Indian Man Viciously Axed, Left in Dirt Chopped and Bleeding

Indian Man Viciously Axed, Left in Dirt Chopped and Bleeding

Indian Man Viciously Axed, Left in Dirt Chopped and Bleeding

In India, a man was filmed being viciously axed by another man while a third stood by beside them.

You can hear the victim scream in absolutely horror and agony, as the attacker bludgeons him with the axe without mercy. However it’s quite clear the attacker wanted the victim to suffer, because he directed the blows mostly to the victim’s limbs, and basically never to vital areas.

Nevertheless, seeing as the victim was left in the dirt all chopped up and bleeding, with nobody seeming in a hurry to help, I doubt his chances of survival were that great. Given the nature of the attack, if he died, it took longer and involved more suffering than if the attacker axed him in the head or neck.

Props to Best Gore member @auggy-v1 for the video:

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    1. Are you referring to the guy in the blue outfit? I couldn’t help admiring his bomb shoes. His shoes are awesome! I completely forgot about the chopped up victim writhing in the pool of his own blood.
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  1. I do not understand the Indian language at all. However. I do understand tone and situational context.

    Judging by the obviously disapproving tones by the Indian villagers of both genders then and the way they bludgeoned him and made him suffer I am going to go with thief or caste violator.

    I was going to add rapist to the above as well but rape tends to be a lesser crime in India.

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  3. that was kinda brutal , i wonder what he had done to the attacker one , he seems quite enjoying the moment , hiting him with anger , people are trully missing it in some countries , it’s not a good way to go but beside that it’s better than being cut to pieces while u are fucking breading anyways(how Brazilian-mexican usually handel their businesses) lol

  4. For god’s sake, why didn’t someone lend him a hand? And a foot, and maybe another hand?

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think it was personal, the guy was just axing for a friend.

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  6. The butchers weren’t in a haste as it takes hacks and chops to know if the sharpness of the axe’s blade hasn’t gone blunt .

    A punishment that brutal must be the outcome of victim’s crossing all limits of mannerism even though he must have been forewarned but went putting it to deaf ears , throwing caution to the wind .
    Bad has begotten bad after all

  7. NOT India and not Indian people.
    This is from Pakistan and the people are speaking Punjabi. Most likely from a rural interior area.

    During the attack there are some inaudible noises a women shouting and most likely directing this attack at the person and the two guys attacking must be the women’s relative.

    later when the brown shoe guy appears this is the conversation :

    Guy 1 : They ran away
    Guy 2: Werent there any people around to stop this ?
    Guy 2: Nobody came forward to help ?

    Kids voice: No, there were those two guys attacking and some people noone helped.
    Guy 2: Who was there ?
    Kid : Those were the sons of Shabbay
    People: Yes, the sons of shabbay assaulted him
    People: Common, hurry up call someone to bring a car to take him to hospital ( In rural areas any type of car is a luxury and not many have them )

    My take on this the attack could be most likely due to a land related issue OR possible over a women.


  8. This probably happened somewhere in southern India I could only make out the woman as saying something like “chachay de munday” literal translation “uncle’s sons” in this context she is referring to an elderly male she calls uncle out of respect which is common in India. Travel to rural India must be avoided at all costs. Indian villages are far more sinister than cities. Savagery usually goes unreported in order to avoid negative publicity as the country heavily relies on tourism

  9. When I watch videos like this, and see what human beings are capable of doing to each other, I begin to think that humanity (as a whole, not individuals) effing deserves Coronavirus.

    Yeah. Fuck humanity. Well, at least the shittier elements, lol

  10. It looks like it is from Pakistan, going by the attire. Language seems like it is from the Punjab province. Towards the end, a man asks what did he do. A woman replies something, not clear, but heard the word girl. So that is the context. He may be molested or harassed a girl and the attacker is the girl’s kin.

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