Illegal Migrants Attacked with Rocks and Machetes in Tangier, Morocco

Illegal Migrants Attacked with Rocks and Machetes in Tangier, Morocco

Africans like to point fingers at people in white countries and call them racists, homophobes, or whatever other labels comes in handy when they can’t present valid arguments capable of negating the obvious destructiveness of mass immigration, but turns out they are every bit the same when faced with the threat of flood of legal and illegal immigrants.

Earlier this week, at least one person was killed and 14 wounded during a spate of violent stabbings and stonings in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier, infamous for being a favorite hangout for international spies from where many operate.

The Tangier’s Boukhalef neighborhood is rife with undocumented Sub-Saharan (black) Africans who use the city as a gateway to Europe.

Mainstream media call the attacks “racist”, although the identities of the attackers are unknown. The fact that all targets were black is enough to pull the racism card.

The killed person had his throat slit with a machete. He was from Senegal.

According to Moroccan government, there are over 30,000 undocumented migrants in the country, most seeking to immigrate to Spain.

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  1. “Mainstream media call the attacks ?racist?,” because some of the victims were black. Imagine that, people of African descent living in of all the places, Africa. Really, who let all these black people into Africa anyways.

    But as for the attacks, it’s typically only intellectually indigent individuals with little to no education who commit such barbaric acts of violence because they are driven by their passion for vengeance and not rational thinking, wanting only to inflict pain and suffering.

    Then look at how more intelligent people, such as Western societies kill, nice and quick with a sophisticated flying bomb launched from hundreds of miles away, or with some other means that the victim intended will never see coming.

        1. I would have thought that the European central government would be a bit more worried about African immigrants given the current outbreak of Ebola in those regions but no they still keep letting them all in, maybe they want to bring the population levels down via good old fashioned death.

          I did make another post on this page about nine hours ago but it has still yet to appear.

  2. Yes, isn’t that always how it works. The indigenous population of a country are always called racist scum if they do not let every illegal immigrant into their country.

    African illegal immigrants turn up en masse at the boarders of Calais, France trying to get into Britain all the time and the best laugh is that these illegal immigrants state that they are fleeing prosecution back home in Africa as the reason for why we must let them all in.

    Even if we accept their story of “prosecution” and how they “fear for their lives” it states quite clearly in European law that you have to seek refuge in the first safe country you arrive at, so how many safe countries did they pass through on the way to Britain, five?, eight?, ten?, obviously then they were not fleeing prosecution and did not fear for their lives, they just wanted a free house and benefits.

    These people are economic migrants and not unfortunate souls, they on purposely seek out countries that will give them the best benefits without them having to actually do any work.

    I am tired of having to explain all the negative consequences of mass uncontrolled immigration so I won’t bother this time, all people need to know is that letting in an unlimited number of people into an already full boat will eventually cause that boat to break apart and sink.

    I am not against immigration just uncontrolled immigration. When ever I have lived in other peoples countries I did so through the correct channels and arrived on their land with a job already attained and money of my own to support myself, this meant that I was not a burden to the taxpayer and the host country’s government could easily manage any social/economic negatives that immigration might bring.

    My conclusion, if I had my way I would form a border guard and I would ask these illegal immigrants to leave at gunpoint and if they refused I would put a hole through their heads.

    I’m sorry if the above sounds a bit extreme but our countries are in an extreme mess right now and in extreme times only equally extreme counter measures will work.

    Remember, letting them all in may feel like an act of kindness but what you are actually doing is sacrificing an entire country full of people for the sake of economic migrants that were not in any danger back home and that is not logical, in fact it’s self destructive and suicidal.

    1. Absolutely @Empty, but the powers that be, those leftist idiots, are fully aware of that, they are dumb but not that dumb.
      More onus ought to be put on the people whoms vehicles are being used to bring these illegals across. It may seem a tad harsh, but you could bet your bottom dollar that if those vehicle owners knew they were in for a very stiff penalty for inadvertently allowing passage to these people, they would think more than twice and check their vehicles thoroughly prior to boarding the ferries. Plus of course, as you say, our border control is pathetically lax and needs tightening once and for all to stop this fiasco.

        1. We need to get rid of the left leaning fools who have maneuvered their way into the main positions of power over recent years. People are sick and tired of being labelled with derogatory cop out terms for telling the Truth about the situation. Fear of being labelled racist is a big issue that requires tackling head on. As it stands at the moment in the UK, UKIP are our best bet… best of a poor bunch, and they are gaining support.

    1. I am tired of Americans going over there to help and bringing ebola back. they are already talking about sending another American doctor over there to replace the doctor who died from ebola. They can keep their disease over there and any dumb American going over there should have to stay over there.

        1. @ TheProtocols of Zion, I couldn’t agree with you more. Putting your on people at risk by going to a damn diseased country and bringing back all kinds of shit. The people going over there should be shot dead before they even have a chance to get on the air plane

  3. Oh Yeah, black on black ape destruction, the best kind, and if it’s not guns it’s always machetes.
    This could really only be topped by muslim niggers killing other muslim niggers for me.

      1. True, they fear their government, and even more their own police now or “security” forces. Any action would only cause a new civil war, wich by everyone’s standards its “unnaceptable” in a “first world” country, especialy one that is illuded to think they own the world. 😆

    1. once when I went the zoo and I was over there with the gorillas. This lityle black kid was cracking me up. he kept hollaring about how the ape looked like his uncle. he wouldnt stop yelling moma he look just like uncle blah blah blah. I didn’t remember the uncle’s name. so we will call him uncle blah blah blah. Everybody was lauging at this kid as his mom carried him away out of embarrassment. lmao

  4. Wow, these assholes. I’m Hispanic and not an immigrant, but my parents are.

    We have great lives we earned by hard work and commitment. We do not commit crimes and we pay taxes and contribute to society, and we respect the people of our country and the country’s way of of life.

    I hope you all don’t hate immigrants. The evil immigrants are to be executed, even I agree.

    1. In America if you were born here, live here and a citizen I have no problem. my problem is with Americans bringing disease back into the united states and illegal people who don’t even try to be a citizen.

  5. It’s like people make a nice place with lots of saving and wealth for their offsprings and someone from africa comes and claim his share!
    Not only that, they make people to feel guilty and think they owe them more.

          1. Yea I don’t know what can be done about that one. Possibly as an advertiser they insist upon it. If it was any where but there I think I could have helped you out. But I get what your saying, I try not to scroll down so far but we know how well that works. Any how the revenue they make off of it helps to run this site. Other than members replacing that revenue I think were stuck with it.

  6. We Moroccans are not niggers, nor sandnigger(Arabs) most of us speak a arab like dialect, which derrives from the Berber(or Amazigh) language. I’m a berber myself, and you wont see a difference between a average Italian American, or a Berber i promise you. These Black immigrants rap? Girls, rob shops and people’s cellphones. We Moroccans were called Barbarians by the greeks for a reason, don’t fuck with us

  7. Niggers kill more niggers than anyone else could hope to. It’s the same with Spics and Muslimes too! Whites by in large are peaceful save for your run of the mill psychos and and skinheads.

    We need to start doing this on our border with Mexico in the failing nation called the United States. I am all for laying mines all over the border lands. Dam up the Rio Grande and fill it with piranhas, crocs and snakes like one big moat! Any that make it through would be shot on sight and left for the buzzards and dogs.

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