Indian Man Clubbed to Death for Complaining to Police About Neighbors

Indian Man Clubbed to Death for Complaining to Police About Neighbors

Indian Man Clubbed to Death for Complaining to Police About Neighbors

In the town of Manendragarh, state of Chhattisgarh, India, a man attacked by two attackers for going to the police to complain about his neighbors. I do not know what the essence of the complaint was about.

In the video, the man is seen being clubbed to death with iron pipes. One of the attackers also stomps the man for good measure.

According to local reports, the murder was committed by two brothers. One of them has already been arrested.

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77 thoughts on “Indian Man Clubbed to Death for Complaining to Police About Neighbors”

    1. It’s more painful than you realize. The Flip-flop is a tool of death indeed. Since the dawn of man it has been a symbol of death and rebirth. An ancient Babylonian text shows a flip flop falling from heaven bringing death.

          1. This is exactly what they want you to do… this is the new Samsung Galaxy advert in India. Do not be fooled by this false advertising. More Indians will not be killed by your support for their brand

    1. If they can’t rape women they’ll settle for clubbing a man to death. It’s a cathartic experience for them either way. Now they’ll of to prison where more pakis will beat them to death with sticks. It’s all good.

          1. I heard about Guatemala the other day, only 6 dead….

            Glad I’m not in Washington though and one of these days, California is gonna snap like a twig into ocean

          2. It’s all happening, there are many more dead in guatemala but the mainstream news would rather talk about bullshit like meeting with kim jong un or the royal wedding, they hide a lot of stuff with all that royal news…..all you have to do is look at the plates, just follow the line, they’ve been talking about yellowstone for some time now

      1. Well these are the types they want to take over europe for some reason. Proving once again that pakis are the retard scum of the earth along with africans.
        That Agrawal Shop looks in a bad way. They’ll turn the west back into the wild west i reckon.

  1. I had neighbors who were constantly tossing negro babies over the fence into my back yard. On a positive note, I do own a pretty good basketball team now.

  2. That guy deserves an oscar or whatever hindi equivalent is given for his performance of playing dead, am guessing as soon as he get up an american producer will fly him up to the states to play corpse on some network criminal procedural shows.

  3. I made the mistake of having a Paki roommate. He would wash his clothes once a month, in a tiny bag. I was suspicious, so one day I opened his closet. A waft of BO came out… he would just take his shirt off and put it in the closet, and wear it again, FOR WEEKS!!
    …later I asked him about this, he said “it’s not dirty, why should i wash it?”

    tried to explain how sweat dries but then gets reactivated once you put it back on, but he wasn’t buying it

    point is ? THIS IS WHY THEY STINK

  4. Violence is violence but when colored are involved it’s doubled.
    This apes are pure savages.
    Clear plan to kill as sunshine on the sky.
    “Alright, we beat him badly, lets stop now or we will definitely kill him” thought on this disgusting people is impossible.

    -I watched countless documentaries with wild animals fight and most of them just byte and kick each others until one admit being weak and winner usually let go of him. I never saw that in most videos from colored human communities. The most disgusting thing is jumping on head of unconsciousness man. Usually done by all colored. Don’t get this as racism, it’s a fact.

    Like i said once, i don’t want any of this motherfucking savages near me.

    1. @SrbijaBgd It’s not about the skin color, the mankind is just devolving from each generation to another, the day will come when the brilliant intelligence of man will be just a distant memory, and the human brain will be comparable to a goldfish’s. I admit that when I get pissed at someone (for offense, humiliation, etc.) I’m very angry and it lasts a long period of time. Of course I want to act, but I think for a second that I might end end up in a cell, or I keep telling myself that taking over someone’s life for a few words would make me the lowest kind of person ever. It helps me calm down and forget. These “apes” like you say are the best example that civilisation already started crushing down to pieces.

      1. Well, you have right that people will be more and more like from “Idiocracy”(2006) movie; I don’t know in % but big amount. It’s a fact but here i’m talking about aggression, violence and short fuse and blacks are N1.

        I have no hate on them. I hate multiculturalism and especially- race mixing…

  5. Either the law in India is too tough on lousy neighbors or either they paid a fine that costed their whole wallet, anyway the thing about very poor countries is that murder and getaway is easy there, when you live in a rich country the fact that your acts will make you spend the rest of your days in a cell is very itchy, these guys bashed his brains in public during daytime like if it was casual shit… I even wonder if this country has any cops

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