Indonesia – Two Alleged Thieves Lynched by a Mob of Youngsters

Indonesia - Two Alleged Thieves Lynched by a Mob of Youngsters

Let’s talk about Indonesia – the dump shithole in Asia. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world. You can get more Allahu Akbar in that single country than in any other place in the world. In terms of personal safety – for a foreigner in Asia, Indonesia is second only to Thailand, but that’s merely because Thais are inherently xenophobic and love to (and are encouraged to) kill foreigners whether there is a reason for it or not. Some people tend to assign Indonesia such flashy names as “Tropical Paradise” and what not. They must have gone out of their fucking minds. Tropical Paradise Thai tranny’s dick. If you’ve been to Indonesia and think it’s a nice and safe country, you must be either dumb or blind. Or both. Let’s take a look at the video for a better picture of what real Indonesia is like.

Two men were extra-judicially accused of having stolen something. Mob of twinky males who look like they’re not even 18 attacked them and greeted them with free performance of jungle monkey lynching dance Indonesia style. Something I would not be surprised to see done by the practitioners of the religion of peace. If their goal was to put Venezuela to shame, they got pretty darn close. Except that being proper jungle monkeys, the Indonesian twinkies wouldn’t make do with beating the men to the brink of death, kicking their lifeless bodies in the head and setting their hair on fire with cigarette lighters, they also had to humiliate them by stripping off their clothes and exposing their genitals.

Indonesia is a beautiful country. At least that’s what guide books would want you to believe. Somehow the fact that Indonesians are some of the most lowly scum on the face of the planet who behave like complete savages has been completely ignored. Anything for money – and there is plenty of it in the travel industry – I guess. Who’s making Indonesia their next vacation destination?

Video of two alleged thieves who are being lynched by a mob of youngsters in Indonesia is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Indonesia – Two Alleged Thieves Lynched by a Mob of Youngsters”

  1. Justicia Popular. In most countries, the cops are just another gang: thieves, rapists, mafiosi and dealers just pay them to have them on their side (same as in the big USA cities, anyway).

    So if thieves and such are bothering people in your ‘hood, the best thing you can do is to lynch them, make them suffer, humiliate them after death, and hang their decomposing bodies somewhere they’ll be seen by any future thug wannabe.

    It does work wonders. And you can’t blame the people for doing that.

  2. I feel bad for the 2 kids that were beaten to near death. The one kid gurgling chunky blood and pants halfway down his butt looks 12 or so. Getting kicked in the head and hair set on fire. WTF is this? Religion of peace my ass. These muslim / islamic fuckers are totally sick in the head and have no place in society. Kill ’em all and let the devil sort ’em out.

      1. Actually yes I would stop, not just for the free show, but maybe just to try and step in on behalf of the accused…This is a public courts issue (yeah they have those there) not a situation that needs to be resolved by lynch mob mentality….Just saying.

  3. These guys were still breathing, though its unlikely that they were conscious at the time – maybe brain stem activity but little else going on.

    Got to love the theft of the bracelet on one of the alleged thieves. What;s the ‘logic’ here: he was a thief so its OK to steal from his almost corpse???

    Just don’t get this way of thinking at all

  4. we have to live with this country as our neighbour! (Aust) Indonesia has an army of 5-10 million foot-soldiers at any one time, one day they will run out of room so they could just swarm into Australia, say ‘right this is our country now’ our government sucks up to theyre gov. and we probably give them a billion bucks in foreign aid each year, scary situation, these people become LESS civilized each year,decade whatever

  5. Foreign aid is the way “civilization” pays bribe money to keep existing.

    The concept itself of “civilization” is a flawed one: a civilized nation protects the weak, who live long enough to breed and infuse their culture with weakness.

    Eventually, a civilized people are ripe for conquest. It’s a logical consequence to the way they live. To have a “comfortable” life means growing fat, soft, sensuous.

    A culture like that cannot produce true warriors any more, hence it’s doomed.

  6. so shame this happened in my country, it looks like the scene taken from some place in java island (guess from the mob voice). so barbarian, but this is a common in that place, i hope i never see this in Bali, our anchestor teach us to not hurt anyone like that, cuz you are me, and me are you, (Ahimsa)
    Sorry if my english bad…….

  7. I was sent to work in Jakarta back in the late 90s and it was hot as hell there, crowded with traffic, but there was a cheap bar next to the hotel with rats running around, but the hookers were cheap.

  8. See that kid with the yellow flip flops on, who thinks he is a badass for kicking the guy in the head who is half dead?

    yeah the little skinny one..who smiles at the camera..yellow flip flops..

    If i ever come across that kid I will tie his faggot ass up, get the closest knife to me, and hack at his bitch ass hor hours straight, without stopping, i wouldnt fucking stop until it looked like he was put through a meat grinder, seriously…it would be bestgore’s most epic gore post ever….i hope that little bitch gets what he deserves, this video is really sad

    fucking low life scumbags, sometimes i wish we would just nuke that whole fucking half of the world

    1. You have to drag the torture out over the span of a few days, First, for your own personal amusement and Second, you don’t want them dying too soon from shock and blood loss…Think man, think.

  9. God I hope our government never makes us invade this shithole. It looks like Vietnam but at least 10 times worse. In ‘Nam it was ‘just shoot the fucker in the head’, but here it’s ‘shit, we beat ’em half-to-death, but we can’t just kill ’em yet…I know! Let’s set the fuckers’ hair on fire!!”

    1. can’t u people just stay in ur place??? why the hell u want to come invade other people country n then said that u r good and true??? we asian never disturb all of u people…..?? we always live in peacefull and with no problem at all…. is it wrong when we react violently after u people started all the shit? if u r soo great…why in the in the mexico??? behead.. kill…. shoot…??? and even in the US?? u cant even calm those black people neighbourhood in ur own country…. hahahaha ;p

  10. That’s not true… I am a South Korean high school student, and I’ve been living in Indonesia my entire life. It’s a great place, with a large ex-pat community. Living in Jakarta (capital city) has been great for the past 17 years, and I know it’s only going to get better. I’m guessing this picture was taken somewhere extremely rural and dangerous, because the city of Jakarta is so well developed that it often fools tourists into believing that Indonesia is a developed country. The sad thing is, the government is very corrupt, and so Jakarta is probably one of the only safe and great places in Indonesia. Other regions are not nearly as well developed, which is why these kinds of things happen. I have nothing against muslim; in fact a lot of my friends are muslim and they are an extremely nice bunch. Indonesians are also very friendly in general, and great to get along with. This is from the perspective of a student that’s been attending a multi-cultural international school for the 14th year now. Please only hate the extremists; I’m sure people here wouldn’t hate the entire nation of America if some rednecks came down and terrorized them. And by the way, I am not a muslim. I am an atheist.

  11. wahahaha indonesian are fucking 3rd class minded people..that so dumb like their mother…hahaha indon come here to malaysia to work but actually become our slave and then cause chaotic to our peacefull country….. there are stink like shit!!! didnt take a shower in the morning and sooo fucking stupid even cant spell their own name!!! hahaha indon!!!! go die will ya??? hahahhaa pergi mampus semue indon!!! menyusahkan orang lain…dah la busuk!! bodoh!!! lepas tu bangang!!! haha emang dasar nya kampungan sih!!

  12. Well, it is a predominantly muslim country. So, we can’t criticize or we might offend muslims,which would lead to more mass killings, because after all, Islam is a religion of peace and if you say otherwise, they will cut your throat.

  13. Gotta love hypocrisy. They’re theifs so let’s beat them to death and then steal their bracelets, makes a lot of sense.

    On a side note, the dude with the black shirt is obviously a faggot. Beating someone’s ass for stealing shit, ok if you really feel its necessary. But once you start taking off their pants and using your feet to play with their dicks its pretty gay if you ask me. I’ve seen a lot of people get their asses beat but never have I seen someone then pull down their pants and rub their nuts with their feet.

  14. Im Indonesian and yea of course im also muslim/islam or whatever you say :v
    i admit it this is a shame to look at this video as indonesian itself (indonesian brutalism / islam brutalism) but let’s to be honest It happens all the time around the world no matter what country you are, what religion you have. i wonder if you think that other places (ex: US) better than indonesia… or your relegion better than islam.

  15. I’m indonesian born and raised, and let me tell you that this kind of shit happens all the time. In the city? Probably not, but in the country side? You could be beaten to death just because stealing some fruits, motorcycle helmets or fucking flip flops (true story). The youngsters are the fuckers here. Indonesian youngsters are one of the most shitiest in the whole world.

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