Human Torch Found Near Railway Tracks

Human Torch Found Near Railway Tracks

Body of a man – still unidentified – was found on the morning of Tuesday October 23, 2012 near railway tracks in the village of Mundaú, municipality of Satuba, Greater Maceió, Brazil. When discovered, the body was still in flames. Before he was turned into a Human Torch, the man had been shot to death about 200 meters from where he was set on fire.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Brazilian Inquisition Rule No. Blah blah blah says that wearing actual shoes is heresy. “Oh, you like sneakers, running man? Here’s some lace holes for you!” *Bang bang bang* Then they finished him off by turning him into one big, burning athlete’s foot symptom.

          1. Well I’m still just a noob, I’ve got a lot to learn so cut me some slack. 😛 I haven’t been here as long as most of ya’ll I only discovered the site a few months ago.

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