Inmate Ganged Up On and Repeatedly Stabbed in US Prison

Inmate Ganged Up On and Repeatedly Stabbed in US Prison

Inmate Ganged Up On and Repeatedly Stabbed in US Prison

In prison somewhere in the USA, a group of inmates ganged up on another inmate in the common area and assaulted him with knives. The assault went on for about 2 minutes. Midway through, a worthless guard showed up and engaged a pepper spray, but while it dispersed some of the attacking inmates, at least one kept being on the guy until the others rejoined him.

According to the info I got, the target inmate was a snitch. He was repeatedly stabbed, but I don’t know if he survived the attack or died. Pretty useless too those inmates if they go three with arms on one without and can’t finish him off.

Props to Best Gore members @rangelito84 and @13lunt420media for the video:

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  1. Well done those N… Err black camera men, and well done for avoiding getting that white man on video, shows diplomacy and tact. Also may have saved your lives.

      1. The slit in the cell door is horizontal so ni….errr black man can’t fit his cell phone that way especially as he keeps it up his ass when not in use or when charging

        1. Depends of how close what you want to record is..
          If you capturing man from close, wanting to record him whole-Vertical.
          You want to capture area and much more but loosing a legs-Horizontal.

          1. I don’t condone in blacks behaving as such it’s fucking disgusting but you ignorant white cuckolds aren’t any better as you look just as stupid being prejudice, stop the hate and let them smarten up on their own.

  2. Unfortunately I saw this shit all too often while I was doing my 12 years in Federal and State prison. Prison is a lot like war in that it is summarized by almost endless boredom, punctuated with moments of sheer terror. This attack is one of the less bloody I have seen. In Lompac I witnessed a guard get his head cut CLEAN OFF by a crazy, mentally ill inmate. When backup arrived, the first guard on the scene slipped and slid in the dead guards blood. Fell on his ass and threw up. I witnessed 4 riots, saw guards get their arms broken, teeth busted outta their mouths, sodomized, and thrown off tiers. Shit gets real in there.

    Snitches indeed do get stitches in prison. As well as child molesters, rapists, ex law enforcement, rival gangs, and even guards who get outta line. A smart guard knows that the only reason he goes home at the end of his shift is because the inmates ALLOW him to. My avatar is a picture of myself getting a visit from my wife in my Khaki Federal uniform.

    Things are so different, it almost seems as if the laws of physics don’t apply in prison. And if you’re there long enough you wonder if you will ever go home in one piece, or if you will ever be “normal” again. It took me years to decompress from the experience. Even now, I sometimes dream I am back in there. I don’t life that life anymore, and am truly glad I made it out.

    1. Sounds like hell and it really seems like the guards aren’t in control of the situation. Glad you survived the ordeal to tell the story. I think the only way to deal with stuff like this is not to think about it too much, the past is the past and there is nothing that you can make it to change it in any way, better not let your mind be distracted with depressing thoughts about things you don’t even hold any control over.

    2. My ex husband was in avenal state prison. He was in there for sexual assault of a minor…not our kids or I’d cut his dick and balls off and shove them down his throat…but he remarried and was stupid. He was in there for 7 years…I kept waiting for him to get his ass kicked..but it never happened. Lucky fucker. @ip made it did your time and now you’re with your family. It’s hard being ok during the day and reliving your nightmares at night..but you survived. I’ve learned it only takes time. Hopefully, they will become few and far between. I wish you all the best

      1. Yeah, I was there for drugs each time. The Fed case was a cocaine ring that stretched from Mexico to Bellingham Wa. It’s true that many people go to prison to become better criminals. And that’s EXACTLY what I did. The money was FANTASTIC. I did things and went places most people never will. And I bought whatever I wanted. But when the government came to exact their toll, it wasn’t worth it in the end. I wish I had never done it.

        Your ex was very fortunate he made it out without being found out. It could also be that they put him in a prison where everyone else was a sex offender too. They have a few here and there. Which is smart if you want them to survive. The risk otherwise is too great. I was glad I was never into anything deviant like that. Some guys with that jacket got it over some bullshit though. Cases where the guy was 18 and the girl was 15 but he gets charged as a sex offender. That shit aint fair.

        Thanks for the encouragement. I fully realize that I put myself there. Had I known the full extent and cost of my actions beforehand, I would have made different choices. Things are much better now but when I first got out, I admit I had some PTSD over the experience. And some residual here and there. But life is SWEET now that I got myself on the right track.

          1. @stryk
            Life is MUCH better now. At first, after my release, there was a bit of a “honeymoon” period. The excitement of getting out and all that. But after a while, reality set in. All new Federal Inmate releases are required to go to counseling. Which I did and it helped. I had to learn how to do simple things like sleep. Because you can never let your guard down on the inside, it took about a year to actually feel comfortable in my own bed. I had to caution my wife to not touch me to wake me in case I reacted defensively. A few times I almost assaulted her not realizing it was her at first. You just come home different. More on edge and a bit angry. Got into a few fights with guys on the streets and was lucky not to be violated and sent back. Only thing that saved me was my PO didn’t find out.

            I have a wonderful wife that rode out my time with me. She is my rock and extremely supportive. If it weren’t for her, I would probably be back. She is an amazing person. We had two daughters since my release and they are doing very well. I went back to school and earned a couple AA degrees in IT and some related certifications including my CCNA. I work, and take care of mine. Most of the guys on my case have been back in for one thing or another so I consider myself fortunate.

    3. Glad you made it out in one piece. Our prison system is the most fucked up among 1st world nations.
      The dude that was hiking and wandered in to Iran was held as a spy. He had better treatment at the hands of Iran than any prisioner in the US of A.

        1. @ip-config
          There are some excellent documentaries about the US on Netflix.
          Check out “The untold history of the United States of America” by, I believe, Martin Scorsese.
          And yup… when Iran treats prisoners better than we do… it’s time to change some shit.

          1. No it was Oliver Stone who did that Documentary. I don’t do his Politics but it is a very good Documentary; more often right than wrong.

        1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I imagine the Clintons could tell you stories about privatizing our prisons. But like you have already mentioned, our government could give a rat’s behind about your personal well being. After all, they have created a lot of the reasons why people go to prisons in the first place. Glad you made it! 🙂

          1. @pickmynose123

            Indeed Clinton screwed us all with their tough on crime policies. The war on drugs is a major fail and a huge joke. Most people don’t know that it was Democrats who really ramped up our prison population. Nixon started it but Clinton made it industrial.

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        The reason he was there is the same reason damn near half the prison population is mentally ill. Back in the 80’s most mental facilities in the US were closed down. That left the only place for most mentally ill being our jails and prison systems. Unfortunately, a very large percentage of the prison population is, in fact, mentally ill. There is a daily event called “pill line”. It’s basically the line all the crazy people stand in waiting to get their meds. And in all the prisons and jails I’ve been in, the line is VERY LONG. In the larger facilities, at least a city block long literally.

        So not only do you have to worry about the gang violence, vendettas, and guards with a chip on their shoulder itching to take you into the “seg” so they can beat the shit outta you. But you have to worry that your cell mate is fucking off his rocker. Prisons are literally where we dump our mentally ill because there is almost nowhere else for them to go. It’s so fucked up in there bro I almost cannot describe it. A guy might seem normal and coherent. Then the next minute, he’s jacking off 30 times a day, and looking to cut you with a razor. THAT’S how unpredictable their behavior is. You literally cannot know from one minute to the next if the person you’re dealing with, or sitting with in the chow hall is gonna snap. Another thing that contributes to the crazy population is people spending extended time in the hole. I spent a total of almost a year in the hole for my cell mate being caught with a shank. He had it in a common area of our cell so the guards charged us BOTH with it. Stupid fuck. I never kept mine in the cell with me. Always in the gym or the drain of the shower. But he just HAD to have it right with him. It was discovered during a random room search.

        Anyway, there are lots of guys in the hole for YEARS AND YEARS. They go in sane and come out fucking CRAZZZZYYYYYYYYY. A lot are released straight to the streets for the average citizen to find out the hard fucking way.

        And with the prison for profit system we have in the US, you can expect that more and more mentally ill and VIOLENT newly released inmates will be living next door to YOU and ME.

          1. @inkedzxgrl

            Robert James Stamper Jr


            There was one other thing that just came to mind. The guards are more scandalous than the inmates. Not only do they bring in contraband for the right price, I saw NUMEROUS guards get arrested themselves. There was one in particular that was a killer. He was literally arrested on prison grounds. His name was Stamper. Here are some articles about him.




            He was a cold piece of shit. Raped and beat a woman and left her for dead. Then went to work at the prison for his shift. Arrested right in front of everyone. There were other guards that were arrested for similar shit. One was a child molester. Another committed suicide in the prison parking lot. Brought his American flag, laid it across himself and blew his brains out.

            Guards would try to hit on my wife when she came to visit as well. Fucking assholes. I guess they hated seeing an attractive white woman visiting a black inmate. They also tried their damndest to refuse her visits over trivial things like her shirt supposedly being too low cut. Other inmates would sit there in the visiting room passing contraband with their visitors. Woman dressed like sluts, even having sex in the visiting room. But they FOCUSED like a laser on my wife and I. Always interrupting our visits, telling us to sit farther apart. Or that we were “touching” too much. I intentionally had my wife dressed like a fucking Amish maiden, just to be sure that they couldn’t refuse her after driving a full day to see me. Paying for a hotel and spending all that time and effort every month for 10 years straight. She is a soldier for real.

            To top it all off, they would come in my cell and “inspect” my room on a more than regular basis. Staring at the personal lingerie pics she sent me. Fucking pervs. They are just supposed to shuffle through the pics for contraband, but they always came in twos, flipping through my shit like it was a Hustler mag. Eventually, I sent my private pics back home just to avoid the humiliation. Those guards are often times more criminal than the inmates.

    4. Dude, i had dreams that i went in prison again, more than 10 times. Pure nightmares.
      -I was in prison for about one year and i fall because i was rat’d and i saw torture, beatings.. Prisoners molesting each other, ganging, taking goods, intimidating, pathology of all kind.
      Those people were completely crazy and prison experience was the worst thing in my life. I pass through just because i was good with one dangerous dude who told someone in my room nobody to touch me.

      After seeing who criminals truly are i decided to leave that shit forever. It was just some “adventure” soon after teen days. I was not drown into crime. Lucky me.

        1. It’s absolutely traumatic to be there. You have 2 options for survival(i saw that in people who just acting, terrified):
          1. Being like them(You must do evil and lose soul; Longer inside-worse )
          2. Being a good person(Dangers of abuse, fighting or, If you just watch molestations without interfering(longer-worser), mental illness possibility.

          One way or another, many crack on the end and embrace the evil. Especially in US prisons and if person is destined for more than 5 years. God forbid.

          Thank you buddy.

    5. G Gordon Liddy has a quote about Prison Guards. “Prison Guards are so stupid, they are the only people on Earth that lock themselves up behind bars for years at a time.”
      All contraband is brought in by Guards. All drugs, all cellphones, all “As Seen on TV” products, even some weapons are sold by the Guards to inmates.
      There is a Prison Guard “Best Gore Type Gladiatorial Video” underground swap site on the Deep Web where Guards arrange their own MAA Fights between Inmates and sell the videos to each other for entertainment.
      The Guards with the most Tattoos (usually done by the inmates in exchange for goods and services) are the most corrupt of all.

      1. Instability is not rewarded in lock up. Conformity is well received. Nutjobs and closet cases are ripe pickings for anal penetration. The screeches soar at night in the moonlit sky. Yelps for help to no avail the enriched bleached bread just goes stale. Booked and charged only to be put into sex slavery. Determinants of this depends on whether your crime corresponds to system’s code of conduct. Without exception they do have codes and expect for you to act a certain way. You don’t go to correctional facilities to become rehabilitated. You go to get an education of a shady nature. They’re in their for a reason. These comments validate that the average prospective criminal’s outlook becomes more advanced while incarcerated.

      2. To be honest, it can be hard to tell the inmates from the guards. So many guards are corrupt. As for sexual intercourse, state and federal law prohibits inmates from having sex with anyone. Unless it’s an approved conjugal visit. Kinda like minors of a certain age cannot legally consent. But guards and other staff don’t care. Even if the inmate is willing, the guard can be charged with custodial rape. But it doesn’t happen often. Unless it’s a male guard and the female inmate gets pregnant. Then the guard gets arrested, and the female inmate sues for millions.

        As for guards raping inmates, forcefully speaking, I honestly didn’t hear about that much. It was mostly some female staff member who worked in the kitchen or library or even a female guard getting it on with male inmates. And you know they’ll fuck anything they can. One pretty hot Latina who worked in the education department was having sex with an inmate. They got caught because someone found a love letter one of them wrote to the other. Besides that, the female was MARRIED to a guard who worked in the SAME prison with her. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about that. The inmate was promptly thrown in the hole and shipped to another facility. The female staff member was escorted off the grounds, and her husband was transferred. Some Jerry Springer shit for real.

  3. Dude inside a prison cell has a smartphone and internet connection. WTF is this shit, Brazil?

    I guess not because in Brazil they would have at least done the stabbing quick and clean, instead of struggling with the victim in front of the guards for several minutes.

    1. I mean if anyone was interested they would now know that one of the assaulters is named Nico and is affiliated with the Raza nation. They would also have video footage. That’s a snitch if there ever was one. They snitch out of excitement though. Unconscious snitching. Like they want to get fucked in their buttholes because they’re so overwhelmed with violent entertainment. Niggers have the biggest lips hence the aphorism “Loose lips sink ships.”

  4. Dat Nigga indeed. Thanks to Marquis and RayRay live at the scene.
    Later we have Colon Bowel giving us shower room safety tips. But first, a word from our sponsor, Jimmy “lil teabag” shitter wine.

    1. These men sound nothing like blacks from chicago. These blacks sound like theyre from California. Chicago nigga accents have more of a loose pronounciation with their words while california niggas have emphasis on Rs (like white southern accents) and imo a clearer pronounciation. Theyre also saying “Blood” alot which is a gang slang thats previlant in california.
      La Raza isn’t a gang but a concept of unity in the hispanic gang culture (particularly california). Their use of “La Raza” is making reference to the fact that the attackers are mexican.

    2. My ex is a Latin King (BION, I had no idea for several months) and he just went back to prison on 3 counts each of armed robbery, aggravated assault & aggravated battery. He was paroled in July of 2016 (after serving 10 1/2 years of a 21 year sentence) and exactly 7 months to the day later — which happened to be my birthday –he committed the aforementioned crimes. Happy birthday to me !!!

  5. For this, in Russian prison they would be beaten until being whole blue, for example to others.
    -Attacking guards is nightmare for that inmate later. They are severely beaten so much that they regret what they did when being 5 year old.
    In Russian prisons(at least in one for sure) there is no gangs, tatoo shit and to much of free time: They need to work for food. Having mobile in Russian prison is usually a dream.
    US prisons just generate pathology while in Russian they often reverse criminals.
    Check what’s going on in Black Dolphin, prison for worst.
    Those inmates are like puppies:

    1. Not a fair comparison. The Russian prison in this film is for people with life sentences, Russia’s equivalent of death penalty. It is nothing like normal Russian prison. There is plenty of violence in Russian prisons too though gang wars are not common there from what I heard. I haven’t been to one but met some people who have.

    2. Definitely a different mindset over there. They make things in Russian Prisons like very artistic knives that are sold to the public. Can’t do that over here or the Guards would be pin cushions.

    1. Oh. You live in a Fairy World. Most likely even those that stood around and had no part in it got enhanced Sentences for even being in that Pod when it happened. God help anyone that is in a Pod where a Murder occurs – everyone is damned.

  6. So if this video got into the prison officials hands, recorded on a shit covered ass-smuggled cell phone, they’d know it was their prison and pinpoint what cell the apes were watching it from lololol more charges lolol

  7. That ‘grey-bar hotel’ looks like the one my ex is currently in. I am sitting here, literally hoping & praying that it is the prison he’s in and that it was he who was jumped. The warden or a representative for the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) is required to keep victims up to date on the status of inmates (i.e. Transfers, Threats made against victims and/or witnesses, Upcoming court dates, Early release, Parole, etc.) so I’m also hoping & praying for that call. If it comes, I will let you know.

    P.S. — U.S. prisons are far from luxurious!! If you want to see prisons where inmates are treated like royalty, check out ‘Prison Life’ or ‘Locked up Abroad’ on the National Geography (NatGeo) network. Prisoners in countries such as Russia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway and upper-crust areas in both England & Scotland are not required to wear prison jumpsuits; they are allowed conjugal visits; women can have their children under 5-years-of-age with them; they’re permitted to order items from catalogues; they are not segregated & their cell doors are left unlocked at all times; and one I saw had a huge ‘playground’ — for lack of a better word — where there are areas for softball, cricket, basketball, handball, horseshoes, soccer, tennis, squash, lifting weights, racket ball, lacrosse… There are also heaps of peacocks roaming about freely. In U.S. prisons the inmates receive a monthly stipend (the amount they get depends on the state — my ex is in Illinois & he is ‘paid’ $11.00 a month) and whatever money their family & frenz put on his books. Doesn’t sound luxurious or ideal to me .

  8. This immediately brings to mind a documentary about an inmate named Troy Kell. The video is about him and a buddy brutally stabbing another inmate to death. It’s actually kind of a crazy video. Troy did all the stabbing and his buddy held the victim in place throughout the whole event.

    He just kept stabbing the guy all over his face and anywhere fatal. He kept going with the stabbing because the victim didn’t stop moving.

    1. Troy Kell was a kid of Privilege who shot a man, James “Cotton” Kelly, in the face in the Nevada desert and left him there. He pled innocent, claiming he was not capable of such an act. That video you site proved that he is, in fact, a monster.

  9. I swear to god these COs dont give a fuck! I seen someone get beat to death in jail and the COs were just filming the whole thing with a camcorder until it was over annnnnddd then finally burst in with riot gear, but it was too late the dude was dead and 5 others were severely fucked up and covered in blood. They need to do more in jails and prisons to prevent shit like this

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