Inmate Fatally Stabbed at Parklea Correctional Centre in Sydney, Australia

Inmate Fatally Stabbed at Parklea Correctional Centre in Sydney, Australia

Inmate Fatally Stabbed at Parklea Correctional Centre in Sydney, Australia

CCTV footage from the Parklea Correctional Centre – a prison in the north west of Sydney, Australia – shows an inmate being stabbed by another prisoner. 33 year old Michael Black of Illawarra died from the wounds.

The video shows the victim getting repeatedly stabbed in the neck region as blood gushes in large amounts on the floor. The attacker the tosses the blade and raises hands to surrender.

Is Australia trying to catch up to Brazil?

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  6. His adrenaline filled walking pace just after a predator killed his prey is fascinating. Glad he cooled down and tossed his hands up. In the states that kind of movement is grounds for nine warning shots to the chest.

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