Indian Cop Fatally Shot in Neck After Discussion Over Land Dispute

Indian Cop Fatally Shot in Neck After Discussion Over Land Dispute

Indian Cop Fatally Shot in Neck After Discussion Over Land Dispute

A 27 year old Uttar Pradesh cop was fatally shot in the neck at a roadside eatery in Gadarpur, Udham Singh Nagar district, state of Uttarakhand, India.

Identified as Mayank Katariya, the cop was having a dinner when he was approached by three unidentified men who arrived on a motorcycle. Mayank had a conversation with the men that lasted about 10 minutes. One of the men then pulled out a firearm and discharged two rounds at the cop.

It is suspected that the reason why he was murdered was an old property dispute.

The submitter of the video asked to remain anonymous. Thank you for your contribution, anon:

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