Incarcerated Kidnapper Killed by Gunmen Upon Release from Prison

Incarcerated Kidnapper Killed by Gunmen Upon Release from Prison

I can’t imagine Mexican prisons being those cosy, safe places, but if you live in Acapulco, Guerrero – the most dangerous city in the world, it’s probably as safe as it gets. Outside of it, your chances of survival become minimal.

25 year old Uriel Chino Orozco was incarcerated for kidnapping and served his time. On the day of his release, he was met by his parents who waited for him at the prison gates. The three boarded a taxi cab but were blocked off by gunmen in a luxury vehicle who opened fire, killing the ex-con on the spot and also mortally wounding his mother – Gisela Orozco Vargas. His father – Horacio Chino Pérez who was also in the cab, was not hit. Taxi driver survived the shooting too. I’m never going to Acapulco.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. 12/12/12/12/12/12/12/12 who gives a shit. It’s just another ordinary day where people are getting gunned down, run over, stabbed and blown up. You are members of Best Gore. You should all know. And that concert means nothing to me. A bunch of over-the-hill rockers out of their prime. The true form of Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead and long gone.

      1. MM perhaps, the shooters were hired for a rich family who had his son, or brother,,, kidnapped by this asshole. l just heard about a case where a boy was accidentaly killed while he was being kidnapped, then the idiots wanted to call the family and ask for a ransom, the family got the money, but when they asked for a proof of life the fuckers could not give one and didnt get paid. They havent been caught yet.

  2. i think i already told the story of my parents honeymoon during the late 70s, they did Acapulco and then NY. Acapulco was fucking paradise, people sleeping with their doors open and leaving valuables anywhere, and then they go to NY and one night they decide to take a walk out of the hotel, 6 blocks they are intercepted by a police cruiser “what the fuck are you doing walking here at 9pm, get back to the hotel asap!”
    The circumstances and conditions in places inhabited by the Fleshy Virus can change really quickly let me tell you

  3. Hung, is very good such famous people come together to help others. This shows how music brings us together. The face of rock might change, but the spirit never will. I really hope this will help those people out and that the monies will not get “lost” along the way.
    As for the kidnapper, I am sorry his papa and nini had to pay a price for his evil. And the cab driver is pissed on also. He didn’t get his monies for the fare! Everyone screwed in this story!

    1. I kidnap my ex for just one night I think. Damn bitch stayed 1 1/2 years! I think to shank myself for peace and quiet! Damn woman so obnoxious my poor Kitty his fur fell out in clumps. He run to hide whenever she shriek his name.
      I don’t like kidnapping anymore…

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