IED Bombing Attacks at Jolo Cathedral in Philippines

Man Ripped in Half by Bombing in the Philippines

IED Bombing Attacks at Jolo Cathedral in Philippines

During a mass on Sunday January 27, 2019, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) went off consecutively at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, province of Sulu, the Philippines. At least 20 people have been killed by the blasts, of whom 14 were civilians, 5 were soldiers and one was a Philippine Coast Guard crewman.

The reports say that at around 8:58 am, the first IED inside the cathedral was detonated, injuring multiple mass-goers. Military and police officers stationed outside rushed in, but a few seconds after the first blast, the second IED, located outside the church’s entrance exploded.

SITE group lead by Jewess Rita Katz reported the Israel friendly terrorist organization the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack, but according to the Philippine police Western Mindanao Command spokesman Colonel Gerry Besana, the CCTV footage suggests the Ajang-Ajang group perpetrated the attack.

Props to Best Gore member @darkroller12 for the aftermath pics:

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    1. He, who heard the sound of thy holy trumpet, and took not warning. He hath clearly wandered too far from the word of God. And mudslimes, your hour has come. Let’s get it on, Big Boy. It’s time to get back on the path.

  1. I’m tired of this planet and modern society. I’m waiting for war or the apocalypse. This site actually gives me a little hope. Because it makes me realize that humans are still savages and always will be. I hate TV and movies because they present a fake view of the world.

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  2. The Philippines is a nice place. Nah, just joking. It’s like a mixture between Mexico and the Middle East. In the upper part, you got people who always go to church and still do bad things and in the lower part, in Muslim-dominated areas, you got people who always go to the mosque and bomb other people who don’t believe in what they believe in. The only safe place is Davao, where Mayor Rodrigo Duterte used to be mayor. Other than that, you go at your own risk.

  3. The shameless, servile Pinoy is a willing, eager slave to his western conquerors, gladly adopting the religion and language like dogs, and the government-sponsored programs to steal traditional Muslim lands in their last stronghold, Mindanao, was orchestrated by the Marcos Administration in the 1960’s.
    The Muslim “Filipinos” ( I reject this colonial name given to the subjects of a Spanish King) have been stripped of all their rights and forced onto two small islands in the extreme south, and even then? These bastardized “Catholic” traitors still feel they can build a cathedral there? The bombings are a valid target. There are no civilians.

    Bear in mind that when Magellan arrived in the archipelago, their were mosques as far north as Manila Bay. Because the Spanish had just expunged the last of the moors from Spain, they went insane finding them in this new colony, and instantly waged war. The Muslims maharlikans are the ONLY true authority of pre-Columbian rule in the so-called “Philippine” archipelago

    Death the the missionary dogs! Death to their families!. Do not venture onto Jolo or Basilan islands, or you will be subjected to a war with IRA intensity, a war which has lasted for 5 centuries, and perhaps 5 more centuries to come

      1. well if you don’t give a fuck, you snickering mongoloid, then STFU when an occasional bomb goes off, and some Christians get reminded of the theft and murder they did under the Tagalogs and chinese mestizos who just took the role of colonial masters in the island chain after the Americans left. Oh, and the American missionaries NEVER left.. i delight when those corrupt fucks are beheaded as they try to convert the last of the true Maharlikan people.

    1. Who cares? Pre-Islamic Phillipines was animist and there were such Aboriginals living there till even recently.
      So no ,Islam is not the only authority in the Phillipines
      You missing Islamic Rule means nothing. Some of us miss Kossovo being ninety percent Christian but it does not seem to worry you and your Natoist friends that it became Almost 100% Moslem in less than four generations.oh well ,let Germany ,France and The Uk worry about themselves. They were up to their eyeballs in the fuckery of Kossovo becoming independent.

      The Spain you speak of? It was one hundred percent Christian before Islamic hordes raped ,pillaged ,burned and murdered their way into power. It took the poor Spanish five hundred years to get rid of them as it did in the Balkans.

      Germany,France,UK and Scandinavia ,read the above and weep. Short-sighted suckers!

      1. Well, at least the Malay sultans that ruled before Spanish conquest had a written language and laws. The animists that you speak of? Nobody knows much about that since the Spanish cut out their tongues and destroyed any “idolators” they encountered. The disgust i have for the pinoy who grins and fetches beers and his sisters for the Western sexpats today, and diddles young boys in the barangay rectory basments while wearing a Catholic tunic are no different than the slaves of the Spanish and then the Americans of colonial times. the so-called “Philippines” is by far the most victimized nation in history and its STILL a colonial country. go there and see. they are truly the shame of Asia. If any people needed a Khmer-style revolution where they do a genocide to the ruling class? it is here

          1. those animists you speak of are the indigenous, non-Malay inhabitants known as Negritos, who, like the Hmong of IndoChina, were chased into the mountains by bands of settlers migrating to the archipelago centuries ago. They are still persecuted, and oftentimes when you here of guerilla communists (NPA), it is these tribes that they mean. Like the Apache in Southwest US, these tribes no longer had much significance in the affairs of the island chain, which were administered by sultans in Borneo, who still have claims pending for portions of Palawan Island and the Sulu chain.
            My point that you try to obfuscate here is that Muslim “Moros” existed throughout the archipelago, and war was waged upon them for the past 5 centuries, first by the Spanish and then by the Christianized natives who continued the purge, destroying villages and stealing lands.
            The war these Muslims wage is not only valid? It is just

          2. I can’t argue with what you say nor do I.
            I was just saying i liked the landscape,the people and my time there.
            I have heard of the Chinese Mestizos ruling the roost economically as they also do in Indonesia and Malaysia.

            Can you name a handful of important powerful Chinese Mestizo families for me to look up on the web?

            You no doubt know i have very little liking for American Foreign Policy and i will add that all countries that are not English -speaking- that America likes -are as you describe. In Time,America will also reduce the other English -speaking nations as well but it needs to demonise them in the eyes of average Americans first.It has already globalised my country and reduced wages and working ,educational and health conditions here.
            Burma and Thailand were the last countries of Asia to be colonised and good luck to them for holding out so long.

            You will note America recently tried to”Syrianize” Burma with talk of “poor oppressed Moslem Rohinya” etc. It did not work and thus we hear no more of them. The sheeple’s attention has been moved elsewhere now.

            Back to gated communities and se curity guards. I have read documemts leaked by think-tanks. It was expected that such conditions occur and they(the leaders) are happy with them. Why do you think gated communities have become so popular in the USA etc? Why do you think the Eu is making its own army? It is certainly not for external enemies. It is to shoot the revolting Eu populations which has already started in Greece and France . People are sick of rapefugees and globalist policies that have reduced their living standards.

          3. I am not Philippino and thus not an expert. Maybe the filipino majority would have less angst with the Moros if they reverted back to their Negrito animist beliefs rather than stayed as Head chopping Moslems! Filipinos do not want an Ummah. No-one does apart from Moslems. Islam holds nothing for most people in the modern world and i would suggest never did in the Past either.

            Also i doubt the Communist Negritos are the same as the Islamic Negrito Moros.

          1. I have been to the PI about 14 times between the years 1977 and 2015. There is something defective about these people. Even the Burmese realized what colonialism had done to their country and changed their name. The Chinese mestizos dominate the economy and they care not one fart about the locals. You will see mansions with 14 ft walls topped with glass and barbed wire and security guards next to toddlers drinking gutter water and fishing in their trash for scraps. You will see security guards with shotguns patrolling the malls and everybody is frisked. There are doormen who call you sir and mum and open the door for you at McD but their real job is to chase away beggars and homeless. Only some hardened alcoholic pedophile can ignore the poverty there. The islands have a population of nearly 100 million and the carrying capacity of the land is 20 million tops. They are filled with servants, hotelboys, hookers, jeepney drivers, pimps, pickpockets, Western pederasts and drunks, LDS and 7th Day adventist, pentecostal missionaries and of course the pope is the true emperor of these Spanish and American subjects.
            There is not a more victimized people on the planet. This is the true poor man of Asia. The so-called Philippines is a shameful, disgusting mess of a place

          1. “christianized” you mean destroyed. The Ifugao are mere relics..their culture was stamped out long ago. if you have been to the PI, you know how prolific the US missionaries are there. Colonialism hasn’t died here. Go-Go bars, Jolliebees, Kickapoo Joy Juice, those toxic hotdogs, rows and rows of crisps and chips from japan and US in the supermarkets, and shampoo and baby formula locked behind glass, with shotgun-toting guards at the entrances, and more plain-clothed security than customers. Go outside and you can buy shabu and cialis. 750 ml of Tanduay rum for $1.65, boom-boom girls for 500 peso, black-smoked jeepneys with amplified exhausts, stereos blasting on the sidewalks, psychotics naked in the gutter.and the worst syrupy pop music in the world

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