Husband Kills His Wife by Beating Her to Death with Garden Hoe

Husband Kills His Wife by Beating Her to Death with Garden Hoe

We just had photos of Sororicide (the act of killing of one’s sister) on Best Gore, let’s team it up with Uxoricide – the act of killing of one’s wife.

Barbaric murder in these photos happened in the town of Baraúna, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. 61 year old João Ezequiel da Silva murdered his wife, 48 year old Maria da Conceição Mendes da Silva by beating her in the head with a garden hoe. Brazilians are so practical – anything that can be found around the house can be used in the commission of murder.

The killing took place at 4am but despite it being deep night, neighbors went to see what was going on after overhearing the screams of distress. Husband tried to escape on a motorcycle but forgot the keys inside the house and had to return. While doing that, he unlocked the front door and entered leaving the key in the lock. Neighbor who came to see what the screams were all about noticed the corpse in a pool of blood in the middle of the kitchen and used the key in the lock to lock the killer up. Police just had to collect him from his own home prison.

Husband alleged that he had killed his wife because she threatened to sell the house that belonged to her and leave him. The man said he even tried to kill himself by holding onto a power cable without isolation but failed. He also wrote a suicide note in which he stated the reasons for the murder.

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96 thoughts on “Husband Kills His Wife by Beating Her to Death with Garden Hoe”

      1. @ugarte well maybe their relationship was like my parents relationship *domestic disputes-assaults* and the crazy wife annoyed the husband to the point where he eventually had enough and killed the crazy bitch -.- if I found out my gf or wife was a whore and was cheating on me behind my back id be saying good fucking bye and leave the bitch I’m not going to waste my time making a big scene and calling her a whore that’s pretty embarrassing /: but then again 😀 I’d get back at her country ass and sleep with her sister or her mom ^_^ take that society !!

  1. Luckily I live really far from the northeast.

    The other day an old man from the northeast of Brazil.. by his 70 years old – which by the way was wearing a Green Lantern’s Hat – came here at my work (it’s a Notary’s Office) because someone was charging him for something he didn’t buy it… he said:

    “From where I came from, I would solve the problem with a knife in the heart of the motherfucker!”

    1. I worked at a Scientific Police lab. They often were reconstructing crime scenes in a room and simulate the crime. They would use blood plasma pints and hit it with a hammer (like it was the case for one murder when I was there). Then they would study each drop of blood on the walls floor and ceiling, the way they smudge, to know exactly how far from the walls and the height of the head, etc… pretty interesting.

      However, I doubt they do that sort of thing down there.

    1. @coochie
      I think he said something about being depressed cos lady gaga cancelled her tour date for that area….and he missed his old teddy bear BOBO from his childhood that he couldn’t go on

      1. generally mine do as well…but lately they have me under their thumb as I am doing their dirty work for them…so they are busy turning the guilt screws to keep me busy with their bs while I slowly lose my effing mind…needless to say I totally understand how these murders can happen

      2. My father was an abusive alcoholic with a raging temper who beat me and my mom to relieve his stress. My older siblings moved out of the house the day they turned eighteen and never looked back.
        When I got my first motorcycle at sixteen my father told me to go kill myself. I got my relief from riding the open road and by using drugs. To this day I am fucked up mentaly from my childhood and my mom and siblings went their seperate ways.
        So as far as family goes…fuckem!

        1. that really sucks broke..sorry to hear your dad was such a shithead…I wish it was as simple on my end…I was saying fuckem until my mom got ill…and they all fucked off…she is 90yrs old and they took their money and disappeared as soon as she got sick…im the youngest and had just lost my job cos of a major breakdown I had over a friends/coworkers suicide so they basically told me if I didn’t help her they would stick her in a home…I have lost pretty much everything I own now and she has dementia so I deal with a lot of abuse and they refuse to help…say I am the one with the problems…somedays im ready to effing run away! *sigh* totally off topic – sorry marcus

          1. @ali, I’m in a similar situation. My mom is 86 and is not doing well. I am also the youngest and the only one who gives a shit about my mom. She can no longer live on her own so I’m trying to get her into a nursing home. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be to get her into a good home and also very expensive. It would be nice if my siblings would help but they don’t give a shit. The last five years of my life have been hell…divorce, broken spine, lost my career and my best friend and two failed suicide attempts.
            Sorry to all about venting but I’m feeling pretty fucked up tonight. Sorry to hear about your situationali.

          2. @broke
            aww man that sucks …I know what you are going through…I have lost pretty much everything the last 4yrs I am basically at my wits end right now and I often don’t see much of a solution. My dad was the sweetheart but he died many years ago and the family fell apart after that – my mom has always been pretty cold and hurtful but she is your mother right so you do your best by her. Well her biggest fear is going into a home and has been good up until last year but I will say the last 6mths or so she has gone downhill mentally and blames me for everything..i have no life now as I cannot leave her alone…no help whatsoever, no money, its a freakin joke. Hey I used to work for the govt broke in the placement dept as well as homecare so if you need any advice let me know perhaps I can help you out with some options for your mom. Im sorry to hear about your situation – keep your chin up ok? It has to get better.

  2. Maybe some flowers from time to time or a back rub with candles….maybe he could have been a bit more romantic, maybe saved his marriage? Maybe she could have been a piece of shit, but who knows? Now two lives just thrown away for fucking nothing. Human beings are pathetic.

  3. Ugh… Relationships, and the drama that comes with them. Screw all this living together BS. Just find yourself a fuck buddy, and throw ’em out when you’re done with ’em before the sun comes up. Like me and the Purple Rose do with each other.

        1. You kids need to find some stability with somebody in this fucked up world of gore like I did. Or else your loose, swingin’ ways are going to land you both on here for the rest of us to gawk at! I’ll make sure to sharpen up my wits with plenty of whiskey for your debut. 😎

          1. Thank you, Juicy 🙂 that was kind of you to say, my BG sister! I’ve never met a man I admire, respect and enjoy bondage with, more than Future Days! He knows and will freely admit who he belongs to, me. I am his Mistress, and when he desires it, his obedient slave >:)

          1. @YNEG-I think I see another nice BG couple in the making too with you and @BB!! I really love all the love and even I’m excited for November to get here! Lol. For you guys and becauseby
            then it won’t be a freaking 100+ degrees everyday!

  4. This is exactly the kind of guy i’d like to see necklaced and burnt alive… Little coward piece of shit, if you can’t deal with relationship issues, you must not get involved in one.

  5. excellent pictures, that man the only thing him had was his house and that bitch wanted to sell …. hahaha …. sorry bad joke 🙁 we the women have to learn to do things in silence.

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