Images Released From the Husband Stabbing His Wife’s Lover in China

Images Released From the Husband Stabbing His Wife's Lover in China

Just a quick little addition to the post concerning the disgruntled husband who took out his wife’s not-so-secret lover with a brutal day time stabbing in the middle of a busy street on June 25th in Xingtai, China.

Look at this guy. He looks completely gone in that picture. No idea what is going on. Looks like he is a butcher or something…well, if he wasn’t, he is now!

Props to MrsPink for the Images.

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          1. Hahaha yep, the whole time i was away from here with no phone i awoke everyday wondering what new gore was on here,andi couldnt check att library coz its monitered

      1. Holy shit! You are legend MrsPink. On a side note I was driving around the other day when I saw a car with a license plate that said MrsPink. I pulled up next to it but it was just an old lady 🙁

    1. I have pictures of her face sown back on. But too lazy to do the whole uploading process. She looked normal, except for the scar that runs from one ear to the other and a missing eye. She died though. Couldn’t understand much of the Portuguese

  1. I post it here the other video will be way back

    In the Recent video where a woman was shot at an ATM why does not anyone realize it is fugazi and most probably clipped from some movie?

    First most closed circuit videos do not have sound with them but this has and it is very clear.

    Second the conversation between the two sounds very scripted

    1. Exactly, we can only speculate on the facts. Odds are the guy didn’t know she was married. Seems all too common people are first to attack or bash the “estranged” lover. When the real culprit is the one who was out messing around.

    2. I completely agree @ladybug. She’s the one who cheated but it always seems like the ones they cheated with get punished. I’ve never understood that because my anger would be focused on the one who was unfaithful.

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