Indonesian Commits Murders in Malaysia, Posts Photos on Facebook

Indonesian Commits Murders in Malaysia, Posts Photos on Facebook

Best Gore member alice wonderland who provided us with exclusive photos of her boyfriend’s motorcycle injury sent me these photos of an Indonesian immigrant who came to Malaysia where he engaged in all forms of crime from petty theft to murder. He would have likely stayed under the radar if he did not feel the need to show his murders off by posting photos of victims on Facebook. I’ll let alice wonderland explain what exactly happened:

I want to share with you and the world what has recently happened in Malaysia. It made me so mad, I’m actually shaking while writing this to you.

We, Malaysians hate Indonesian immigrants as much as Germans hate Turks, or as much as you hate Jews (Mark’s note – I don’t hate the Jews, I hate violence. If crimes committed by the Jews were committed by the Maltase, I would voice my dislike for the actions of the Maltese. I don’t point out the crimes of the Jews because they are Jewish, but because they commit crimes).

There are zillions of Indonesians (mostly illegal) in Malaysia. They routinely rape, commit house break ins, snatch bags and keep murders on the rise. When they commit burglaries, they don’t just steal stuff, they’ll also burn the house down when they’re done stealing.

This is what was reported by the news today:

SHAH ALAM – Photos of two friends who mysteriously vanished almost a month ago appeared on a Facebook page registered in the name of Ridan Pendewa Titisannnya Sakera.

Following the publication of the images, Malaysian police arrested two individuals believed to be involved in the disappearance of 21 year old Dofi and 19 year ols Saiful. The two disappeared on May 1, 2013 while they were on their way the shopping mall in Seri Kembangan.

Interrogation lead the investigators to the discovery of two human skeletons on the banks of the Klang River near the industrial area in Section 26.

Dofi’s cousin, 46 year old Hamsani told police that Dofi and Saiful took a taxi to go to the mall but have never returned. Dofi’s father received a phone call the following day from a person asking for RM 5,000 in exchange for safe return of his son. The exchange fell through, although father did wire 2,500 to the recipient’s account.

I check Facebook and was shocked to find that the guy really killed the boys and posted photos of their corpses there. Apparently he also killed another boy and posted two pictures of him too, but I could not get more details about him.

He also posted photos of himself with knives and weapons and mentioned that he belonged with a gang called Sakera.

One of his photo Albums is titled “Koleksi Terbaek Ku” which means My Best Collections. There he posts pictures of bank notes and items he stole in the commission of crime.

As Malaysians, we are always reminded watch out for immigrants, especially the ethnic Madura people (Madurese). They are violent.

As someone who’s been to both Malaysia and Indonesia and also run across Indonesians in other parts of Asia, I can absolutely attest to the despicable nature of the scum. Indonesia is a perfect choice country for those looking to increase they chances of something shitty happening to them during their vacation. I was lucky to have gotten out of there alive, but I surely won’t tempt the fate anytime soon again.

Malaysia on the other hand is the only country in all of Asia where I hitchhiked. People are so friendly and welcoming, I felt comfortable to engage in activities I would never have dared in other parts of SE Asia. The only exception is the island of Perhentian where local thugs attack incoming foreigners with sticks and rods to extort money from them. Because you arrive by boat and have nowhere to escape, they abuse it to treat backpackers with beatings and theft. Also, no sidewalks anywhere in Malaysia, no means to cross a road safely anywhere in Malaysia, no driver courteous enough to stop for a pedestrian – definitely one of the worst countries for traffic in the world.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Indonesian Commits Murders in Malaysia, Posts Photos on Facebook”

  1. fascinating stuff, @Alice, thank you for this. wow, what a fucking douche bag. seems like these countries would be prime for someone looking to murder people and get away with it. weekend serial killers taking a plane down to Indonesia or brazil, kill three or four people and fly back in time for work Monday. 😀

  2. I agree that Malaysians are nice people. On my way back to Singapore from a day trip in Johor Bahru, I accidentally left my immigration paper (the one they give to tourists upon arrival) on the bus, but the lady at the immigration counter let me through without any hassle. If that happened to me in Singapore, it would have be a big deal and I would probably be denied entry and be fined or something like that.

    1. Given the account that followed this article by the woman who sent the information in.

      Apparently it’s real easy for illegals to get into that Country, and they cause nothing but trouble.

      So probably not a good thing.

        1. Thats the thing about our Customs Officers, too fucking lenient that resulted in millions of illegal immigrants influx. Malaysia used to be a very safe place where we could hang out late into wee hours of morning without the worries of being in harms way but how things had changed. Fuck up government with fuck up system that permitted all these fuck ups people to fuck up our already hard life. Fucked…

          And Malaysia is the only country where its citizen passport’s are barred from entering Israel.

          1. Next time, I guess I’ll be more responsible, for the sake of not condoning such leniency. 🙂

            I guess it could be worse. Atleast in Malaysia, you guys have a higher standard of living in comparison to the Philippines. Here, the government has done nothing for the people, and politicians are only worried about planning substandard overpriced infrastructure projects to have kickbacks, feeding off the country’s resources, living in luxury, while more than half of the country lives in poverty. It reflects upon the stupidity of the people as the Philippines prides itself in being a democratic country. Imagine out of 24 senators, 3 of them are actors.

            From what I hear on the news, illegal Filipinos are a problem in Malaysia, especially in Sabah. How is the situation in Sabah now with the fake Sultan Kiram and his followers? The mainstream media here no longer reports about it as it is does not bring high ratings as most viewers are more interested to hear “news” about local celebrities.

    1. I hate to admit to it but yea. I just love reading people’s daily bullshit before I come here and watch nasty shit. My life consists of facebook and death… please tell me there’s more! 😛

  3. I real an article a while back that argued that humanity had reached its intellectual peak and would now start to regress. This was because we no longer have a society that has to struggle to survive and the weak are helped through life. At one time I though I was bullshit, but with all these people posting their crimes on Facebook and other social media site, I can’t help but believe he’s right. How fucking dumb can you be?

  4. There seems to be a lot of ‘gay dick’ on his fb profile; as other BG members have pointed out; dumbest criminal in the entire universe, retarded, biggest fuckin flip flop wankster, complete fuckery?, and soon to be dangling from a rope.

  5. I’m another Malaysian and I can attest to most of what you said above. Our motorists are definitely among the worst (if not THE worst) in the world. Don’t expect people to stop and not run over you at a zebra crossing. When driving here, you have to trust your instincts instead of anybody else’s signals. The only thing I sort of disagree with is that all Indonesian immigrants are scum. Not all of them, just a majority. Fine, maybe a big majority.

    1. I’m planning to go to KL in July. I hope I don’t fall victim to the motorists there 😉 but then again, after living in the Philippines for 6 years, I guess I’ll be able to handle the chaotic driving there.

      1. Dreir,
        Most drivers here don’t even know they have signals and side mirrors.
        Since I started riding motorbike, I had clearer view that most Malaysian cannot drive and should be banned from operate vehicles on road. Be it a woman or a guy.. They’re just brain dead. Easy to get accident as easy as to get driving license.

        When you’re driving, take extra precautions of Produa and Proton drivers esp. Myvi, Viva, Proton wira. oh, and taxi drivers too. Watch out for old taxis.
        One day you’ll will understand =D

    1. I might add him as a friend and see if I can Print screen a confession. Might be a juicy reward lol. Surely, this can’t be real. I think I read one of his posts saying ” Mother grounded me today because I murdered a few people and posted it on Facebook… #BUSTED”

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