Indian Murderer Takes Police to Place Where He Buried Headless Corpse

Indian Murderer Takes Police to Place Where He Buried Headless Corpse

In India, a captured murderer took the police to the place where he buried a headless corpse. The video shows the police tying a rope around his waist while the murderer uses a hoe to dig the corpse out of the grave.

I don’t have much background information, but the headless victim appears to be a woman. I like how after recovering the severed head, he first tosses it next to the body, but then is like: Oh shit, I best start pretending like I respect the dead.

Props to Best Gore member @sandhuchandu for the video:

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127 thoughts on “Indian Murderer Takes Police to Place Where He Buried Headless Corpse”

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  1. “Funny how they gave the killer that ho.
    Did anyone of them have a gun drawn?
    Just incase he swung that ho at them.
    And how obvious was that damn grave?
    So I have come to a conclusion.
    Either those Indians are real lazy.
    Or they give the least amount of fucks.
    The guy just pulled a head from the ground.
    That would kinda scare the hell out of me.
    The guy who helped the killer with the corpse.
    That guy didn’t seem to give a shit.
    As a fan of the Forensic Files.
    It was cool seeing them unearth the corpse.”

      1. Awwww… Gimme a break! “Indians are catching up”? That clearly looked like to me that, that was an obvious grave. The stones tell it all. That dumbass should have just buried her in the woods and not made it so obvious that it was a burial site out in the open, in a field beyond a cemetery and denied it all. Didn’t he watch any forensic TV? East Indians can very well be stupid or did he confess before they sent out the choppers, search parties and cadaver dogs? Keep your mouth shut man and deny, deny, deny. By the time the idiots found her body, she would have been so decomposed, that there would have been no DNA evidence because Indians haven’t been catching up. Stupid Perp.

        1. “I see your a Forensic Files fan,
          I’ve seen the entire series,
          First 48 is good but not as good.
          It lacks Bill Kurtis’s narration.
          With the slightest amount of searching,
          cadaver dogs wouldn’t have been needed.
          Because the stones do make it obvious.
          All the perp needed was to dig a grave.
          Bury the corpse forget it and that’s it.
          Or find even find a good sized suitcase.
          Put the corpse in it throw it in the trash.
          Keep your mouth shut deny deny deny.
          Or better yet don’t have a motive.
          They would never prove anything.
          That psycho didn’t even try.
          Gary Ridgeway would’ve done better.
          Him or BTK wouldn’t have got caught.
          My guess is the perp was retarded.
          Or had never seen one true crime show.
          Or anything serial killer.
          To dispose of a corpse like that.”

    1. Did u see how when he took the head out of the ground he placed it back like a puzzle. So it won’t look so bad. let me try to reattach her head so I don’t look like a monster. I guarantee u they said push the head away. They made him roll it aside. ANYONE Indian please tell me that’s what they said. And there was a fat lazy Indian cop in the back. He wasn’t digging lol

      1. @ Kevin

        Shit, what did you expect him to do? Remember that anything you do or say in the presence of the authorities can be used against you in a court of law. If the police testify in court that he mishandled the corpse in some way during its exhumation, it could easily sway a jury to believe that he is guilty.

        “I appreciate your concern for the dignity of the court, 007. Unfortunately, the man is a tax-paying citizen and entitled by our Constitution to try and manipulate the legal system like everybody else.” (Fracture)

        1. It’s India though. They had him digging. Could be chopping up evidence. In the states here. You would never be holding any tool. Digging anything. You would point where the body is if they’re that lucky and your hands would be cuffed behind your back for everyone’s safety. If I knew it was a wrap. Give me a weapon and it will be my last

          1. @hindustans Logic,,, you want logic,,, don’t be a fucking asshole over nothing, and everybody will get along just fine. Are you that fucking insecure man??? If yes, than Facebook would be a better fit for ya!

          1. I definitely love the edit button, just wanted to point out that anyone using @trust when you click it, its a different guys account because your tag is @irondiketyson so anyone using @trust is for a different guy and already it doesn’t matter and I’ve wasted 4 seconds explaining it …..anywayysss *back to my corner

          2. @trust

            It is much better to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have knowledge on the subject. As was the case with Wallabeast’s comment and also your “hierarchy shit” comment. LMAO. You don’t have the first clue about the Indian hierarchy, please shut up.

          3. “Though you have knowledge on the subject,
            It is better to keep your mouth shut.
            So will you do that will you shut up?
            And you’re right this is a place of free speech.
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  3. Indian authorities – “We only have a suspicion of you that you killed that woman… so we cant do anything to you… can you just show us where you burried that corpse though?”
    Criminal – “Sure thing, here it is!”
    Indian authorities – “Perfect! Now we can propperly incriminate you… thanks! YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!”

  4. There’s a dot on her head and the colour is RED she’s a HINDU….
    How fucked up is there policing system…the alleged murderer gets to exhume his alleged victim so he can relive the thrill he allegedly had in taking her head off the first time.. now he gets to dig up that bag of bones and connect the head bone back to the pussy bone !! What a fucked up third world stinking shit hole of a country!! Thanks for giving us butter chicken and naan bread but you can keep everything else.

  5. Ok so let me get this straight. This guy had to LEAD a group of paki cops thru an open lush, grassy green field with healthy green trees all around to a spot that had a MOUND of BROWN DIRT covered with ROCKS that LOOKS like a BURIAL SITE!!!!!??? Are you fuckin kidding me!?? I’m just going to assume they took him there to dig her back up himself. Or I’m going to have to double up on my meds today.
    Another part of the world that should be wiped off the plant.

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