ULTIMATE control of the fuckin’ machine
        Go watch : Metropolis from 1928
        It’ll make you wanna cut off your micro penis
        *(If it is even a penis)

        1. You are so right Jonny, fukkin know the truth, no matter who we vote for we get the cunt end of the pig ( fuck knows where i got that one from but it sounds good)
          @badanddy @hopingfornemesis

          where’s the bg bitches tonight. I get back from work and find i missed out on all the action. Thanks for the invites guys , you’re the best

          1. HaHa .. Jesus, Vile, you made me ‘cack’ my guts out ..
            “we get the cunt end of the pig ..”
            Jesus, fuck …
            I laughed so hard I almost put my penis in the apricot jar !!
            I almost let bull-ants crawl over it .. just for giggles !!
            Weeeee !!!

          2. lol Jonny, yes i kind of made myself laugh, which is wierd i suppose..talking of Ants and Penis how are those two cunts? are they still doing in the jungle

          3. Maybe they are dormant like I am presently? Lol

            What the fuck is going on with the UK. Brother!

            I want you guys to succeed and Brexit but I get a horrible thrill out of you guys not being allowed to leave; by your Atlantic Cousins with whom you have a “Special Relationship “. That way every Tom ,Dick and Harry in Britain , will know who rules you and why you all need to fight back .

            If I was in control ,all politicians and policymakers who signed off on entering the EU and /or was involved in think-tanks would be publicly whipped after being stripped naked ,their photos plastered on a revolving basis on tv news and Internet and significant amounts of their family assets permanently requisitioned by the State. That will teach the greedy and stupid dogs to not agree to an agreement that had no exit clauses!!!! Significant protagonists? Publicly hung.

          4. @hopingfornemesis

            Yes, Nem, about Brexit, the whole reason that ex-pm guy had his election on it was ’cause he was sure the people would re-vote for the filth.
            When they didn’t, he resigned, and every subsequent PM cunt, says “Oh, okay, I will get the will of the people seen to” knowing full well that they can’t and won’t be allowed to.
            Rothschild, Queen Liz and their USA cronies are all Illuminati and it was decided long ago that Europe would be made just ‘one country’ so that it is easier to control from above.
            And that North USA, Canada, Alaska would all be joined as one.
            The South Americas joined as one.
            Pacific nations, and so on.
            They started planning all this after WW1, hence the Paris Treaty Euro ‘boundaries’ & evil Israel set up & other stuff I can’t remember.
            A huge step forward for them was getting Britain in the EU, which as you said, will NEVER be allowed to leave (it is too important for Illuminati)
            Some good documentaries I saw were: “Britain on the Brink”, and “The Shock Doctrine” – check ’em out ..
            Also “Money Masters” and “Invisible Empire”

          5. Bad Johnny. I saw the Loose change 911 Doco. Excellent! Some stuff in there I didn’t know and some specialists who came out early on I never even heard about.

            I urge any and everyone to watch it to see what has happened. I wonder if US Chief of Staff Lemnitzer was Jewish? Certainly the Lavon Affair had already done this ie Israelis killing themselves to get support from others to blame Muzzies. Now anyone who knows me will be confident that The only thing I hate worse than smelly uneducated ackbaristanis are scheming sophisticated powerful Zionists!

            I will check these other docos in time.

      1. Eisenhower was a kike plant. With the stroke of a pen he starved 1.5 million German POW’s in a field, then trained the corpses to Dachau and stacked them for a photo shoot to ‘prove’ the lie of Dachau murder worthy of a Hollywood director. McArthur (Pacific theater) had him sacked for incompetence as a Lt. Col and then barely 12 months later he’s Military Governor of the US occupation zone in Germany with meteoric promotion. Patton (the true hero) ‘accidentally’ on purpose is killed off in Dec ’45 because he did two things. He dared criticise the Communist scum, and he REFUSED to turf German families out of the streets for the so called ‘displaced’ persons without due process of law. He also treated German POW’s as Prisoners. ‘Ike’ on the other hand blatantly murdered soldiers with a stroke of a pen, because (his quote: “I hate Germans”), turfed 15 MILLION German women, children and old men into a German winter. They just disappeared, gone, poof never to be seen again. He was highly instrumental in the lie which I spent my life detoxing from, he was a provable war criminal, as President he actively strengthened the Federal Reserve Jewish slavery system, and approved millions in military aid to Israel every chance he got. Eisenhower was the devil incarnate. If he was king, there would be no non-jew left on the planet.

          1. @vile The children of Adam and eve. And again with the offspring of Noah. We are all inbread. Must explain why humans are so fucked up. I once had a neighbor that claimed she had her own bloodline of pitbulls. Her secret was that she bought a male and a female, and just kept breeding the offspring. She is still breeding the descendants now, and I’ve known her about 7 years.

    1. True, according to studies by ALL Universities Psych Department (95% woke) in California Universities studying the Haitian’s online.
      The study did neglect to mention that Haiti hasn’t had electricity for years but the guy who brought that up was sacked and twittered to death for racism.
      Sounds like a legit theory to me, yo!

          1. Not me. Rapefugees should be shot on the border. Simple.
            The law states you seek asylum in the country right next to you ,not ten countries along.

            In any case ,even when seeking asylum ,a neighboring country can not be flooded with refugees -even if genuine- because they feel like it! The neighboring country must be able to house ,feed and assimilate them . If not ,fuck off ,no appeal.

            PS I consider myself liberal -minded. I just happen to not be a retarded Liberal! That is the problem . Most Liberals of today have gone too far to appeasement -status. Fuck off ,cunts.

    1. Didn’t you Canucks just vote Turdeau in for another term? Zero sympathy for people who invite Kalergi to ream their ass and then complain.
      There is no shortage of ‘refugees’ waiting at the border to help you ‘culturally enrich’ and double the population of Canadastan.

      1. @JackSpratt

        Let me tell you something before Trudeau, canada have a fucking pro jewish as prime minister, Stephen Harper and now they have Trudeau who is a pro imigration

        not far away in usa beafore Trump usa have a fucking nigger as president…. and now usa have a traitor and a fucking pro jewish called Donald Trump as president. so in my opinion both country have a BIG fuckking problem my friend

        Who is better, NOBODY… We are in the darkest times ever for the West.

        Good bless White people of both country

          1. @tattooman You are fast to reply my friend.

            In 1976 (96%) of Canadians were white. In the year 2100 the most optimistic forecasts say that 94% of Canadians will be of different races, black, jewish, arabic etc…

            Some idiot will say it doesn’t matter because they will be dead before the year 2100. And what about our childrens or our little childrens ? For me it’s like if we condemn them to a death sentence. Unfortunately the big majority of people are fucking blind, deaf, mute and stupid.

            The real question here is…. What we need to do to avoid this apocalyptic future ?

          1. Just to let you know i been fapping over English queen for a while now. Not that you lot can’t have her as well, just saying. When the romans first invaded britain sometime BC they reported back that it was a strange land where each woman in the tribe was fucked by about 12 men every night. i love england

          2. @vileness
            Me wonders if those were 12 Angry Men. Hah!
            Love the Penthouse Forum morphed into sexually deviant history lesson. Lol!
            Hey… The More You Know (TM)
            But all me needs is the plane ticket and some stalking err walking shoes.
            Me loves the Land of Royalty as well, ole’ chap.
            Whilst there, will make it a point to jam at Abbey Road Studios!

        1. Can’t insult any life form by comparing this bloody creatures with them.
          -If i call them apes that’s not fair to apes and i mean it. Even virus is better.

          Rats, and even cockroaches are Mother Theresas for this demons. Did you know that they die if are alone, out of their fellow cockroaches for some longer time?

          Thedre, wouldn’t be great if this dude from video end ups tortured, recorded and sent to BG? Ah, dreams. Who knows, maybe we got some update of that monstrume.

    1. The problem isn’t them being them. Hyaenas do the same thing and you don’t call them inhuman, you just call that nature.
      The problem is we TREAT blacks as human. They’re not. This is their NATURAL state. Haiti is just a country where ‘blackness’ and Black Lives Matter reaches full fermentation. That’s a NATURAL process as well.
      I love nature. It’s so warm and cuddly.

  4. These fuckers cannot afford to feed their families,,, so they kill their neighbors The Ones They Dislike Of Course, and eat them. When all they would have to do is sell the A.K.-47’S & A.K.-74’s AND ALL THE OTHER ASSORTMENT OF GRENADE LAUNCHERS AND THE LIKE COULD FEED A SMALL TOWN FOR 6 MTS. See what me Done Again for fucks-sake???? Fuck-it too lazy, and tired to fix it now. 😉

    1. What you can see is one phenomenon in these people:
      They lack basic human trait, the empathy.
      How the hell is possible that someone completely disregard pain of other he causing is mistery for me. I mean i know, except for psychopaths that are about 0,02% in this world..

        1. @Hopingfornemesis
          I Never knew that Haiti Was self governed since 1803, lol. Which does explain why they are such violent lunatics.
          If you had a choice between living with a Moslems or Negroids which would you prefer, lol.
          I Already know the answer Nemes, but i just want to see what you would say.

          Correct me if i’m wrong but you would probably say that you would move-out, or kill-em both eh??? lol 😉

      1. @SrbijaBgd
        My thoughts exactly bro. And the fact that there is always good and bad in all races, colors and religion they just seam to always take it to another level, then criticize anybody who speaks badly about them.

        But for fucks-sake,,, if they would stop doing such immoral, and stupid shit like this maybe people wouldn’t have anything bad to say about them,,, no?? Fucking Empathy Lacking Thick Sculled Baboons.

        And that is why i believe God Gave them thicker skulls than us, cause he knew that they would be getting quite a few knocks on the sides of their Thick skulls. And if you notice,,, many blacks have small heads, lol, true this.

        So a small head to begin with that add the super thick skulls taking most part of it leaves little room for brains, yea??? 😉

        1. The other guy make moves like chimp for a moment and then, cam goes to our psycho worm. They really are like monkeys but in monkeys are more soul than these will eve have.

          Complete lack of humanity in this people is something that scaring shit in any good soul in this world. I would throw them into room without light and sound, all separated. Then, they would see their demons.

          Sorry for being dramatic but this shit gets me every time. Blatant wild violence.
          I am speechless when seeing what kind exist together with others for f’ck sake.
          i don’t want any colored near me, ever. I am not even racist at all, not hating them but i do not believe in life with them in any form and way.

          1. @SrbijaBgd
            People just like that Real-Chimp, lol, bwa ha ha, i just looked at it again, and started laughing like an idiot. But all jokes aside they are crazy-scary these “Soul-Less” Fuckers.

            What they need is Hurricane Maria to come back and hit that shit-hole,,,, and harder then when it hit Dominica and spared our good brother Mark. until only cockroaches remain to eat remains, lol.

            But i don’t know if even cockroaches would touch that shit,,, You what d’ya think??? would they, lol. 😉

        2. With more attention on their psyche, when you watch deeper, you can see that red dude is scared as shit beyond consciousnesses and the blue dude is true psycho and he love it. He is totally convinced that he doing awesome shit.
          This look-a-like people creatures are purely demonized monsters that should be killed on sight.

          Btw, imagine fear in those that watching from distance. You can see them in video.

      2. Empathy is a treat we´re not born with naturally.
        It develops through parenting and education in general and the circumstances you´re born into in particular. Of course there are brain issues that avoids any empathy to build at all. But thats more a medical thing.
        If you´re born into an Aids-ridden, pisspoor, backwater shitehole like Haiti, you develop into nothing more than a primate with an AK47.

        1. All of Europe at times in the past was landless peasants, illiterate, Black Plague (+ a few others), regular war, winters which kill, differences of opinion and out of that, multiple times, Europeans BUILT better civilizations.
          No excuses. There is something else going on here other than circumstances of birth or skin colour obviously! IQ maybe?

          1. @finalexit ,,, @SrbijaBgd ,,, & @Jack Spratt ,,,
            All of you 3 have good points, and are partly right, cause i think that you are born with it, humans & Animals Alike. but once witnessing horrors since birth in a lawless country where the gun/knife are the judge & jury, i can see where one builds a thick skin like a Elephant, and then because you have witnessed so much you can loose-it over time.

            As for Blacks having lower I.Q.’s you are right because studies have shown that Blacks have smaller heads than the average white man. Now if you add the other fact that their skulls are twice the thickness of ours,,, there brains end-up being 15 to 20 % smaller than ours.

        1. I’m not convinced that this was filmed in Haiti.

          My French is fairly basic but I’m not picking up anything that suggests that this is French (Haitian French) or French-based creole (Kreyòl).

          Gun control is, surprisingly, effective and the few weapons that make it into the civilian population tend to be stolen from military sources; the AK series is not used by the military in Haiti.

          1. Yes,,, you are correct in your assumption as they are not speaking Creole whatsoever! And being Fully-French myself i would also have recognized-it fairly quickly as you did. But i did not put it together until You said it and had to go back to check.

            And you were 100% correct @nastypersuation 100% So it begs the question,,, where else do you think it could be from brother???

          2. @thedre; One of my two friends on BestGore; for everybody else, you really do have to be something fucking special.

            So, it ain’t Haiti.

            Looking at the morphology of our miscreants, I’m drawn to the continent of Africa.

            Running a search for countries, in Africa, with ongoing internal conflicts shows Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Uganda, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Western Sahara, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

            We can exclude Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara and the Sudan as the population, simply, doesn’t look like these guys.

            We’re left with Somalia, Niger, Uganda, Nigeria, DRC, Congo, Chad, Mali and Mauritania.

            Looking at the weapons and dress (i.e. civilian rather than any quasi-military stuff) , I’ll narrow the field to DRC, Chad, Congo and Niger.

            I’ll spend some time listening to the audio tomorrow but, given the body mutilation etc., I’ll place my bet on DRC.

          3. @nastypersuation
            It’s funny that you mentioned that,,, cause i have made a mistake and noticed just a few hours ago when i re-listened to them animals talk again, and i realized that what they are speaking is in fact creole, but with a strong gang-related accents/slang to it, that made it really hard to distinguish in the beginning as they were talking so darn fast man.

    1. Save me the feet, cause tonight we’re having:

      Feetloaf w/ Lice ‘R Roni (The San Francisco Treat)

      And Calamari (anus rings) as an appetizer. With COCK-tail sauce, of course.

      1. Whatever the cut you choose… you need to cook that sh*t at minimum of 500 degrees for 3 hours in order to kill 99% of the 90% bacteria plagued meat.

        From the book:
        ‘Dahmers Delightful Dinner Recipes’

        Other book from J. Dahmer:
        ‘How To Invite Friends Over’, and ‘1,001 Chili Recipes’

          1. Maybe not well thought out at all… But if I may, shaved cocks has no additional flavor… However a hairy ass has a lot of rustic flavors that a shaved cock does not have… Its best to braise a hairy ass with a age cool aid wine.

          2. It’s all a matter of taste. Sometimes shaved A hole is good. I Just don’t like bleached asshole, the bleach is too overpowering in your dining experience.

  5. Comedy writers couldn’t write this shit, you know, as far as massacres go.
    Nigger legs hanging out of a wheelbarrow being chopped off.
    The star of this feature is carving a perfect butterfly filet in a nigger spleen while the rest are hacking indiscriminatly at piles of torso meat.
    And which retard was chopping bamboo and throwing it in the pile? “Hey Klick Klack, we’re chopping niggers today! Bamboo was yesterday.”
    It’s probably the same guy in the green hood/mask/shirt who didn’t get the memo on that days red, white and blue uniform.

    1. Their uniform carries symbolism. The red is for the fresh meat they will all be enjoying for dinner. The blue is to symbolize their gums, and the white is to symbolize the type of women they will chase after being given asylum provided their boat dosnt capsize while crossing the gulf.

  6. Hope they teach their children as my parents have taught me…

    Never waste food…

    Because for every scrap you waste there’s a starving child in… Oh, never mind!

          1. In nigger culture it’s gibbs me dats instead of lego….oh and they never had a grabbing war…they treated it as a jump ball.

  7. Well, the meaning of a “shithole country” has just reached a new level of meaning. We have to thank Trump for that.

    In my years of viewing Best gore, I thought I have seen everything but this has got to be one of the most beautiful videos on Best Gore. (For Gore fans of course).

    It reminds us that we all live in a “shithole planet”. Not just a country but the whole planet.

      1. @Irishgirlgem

        Fucken-right girl you said-it, as anywhere is better than that shit-hole of a Country. And d’ya wanna hear something long but 1/2 funny?? then read-on darling,,, read-on! Every-time that people Go to The Dominican Republic on a winter getaway/holiday in the tropical Sun,,, they are unaware that they mere (at some resorts) only a couple of miles away from from the Haitian border.

        And because The Island is about 3/4 The Dominican Republics, and 1/4 quarter Haiti The shit that Haitian people produce affects all of the Islands Ecosystems, Including the Beautiful, but on some early mornings You Can actually smell The Rotten-Stench coming from the Haitian Side And Affecting, or Infecting (is more like-it) The Dominican Beaches that people pay top dollar to escape the cold northern winters, and end-up swimming with tampons, and toilet paper as they slowly drift by. 🙁

        And i can guaranty ya that you would be robbed at knife or gunpoint, and once you’d hand over your loot, those baboon-looking primates would have fun and laugh as they would either shot,,, or to be stabbed anyways. But again,,, Only after handing-out your loot, that is, lol. So please my B G Brothers & Sisters (well except for a couple of You’s) and you know who you are,,,lol,,, *Stay Da-Fuck-Off* and out of That “Whole Island” and this is why.

        If you look at the Haitian Shoreline,,, it is littered with trash, including but not limited to,,, rusted beer cans,,, & all types of tires,,, and even on some beaches, you can, and will see, broken down cars, & trucks that broke down, or was stolen & simply just dumped there, and left there to rot.

        And if that wasn’t bad enough,,, and to add “insult to injury”,,, lets throw-in some raw sewage for goodwill, cause most of their open sewage are on the side of the street, between the sidewalk, lol, which consists of (sand & rocks) and the actual street which is yet just some more of the same luxury,,, yea, you guessed-it more (sand & rocks), lol.

        Except of course for their Gem, and Capital-City of *Port-O-Prince*, where only a couple of blocks away street side curbs, or open toilets run directly into the ocean. Now Port-O-Prince means *The Prince’s Port* So Fuck if that is what The Prince Looks Like,,, damn i’d just hate to see What The Princess would look like.

        Because i can assure you she would not be something you bring home to mommy, and brag to your friends about. cause with all that Rat-Infested raw sewage being pumped into this large toilet, could you imagine how really bad the people must smell like? And that’s just cause of them lazy bastards just sitting on their asses, and doing fuck-all everyday but stand, or even sit in or near that Shit (literally speaking) lol. disgusting country, and people for the most-part! 🙁

        1. @thedre WOW I knew that place was a shithole but that is absolutely crazy. And I do know people pay big money to holiday in these places. They are crazy because ive always said i dont understand why people pay such big money to go to these places, I would need to be getting paid big money to go there and even at that I wouldn’t be keen on it. I actually know of a couple who are from nearby where I am from an they went to somewhere in that region for their honeymoon, they were having tea and coffee in their hotel and the girl left her husband at the table to nip up up to their hotel room to grab some of her favourite biscuits that she had brought with her, she had been gone quite a while when her husband decided to go see what was keeping her and when he went into their room she was dead in the bathtub, she had been beat up an strangled an anything that was of any value in their room was stolen but the part that i cannot understand is that to this day no one has been brought to justice for that young and beautiful girls murder. How in this day an age in a hotel that has so many cctv cameras can someone get away with that? It just confuses me so much..

          1. @ladylexis
            Wow,,, i did not know this either. And that place you mention, *Mauritius*, is it even close to some of the many little Caribbean Islands? I ask this because it sounds a lot like A type of French Name.

          2. @lady-lexis yea I’m from UK but I class myself as Irish through an through. I have an Irish passport also. I live in northern Ireland but I have never classed myself as British. And apoligise for that mix up as geography wouldn’t be my strongest point but in my opinion might aswel be the same place because all the people from these places are all the same they are fucking animals. Even calling them animals is a compliment to them.

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