Indian White Knight Murders Man with Pick Axe and Sets Him on Fire for Love Jihad

Indian White Knight Murders Man with Pick Axe and Sets Him on Fire for Love Jihad

In Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, India, a white knight extraordinaire killed a man with a pick axe and set his corpse on fire to save a girl from love jihad – whatever the heck that even means.

In the video the white knight extraordinaire posted on the internet, the man Indian police identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh is shown being beat up and then burned by a man identified as Shambunath Raigar.

The white knight extraordinaire was reportedly arrested, but the notoriously anti-male Indian society did not specify if he was arrested to go to jail, or to get a Mangina of the Year award.

Props to Best Gore member @barmanmayank for the working video. Links sent by other people were dead:

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201 thoughts on “Indian White Knight Murders Man with Pick Axe and Sets Him on Fire for Love Jihad”

      1. That was fukkin great, it’s a pity the inglish cucks didn’t have the balls to do this to the jihadis who rape their daughters but then the inglish are just happy to have enough money to go down the pub with and holiday in spain once a year. This man did the right thing and is NOT a white knight

    1. Let me explain…. This victim is a Muslim from West Bengal and was a laborer working in Rajhastan…. He’s in love with a Hindu girl…. This white pant shit mayb related to the girl lured him to the jungle with a false promise to give him some work wer he attackd him from behind when he was unaware….

  1. “Love” Jihad.??!! Like WTF, No love ever goes into participating in jihad… Like, “I’M GONNA BLOW MYSELF , 8 CHILDREN, 2 NEWBORN BABIES, 3 UNBORN BABIES, 12 WOMEN, 15 MEN, & JUST 3 SENOIR CITIZENS JUST TO SHOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ALL.!!” Yeah right, those pork fearing, goat fucking, long beard, dress wearing, undercover fags ALL I mean ALL! of these MOTHERFUCKERS DESERVE TO DIE A SLOW TERRIBLE DEATH. & if there is a asuch thing as hell, they deserve to burn for ALL of eternity. Ffff!! Fucking ISIS are bitchesand hypocrites.! Gassing all those innocent citizens with sarin gas a little while back…. Urgh! Just really pisses me off, if you couldn’t tell; Hahahaha.!
    Annnndd…. RANT Is Officially Over Hehe….

    1. Love Jihad means according to prophecy Islam must rule all over the Earth either by sword or word . For this noble Holly act Muslim men lure non Muslim women on the pretext of love ,convert, reproduce and grow in number even if they already have their own wife and children .I am not a Hindu this growing inncidents of love jihad in India made several fundamental Hindu oragsnisations paranoid

  2. Killer: “You wronged her….I am going to hit you.”
    Man: “Ok, I accept that.”
    Killer: “Where and how would you prefer to be hit?”
    Man: “Take your pick.”


    I’ll get my coat 🙁

    1. Dammit @PsychoTheRapist, I love would-be dialogue, lol. Here is my take:

      Man: It’s nice of you to have called me over, are we having a picnic or something?
      Killer: Well yes, I was thinking of doing up my sister’s garden, hence the scythe and pickaxe, and then a bbq perhaps.
      Man: That’s nice. I’m glad we’re burying the hatchet. She’s a damn good housewife. Under my tutelage of beatings, she cooks a good curry.
      Killer: Well yeah. I’m always doing stuff for my sister. Now you just go on up ahead, and I’ll catch up with you.
      Man: Ok.
      Killer: (Waits for him to go ahead, grabs the pickaxe and starts chopping away at him)

  3. “Love jihad” is the term used when Muslim men breed/marry with non-Muslim women. They intend to spread Islam by breeding Muslim babies and marrying women from other faiths. According to Islam, a woman is automatically Islamic once she marries a follower of Islam.
    Mohammed is an Islamic name. I suspect the killer is Hindu as is the girl in question. Love jihad is just another taunt, as in “we will take your women”…

    1. Raigar sounds like a Sikh name to me but yeah, Hindus and Sikhs absolutely hate Muslims.

      This is less white knight, mangina behaviour and more ‘smite knight’ because the goal was not to defend the woman as such because the woman chose that man of her own free will and would therefore not likely feel defended by any such action rather then the goal was to destroy her choice by force instead of allowing it to happen out of compassion and benevolence.

      Think less in terms of Antifa and more in terms of racial purity action groups when it comes to this sort of reactionary behaviour I guess.

    2. Yes.i agree .chalk one up to our side still have millions of raped and forcefully converted christian ,sikh and hindu girls to make up for.

      Last time sex slave auctions took place of christian girls –
      Before those this year in libya ,syria and turkey- was in 1920s turkey….and the great powers ,all christian ,russia,us,uk,france all said ..,……,………….absolutely nothing!

      And yet whitenight mangina clinton ,bush and trump run in to help afghan girls go to school and muslim headchoppers to steal yugoslavia.

      1. I agree. Races that forgo con-generic standards and refuse to stand by and promote their own create division and resentment amongst their ranks which itself plants and cultivates the seeds of self destruction.

        The above is why niggers hate each other and refuse to date and procreate with each other preferring instead to chase after “da whitey peoplez and de asianiony peoplez” because they see no future in the advancement of their own race because they have all but given up on their own race due to a bottom-barrel, rock-bottom set of standards that they have all but accepted for themselves due to possessing a zero sense of self worth.

        Historically speaking though, only those races that saw themselves as superior acted superior and therefore promoted their own which paved the way for conquest, invention and superiority.

        To conclude, white knight manginas and pussyfied religious ass cheek spreaders only serve to allow those who wish to undermine and control them to do so with little effort.

        The Kalergi plan is alive and well unfortunately, as opposed to the Jews who only ever look at, accept and respect their own.

        Self hate vs self respect is the name of the game here and also the battleground of future gain.

  4. It is sad and genuinely thought the man was moaning at the end. Then, heard a cow or something making sounds. Do believe he may have still been alive when set on fire. Still LOVE the white scarf and pants though.

      1. Yes @mrspock but you and l live in a first world country where rapists etc would go to jail. we may think differently if we lived in a third world country with no law and order.

        Remember ,in third world countries like this forced moslem marriage means the woman victim is murdered if she goes back to her family’s religion,even if she is discarded by moslem husband.

        This has happened and does happen in egypt,pakistan and india.

    1. He says that this is what will happen to all those who bring jihad in our country. He killed him because he was a Muslim and had an affair with a Hindu girl. In India, it is very taboo to have relationships outside of marriage or have relationships with people of different tribe, caste, creed, etc…

      There have been rumors going on that Muslims are specifically targeting Hindu girls and converting them to Islam to achieve some prophecy or some shit written in the hadiths about how India will become an Islamic nation one day.

      This fear-mongering is further escalated by the prophecy of Gazwa-e-Hind (a final battle in India in which Islam prevails). India is the only country Muslims couldn’t entirely Islamicize despite trying continuously for 1400 years, even though now it has some 200 million Muslims, and three Muslim nations broke out of India – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the country is still mostly Hindu.

        1. Yeah, but they were not constantly attacked or invaded by Islamic forces like India was. First Islamic invasion occurred in 636 in Kabul though Islam had already reached India by 629 under missionary influence. One of the oldest mosques in the world is in India. Despite this, they never truly succeeded in turning it into an Islamic State.

          The Christians and non-muslims in the regions you mentioned are also much fewer in numbers as compared to non-muslims in South Asia.

          1. Christians were majority populations by far before Moslems arriced in Middle East and Balkans and like India ,moslems have been in Middle East since 600 s and Balkans since 1400s.
            Balkans only started getting them out again in 1821 and finally in 1913.

            The zionist kissinger and zionist familiars clinton,bush ,blair,obama and trump started letting them invade again in 1974,1990s and since 2011 to form Merkelistans all over Europe.


    2. Police have solved the case, its not love jihad!! Victim was poor muslim labour who came to that town for some work and money. The guy who murdered him is saffron terrorist (rss) safron hindu terrorist organisation who spread venom against other religions and lower cast hindus. This group is has done genocide in state of gujrat in 2002, genocide of Christian in orrisa state in 2007 , burned a missionary in his capervan!! Rulling government is also a part of same RSS

  5. This is what it would be like getting murdered by a gay gardener into 1970’s and 1980’s disco clothes. This was not to do with a most, pouting warm vagina, slick pussy or lovely tits… this murder was about man-rimming, licking a scrawny ballsack and sucking a shitty manstick.

    1. @angelo212
      Well done angelo.looks like the perpetrator killed the moslem simply for “living” with ex girlfriend.
      My only concern, is why perp says it is love jihad,which to me implies rape. However, your news does not mention rape.
      Maybe gov kept it secret so that they don’t have race riots or all -girl anti -rape riots like often happens there.

      So on balance, looks like closet gay hindu kills exgirlfriends new moslem cock.

  6. In the opening seconds, didn’t the other guy not know he was about to be attacked? Someone filming another guy walking up behind you isn’t a good sign.

    The killer was a closet homosexual, from the way he was dressed. Or a least a hetero mangina. Who the hell kills for the sake of women, anyway?
    It’s never a good idea to let someone film you committing murder. No telling where that shit ends up.
    Ok it’s with us at BG. Next stop, police station.

      1. Thanks guys 🙂
        I’m just astounded when people allow themselves to be filmed committing a murder, wherever in the world it is, India, or Brazil, or Columbia, or wherever.

        The guy who has the clip of your ill deeds may be your best buddy, but what if he ever falls out with you, he can just hold you to ransom with that clip, or just betray you totally anytime.

        The fact that you see these clips on a public site like BG tells you just that. I’m pretty sure the
        killer didn’t intend that this clip gets viewed on a public site and ridiculed around the world with a 100 comments, haha.

        Or did he?
        To be a ruthless killer, you need to score highly in psychopathy, and many psychopaths are also narcissistic, they have ego’s and like the attention, they are also risk takers with boldness, they never think things through, it’s always impulsive, so perhaps this guy doesn’t give the slightest shit if his buddy sent the clip elsewhere. He thinks he is going to get away with it, and he probably will.

        It would be funny if he could log onto this site and see that he was being mocked rather than adulated, not just for his actions, but those white pants and 1970s flambouyance.

  7. I genuinely cringed when he started yelling ‘ Babu’
    Essentially ‘mister’ !
    I’m guessing ‘ Please dont kill me’!
    It was sad, for sure.
    Over a Bitch? C’mon
    Its the 21st century!
    Fuck butchy bitches is all i’m saying.
    Life’s way bigger than some hairy stinky ass poosi..
    like success!
    But Punjabis will be Punjabi

      1. Welcome @hopingfornemesis also if ur interested in knowing. The Family of the guy who was killed say they have no idea what he was talking about, and that thy have no idea what a love jihad is. He guy was was already married and had grandkids ready apparently. The guy in question says that he did nothing wrong, that the girl eloped with him and he was trying to save her. The person who filming was his nephew and was a minor

  8. showing a fellow man no mercy will reflect his fate if there actually is a god or not. what a little bastard, I can’t stop but wonder why the fuck he was dressed for a gay disco, he looked like he was a news reporter straight out of Anchorman or something. great gore, but I don’t like gay gore. this simply will not do.

  9. White pants? Really? Dude is gayer than 6 guys blowing 7 guys. And the scarf? FFS. I hope they hang him with the scarf so we can see his brown shit fill his white pants. And for Christ’s sake share that video too! You don’t know suffering and pain until you’ve ran out of videos to watch on BG…

  10. What a total bullying arsehole the wee guy wasn’t even expecting it I don’t think he seemed to be just strolling down to show him something but then the closet homo decided he would attack him I hope he rots in jail with his white scarf on.

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