Images of Murder and Dismemberment Found on USB Stick of Gang Member

Images of Murder and Dismemberment Found on USB Stick of Gang Member

In San Rafael, El Salvador, a group of gang members got into a shootout with police. During the shootout, 5 gang members were killed. On one of them, authorities reported to have found a USB stick with grisly images of murder and dismemberment of a citizen.

Police determined that the victim was a 22 year old San Pedro resident who worked as a taxi driver.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Images of Murder and Dismemberment Found on USB Stick of Gang Member”

  1. Where is the video? Now the guy is on camera and has to flee his shithole country and cross illegaly into the USA to live a good life.

    If you see him standing at your local home depot or 7-11 store in the morning waiting for an American to hire him, ask him for the video when you hire him to mow your lawn or to work inside your house.

  2. it seems like the south americans of native blood are extremely savage and violent. true definition of savages. the europeans tried to make these people more civilized by bringing christianity to the americas and to bring them modern technology, and society but it has failed, they are still living as they did 1000s of years ago as savages but now with some modern technology.

    1. As a Central-American native i must say, all the ignorance and violence on my people is the consequence of the world’s powers interest on creating failed states, before 1950’s we weren’t shitty places as we are today. 1954 intervention of the U.S. in Guatemala started all of the evil. and it continued with all the civil wars that U.S. and the Soviets sponsored. And now with the Gang problem it was american born as well. Cartels fighting on the area it wouldnt be as bad if americans didn’t ship all those illegal weapons to the south and if the europeans and americans didn’t love drugs so much.. So yeah. The only exemption in Central America is Costa Rica and its because they decided not to be part of all those conflicts.

    2. Christianity is same bullshit as democracy today. Eurocrapeans used “craptianity” to justify invasions, not only in the Americas, but all over the world. “Christians” taught the conquered “craptianity”, but they never did as they said. Today the former “craptians” import democracy to the countries that don’t agree with them, to ruin them, and steal their riches while killing the population, innocent civilians, creating fake terrorists, and in the case of the south border, smuggling weapons to the gangs and cartels to empower them to prevent those countries from growing economically. You can stick craptianity and fakemocracy up your ass.

  3. Quick?- if the USB was found on the gang member… who posted the pics.. the police..? .. why would they post the pics on here .?… is one of them a member..?? there’s police in here now… no bueno mark.. no bueno…

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