Husband Kills Pregnant Wife for Keeping Secret, Cuts Baby Live from Womb

Husband Kills Pregnant Wife for Keeping Secret, Cuts Baby Live from Womb

On Thursday 21/2/2019 in Tanjung Village sub district of the city of Bengkulu, Shaved River, Indonesia, a husband, Romi Sepriawan (30) kills his pregnant wife, Erni Susanti (29) because she wouldn’t give him the password to her phone. Afterwards, he cuts the live baby from her womb because, you know, he’s not a monster.

Romi admits he is furious at his wife, Erni for not telling him her mobile phone password. He is curious to browse her mobile phone, which seems to contain many secrets. Four months of strong quarrels between the couple, is due to him not being told the password. To this day, his wife has never informed him of the password code.

On the day of murder, Romi leaves to go borrow a hatchet from a neighboring property, for reason of wanting to open coconuts. Romi then returns to his home with the hatchet.

Romi splits his wife’s stomach open then takes the baby put and puts it near a window. He makes an effort to chop off her head by slicing into her neck. After finishing killing the baby’s mother, he takes the baby boy and hands it over to his brother.

After escaping he eventually chooses to return to give himself up to the police. I feel very bad about what I did, Romi says.

The baby boy is in good health and is expected to live a happy life.

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        1. Goddamn Spinkter. You’re an asshole.
          Doesn’t trash from The Hamptons float up to you in Connecticut? Go pick it up before the crabs wear it as a shell.

        1. Yeh.. well he probably was a CUTTER by nature which is why he grew up in a place called SHAVED RIVER. His photo does show him to look a little DULL.
          Her keeping secrets sent a DAGGER through his heart and so he decided to make a STAB at clearing through the issues. How were we to know that would involve SHARP practice. Thank God he was caught ,I reckon it may have WHET his appetite.

  1. Think of the money Romi saved not having the baby in the hospital. Although he broke with Muslim tradition by not just setting her on fire, or chopping her head off and parading it through the streets on the way to the police station.

  2. Pure jealousy, I bet he thought she’s talking to other men and that’s the reason she didn’t tell him her PW. It’s her own choice whether she wants to share it or not. What a dumb reason to kill someone..

  3. Guy is completely crazy:
    He did it in rage and when cool off….
    -He will hate himself to the rest of his miserable life now.
    To all bad people that slowing down the Best Gore, site that is my daily dope:
    I wish you to be a bloody news on this site.

  4. I Am Extremely Happy About This Good Man Having The Decency To Save The Baby Even Though I’m Sure That He Is Well Aware of the fact, That This Baby Could Very-Well End-Up Being a Neighborhood Chad, Or Even A Tyrone (Type-O-Spawn), because of The Fact That She Protected, And Cared About That Password, More Than She Cared About Her Own Relationship With Her Husband, and His Baby (Probably Not His) that She Was Carrying, cause why would she NOT let him See Her Messages, If She Had Nothing To Hide, (Or Loose $$$) If He Found Evidence,, Yea,???

    Seams To Me Like We Have, or *Had* Ourselves Yet Just Another 2-Timing Carousel Running Cunt, on our hands. And Because Of This Good, And Honest Man, There Will Be One Less User,,, Abuser,,, And Heart-Breaking Cunt Around,,, That Could/Would Surely Have Ended-Up Destroying Many Other Innocent Male Victims Lives, By Having It Turned Completely Upside down Because Of Her, And Women Just Like Her, That Are Unfortunately Living Among-Us, In This World Of Ours. And The Fact That we Already Have Way Too Many of These Dirty-Lying-Cheating Cunts Around in Today’s Twisted Society, She will be one less Teacher (To Her Daughters) on How to Trick,,, Deceive,,, And Pretend That They Love Him So Much Obtain a Husband that they can abuse using one of their best tricks being,,, **(THE POWER OF THE PUSSY)** IN Order To Reach Their Ultimate Goal, of Never Having to Work a Single Day in their Lives, By Living-ff Of Their Multiple Ex-Husbands Salaries That They Have Sued, & Won A Judgement (From A Jewish, & Female Judge) in order to have Alimony, And Child-Support Payment that will give them security for the rest of their lives.

    And Sadly,,, many of these Ex-Husbands, many *(that statistically shows)* will End Up Committing Suicide, And Not Because they Love Them, But Because they will have to continue on working way past their retirement age of 65, simply because they barely have any money left over to even pay for Their Ghetto-Style Basement Apartment, And let alone Having Any Left Over to Purchase food with being that in many cases more than 85% of their Salaries is going to these Heartless, Cold,,, And Unbelievably Cruel, & **CHEATING, LYING, CUNTS** that do not give Zero-Fucks That Their Children have to suffer.

    Cause by seeing their Fathers Suffer So Very Much Like This Because Of Their Own Mothers Being The Cause Of I 100%. So They See That Their Poor Dad Is Not Well, With No money left over even though he works 2 Full-Time Jobs. And When They Ask Mom Why She Has A New Car, And A New House, When Dad Working So Much, And He Does Not have Anything??? And Because they See Him Completely Exhausted, and Oftentimes/Most-Times Severely Depressed, from Working 16 to 18 Hours A Day 6 Days A Week, with 2 Full-Times Jobs,, Dad Does The Right Thing To Not Get The Kids Upset, by telling them that he is single and does not need a big house and new car. And so he supports Mom, And His Kids In Order For You’s To Have A Good Life.

    And This Is While Mom On The Other Hand, Not Giving ZERO-FUCK About The Kids Mental Health when telling the,m that Dad Is An Alcoholic, drug abuser, gambler who has made his bed, and now has to lie in it, and the like. Talk about great parenting skills. only to give-out 85% to this Cunt Who **NEVER, EVER LOVED-HIM** To Begin With, But Used Him For Income Purposes Only. So By using their Ex-Husbands Hard-Working income to have a Good, and of Thieving a good husband out of all he as worked so hard to obtain To Drain All of These Hard-Working, And Providing Good Husbands Paychecks.

  5. i can’t even take this guy seriously… i mean, he can’t even pull off a successful beheading. i’m sure he was just as useless in bed. no wonder his dead wife was probably whoring herself around. wait, is that victim blaming? or perp shaming? eh, if the shoe fits.

  6. maybe the baby wasnt from him … and he wanted to check the phone to find who is the real father.

    would have just steal the phone and hack it . instead of let the phone and hack the girl lol

    1. Romi splits his wife’s stomach open then takes the baby put and puts it near a window. He makes an effort to chop off her head by slicing into her neck. After finishing killing the baby’s mother, he takes the baby boy and hands it over to his brother.

      Some good death metal lyrics there.

  7. Fuck that. Ive been in a relationship where my ex constantly wanted my passcode and i had nothing to hide and still wouldnt give it to him. I guess if i wanna look at the glass half full at least i made it out of the relationship with only 2 concussions, 2 black eyes, several miscellaneous bruises and bumps…oh and my life. (Although, Half of them were for not buying him dope when he wanted it. The other half was for petty shit like not giving him my password to my phone)

    I say guilty one points the finger. This guy was probably cheating on her and felt guilty about it so he wanted to find dirt on her to feel better about himself. Dont get me WONG though, a cheating bitch is a cheating bitch regardless of their gender.

  8. Why would this be an issue? The guy should get “Father of The Year!”

    He saw that his wife was not a good example for those kids. He did the right thing and used the least expensive means of divorce available, thus removing a bad example set by this password hiding cunt. These kids are sure to grow up to be much better people in life. These Asians are sure smart, yet practical.

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