Indian Politician and Son Shot Dead While Inspecting Road Construction

Indian Politician and Son Shot Dead While Inspecting Road Construction

Indian Politician and Son Shot Dead While Inspecting Road Construction

In Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh, India, a politician and his son were shot dead by villagers who were unhappy that a new road was being built across their fields.

Chote Lal Diwakar and his son Sunil were inspecting the road construction progress when confronted by villagers, two of whom were armed with rifles.

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75 thoughts on “Indian Politician and Son Shot Dead While Inspecting Road Construction”

    1. Every indian man wants to be a politician… they should also turn around and shoot all those bisexual faggots standing around, then shoot themselves, and the cows will be safe to poo around nurturing the lands.

  1. isn’t Pradesh where @bobby was from? remember I asked him what time it was over there and it was X amount of hours + one half. I never understood that lol. like say for instance it is 6 oclock here. it was like 12:30 there. not even hour difference. there was a half in there. like I just looked and it said current time 11:00pm. not 10:30 or 11:30 . that half is so wacky to me

  2. Looks like those cross country skiing guns they use in the Winter Olympics? They picked the wrong day to inspect the road . Gunned down because they didn’t bribe the right people I guess?

    1. Our former Prime minister said “WE send 100RS form the center but it become 17 when it reaches the needy hands” and yeah that man was killed in a bomb blast which was planted for him only.

  3. The Real Story is that Politician is actually a good man. He went to inspect the Road and got shot. Why ? It’s because he found out the truth about the contractor ( The guys who shot him) who took money from Government but didn’t do nothing. it’s a total Mafia shit going on in Uttar Pradesh like over 50 Years.

    1. Your take rings true. As others have said , the shooters are fat ,well -dressed ,relatively clean ,have the look of the idle rich and walk off like lords.
      I believe you ; they are corrupt ranchers or building contractors who took money from the gov to build a road on even their own land and built nothing! They walk off almost certain that nothing will happen to them .

      I hate cunts like these…fly in Duterte!

  4. In the last set of frames, there is a gushing, extra wet sound. At first I thought it was gushing blood but I think now that it might be the cameraman’s soiled pants. It sounds more like he took a heavy very wet shit in his pants after the murders and he was running with it.

  5. The men who opened fire are no contractors or politician. They are village land owners and not your typical hungry, flip flop wearing, naked villagers these are people who own acres of lands and employ many poor villagers.

    They were unhappy because the local politician had approved of a road that would cut their land and this was not their first encounter they had previously asked him to not approve of this project but the politician would not listen and then this happened.

    in the video after the first encounter they started to walk away but the politician and his people kept following them and challenging them to stop and shoot them if they had the balls and apparently they double dipped the politician and his son.

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