Indianapolis Man Executed by Cops While Streaming Joyride Live on Facebook

Indianapolis Man Executed by Cops While Streaming Joyride Live on Facebook

Indianapolis Man Executed by Cops While Streaming Joyride Live on Facebook

21 year old Sean Reed of Indianapolis was streaming a joyride live on Facebook, when he got pursued by police and as we know, in police states, the police are not interested in deescalating situations, they drool for a kill. Cause… this is what happens when you call the cops.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the officer who shot Sean Reed has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. They however justify the execution because allegedly Reed was driving recklessly and led the cops on a high speed chase.

The incident happened on May 6, 2020. Props to Best Gore member @highwaygirl for the video:

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238 thoughts on “Indianapolis Man Executed by Cops While Streaming Joyride Live on Facebook”

  1. I read the article………The real one. I know some on here love to blame the Cops every time but not disclosing ALL the details Is just one sided and Fucked up. There was a shoot out after TASER was deployed…….This Negro had a weapon……..and shooting the direction of the Cops after a high speed chase…….Article reads “The distinctive appearance of the firearm matched one Mr. Reed had been seen posing with on social media” Just goes to show you that Social media, Yes, the one he was being so fucking COOL & Defiant on……being his last and his tough videos and Pictures will set the record straight. Funny how media does not really go overboard in the news when a Negro Cop kills Cracker…….and yes, it does happen more than you think.

    1. Wait. So, you’re telling me that you took what the police said, and what the mainstream media said, and accepted it as the gospel, that is, it happened as they said? Do you know what that makes you? Double sheep. You got fooled twice at once. It takes a special kind of idiot to beat that.

  2. It’s all fun and games till your dead. This guy had zero consideration for anyone else on the road, and paid the price. Good riddance! And to all the people who are praising this asshole, imagine if he had hit 1 of your relatives or a loved 1 on his joyride. He was running away with his phone in his hand, from a distance could be perceived for a gun. Justified


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  4. Thugs with badges at it again.
    So they think it is ok to execute somebody running away unarmed for speeding and evading cops.
    Dumbest knuckle dragging cops on the planet, how on Earth do they ever get to be cops, must be a very very low bar set for the entrance test….

  5. Me as light brown watching Wrappers and Sister fuckers fighting is awesome .It just take a little difference to start a fight between father-son. And here difference is very contrasting (pun intended).
    btw Some are saying that the probability of whites being raped, robbed decreased.
    who knows? but for some a innocent man is decreased.
    Police of US is nuts!

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