Inmate Killed by Hanging at Campo Grande Maximum Security Prison

Inmate Killed by Hanging at Campo Grande Maximum Security Prison

While this is neither from Manaus Prison Massacre, nor from Roraima Jail Riot, it comes to show you that fucked up shit happens all over Brazil, not just in hot spots.

The video was allegedly filmed in the federal maximum security prison in Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. It shows an inmate who had been murdered by hanging. His killers claim he was a drug trafficker.

Maximum security my ass…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. what do they expect when the prisoners all seem to have machetes, phones, ropes etc, how much easier can the authorities make it for them to kill each other, maybe that is the plan just like they have the extermination squads in other South American countries killing street children

  1. That’s it? That’s all they could muster? This is like having tea and scrumpets with Betty White.

    Meanwhile, back at Roraima, the bass is pounding, spirits are being poured into shot glasses, everyone’s dancing and just having a gay old time.

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    1. “That is some impressive skill with a rope.
      That flimsy ass rope supporting his corpse.
      Auto erotic asphyxiation.
      That could have been what he was doing.
      All he needs is the batman costume.”

        1. “For sure.
          Oh Lord Auschwitz.
          I hope I spelled those right.
          Brazilian prison is worse.
          Or maybe just as bad.
          As a world war 2 death camp.
          They are basically synonyms.”

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    1. We don’t speak Spanish here in Brazil. Hey, seems the empire is descending upon Britain now, yeah, the idiots and even yourselves now believe the propaganda you’ve spit out that the British are the human rights champions and the white guilt complex(I know, there’s a little dose of doublethink in believing both). Anyways, I love Londristan.

    2. Clint Eastwood – I agree that Brazilians don’t seem extremely interested in going anywhere. I have issues with Mexicans and Muslims coming from other countries. And Africans aren’t a huge concern at the moment because it’s much more effort to get here (the States) than to you. I’m not being a smartass, just honest.

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    1. @lisap. I’m sorry about your friend. I bet this guy looks peaceful cause he’s not going out getting stoned and head cut off and gutted like a pig. Omg I get it though. SHIT how would you go out being sentenced in that hell hole. Chills through me right now. These mother fuckers are barbaric. I really am happy he chose this way. I don’t know it’s fucked up but we’re watching what could’ve happen to anyone of them on a daily basis. Ok its snowing in ny let me go shovel snow w my kids and be grateful for the life i have. Thank GOD everyday. Does anyone else feel grateful about life everyday? You should. The worlds Messed up and we see that. However , life is amazing and as of now I feel I have one and I’m gonna enjoy it everyday. Just wanna say god bless to all of you on here.

  2. UMMMM…the guy looks healthy enough. Why didn’t he just reach up, pull himself up the rope, and get out of it? His hands are not even tied. I think this was staged. Look, there is a sink right by his feet. If he was alive when hoisted up there, he could of just stepped on the sink and untied himself.

    1. I think it’s more complicated than that. There’s only a certain amount of time before you black out due to lack of oxygen to the brain or he could’ve broke his neck. Either way that’s the best way to go in a Brazilian prison. Have you seen the recent posts?

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