Indian YSR Congress Party Leader Narayana Reddy Hacked to Death

Indian YSR Congress Party Leader Narayana Reddy Hacked to Death

Narayana Reddy, Indian YSR Congress Party chief, and leader of the opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Cherukulapadu, was killed by a group of apparent assassins. 53 year old Reddy was hacked to death with axes and machetes allegedly by rivals while he was returning from a marriage ceremony at Krishnagiri in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

As many as 20 assailants are believed to have participated in the assassination. They reportedly threw bombs at the Toyota Fortuner he was traveling in along with four of his followers. One of them, 36 year old Sambasivudu was also killed in the incident.

Reddy had earlier complained to the police that he was receiving threats to his life, and had requested extra security.

Hacking opponents to death seems to be a way to counter political opposition in India.

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  1. This was really a sad video to watch. First, no close up of hacked face or head – looked like the head was chopped off. Second, where are the other bodies that were hacked? Third, where is his brain. Does not Hindu Politician brain matter?

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