Indian Politician Fatally Shot with Gun He Was Trying to Sell at Gun Shop

Indian Politician Fatally Shot with Gun He Was Trying to Sell at Gun Shop

Indian Politician Fatally Shot with Gun He Was Trying to Sell at Gun Shop

In Jalandhar, state of Punjab, India, a local politician died as a revolver he was trying to sell went off. Identified as Balwant Shergill, the politician took the gun to a gun shop with an intent to sell it. The shop owner was checking it out when the gun discharged, fatally hitting the politician.

Great job on the seller to take a loaded gun to the buyer, and on the buyer for not checking if the gun was loaded before handling it in any way.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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          1. @illegalsmile55 haha so Mick being an englishman asked the same question as me and Jerry being from texas (i think) knew about the bones. Lucky racoons never suffer from a let down moment. That’s very interesting. I don’t think i’ll be purchasing one though, let alone picking my teeth with it. Nor giving it to sookie

          1. I caught a paki shopkeeper bursting into song to one of their tunes, i was cracking up laughing inside but kept a straight face.

            He stopped, embarrassed when he saw me come in. Lolll

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    1. Video no worky. What a couple of assholes though. So the 1st asshole didn’t even check if his gun was loaded before bringing it in and then the asshole behind the counter even failed to safety check it himself. Always assume guns are loaded, not the other way around. Darwin awards for both.

      1. I didn’t want to say anything cos i got the first comment in but the video didn’t work for me either haha. if we all waited for it to work there’s be no comments

    2. Are you retarded? He’s not Paki. He’s Indian. Pakistanis are Muslim you retard. He’s Indian Sikh. India and Pakistan are pretty much the same country btw. Just different religious majorities. Pakistan is mostly Muslim and India is mostly Hindu. But India has just as many Muslims as Pakistan. The ignorance on this site is ridiculous.

      1. Ok, now you’re just asking for it, can’t help you if svarg decides to tear you a new one. I kept my sparring comments to a minimum. @empty-soul is the one that fucked up the troll, Richard with paragraph after paragraph. That shit was quite entertaining to me, while BG went kinda stale on content.

          1. i dunno about that but i swear by pomegranate juice the day after a good wine drinking session..

  1. It’s like the journey of the coin. See that politician was going to be assassinated by that gun no matter what. he took it to the gun shop to get rid of it but it still killed him. Journey’s end.

  2. No wonder every other joke originated from the subcontinent features sardar which literally means sikh hence justifies Sardars being notably dumb as fuck. Another thing lots of yellow western assholes don’t know is that the vast majority of sardars are alcoholics. It’d be a good idea to get them breathalised before taking cab. If you’re not sure who’s who easy giveaway would be spaceship type of weird looking bright coloured turban

  3. He was a politican? That store owner possibly executed the most effortless assassination ever. And wtf, it was the politican’s own gun? If that ain’t self-preserving irony I don’t know what is.

  4. A somewhat interesting thing happened in my neighborhood last week. A carjacker bailed out of his car several blocks up from my house, and ran into the woods. The suspect shot at the cops, and a manhunt ensued. A helicopter and a shitload of cops swarmed the area. Residents were ordered to “shelter in place” or some shit. My friend and I ignored the command, and continued to drink beer at the top of the driveway. The suspect was spotted three houses up from my house. Cops with dogs, and the media rushed in. The suspect must have ran through my back yard, because I saw him cross the road several houses down on the other side of my house. We alerted the cops, and they ran down the street in pursuit. They had shields and all that shit, so they were pretty slow. The suspect was never caught. We ended up being on all the local news stations though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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