Inside the Bataclan Concert Hall (Aftermath Photo)

Inside the Bataclan Concert Hall (Aftermath Photo)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I would have to agree. This photo was taken inside the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris, France on November 13th, 2015. Take a good look at Multiculturalism, Europe.

Mad props to YourNextExGirl for the image.

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      1. The problem IS race. Not culture, not religion – Those are concepts que change. Race is our genetic materials and it is sacred.
        I’m sure some, even most immigrants are not evil people, but They do not belong here. They breed at a higher rate Then us, They Inevitably mix with OUR women and men (miscegenation) and the They Grow They gain political power.
        I live in London, I should not see one non white British person preferably here, and definitely not one white person not Unless I’m in the tourist area looking at people who are flying home next week.
        They are a threat to what makes Europe the best, our genes

          1. It’s blurred on google this is the best quality picture I’ve seen so far. I just wonder how many more 9/11 or UK underground or Paris will it take before someone actually does some thing, because in fifty years there will be enough Muslims in the UK to vote one onto power. Then we’ll all be facing east every four hrs on our knees, Allah Akbar !!

  1. Eh, it was still a false flag attack. A few sheep have to die occasionally to get the point across, hell look at what happened to Paris after that, turned into a police state. That’s the whole point, its a police state/martial law test run. They did it in Boston, now its France’s turn so they are justified in joining the war against the jihadists I’m Syria all the mean while us the “sheep” get fucked left and right by getting stripped of our rights, and freedoms and it all will be done “for your own good”

    1. I?ve been monitoring this fuckery since day 1, before ISIS was ISIS, when they were just Islamic State of Iraq in 2012. These guys are straight Western puppets backed by Israel

      Their entire purpose is to weaken any Arab nationalist regime that actually gives a shit about their people. They seen what Nasser did, they seen what Hafez Assad did (Bashar?s father)?.they want to set these death squads to take down any strong army in that region so only them and the corrupt piece of shit Gulf countries can dominate that region.

      also probably set up to take down assad who?s is an ally with Iran and to weaken Iran?s influence in arab lands. Iraq and syria were decent places to live even under Sadam now they are turning into afghanistan with terrorists killing everyone and living in biblical times with women locked up in the home.

      As long as Syria/Iran/Hezbollah are alive and well, these death squads will keep doing Israel?s work in the region like fucking fools.

      They aren?t Muslims, they aren?t anything but a bunch of paid subhuman savage barbarian psychopathic

    2. ZOG’s benefit – France, like other demoralized Western Nations – it TIRED. Whites are TIRED of the Jew Wars in the Middle East. We all have problems of our own, n’est ce pas? France has been loathe to commit blood and treause to aid the Jews in their tae-over of Syrian turf

      ALL the Major Machers, immediately appeared on TalmudVision, and especially Twitter, which I was working last night, and began babbling about SYRIA SYRIA SYRIA WE MUST BOMB SYRIA STAND WITH NETANYAHU WE MUST BOMB SYRIA.

      This is about Syria.

        1. @Grendel

          You might want to check the last 1500 years of Islam in the Middle East and how they lived side by side with Christians, Jews etc. without a problem. Stop sucking on Zio-cocks and use your brain for a change. If you even have one left.

        2. In an ideal world non-Whites would of course be in their homelands, not Europe.However as long as they are there, I am glad that they are Muslim. From a genetic preservation standpoint (which is the primary reason I am against non-White immigration) anything to increase polarization, separation, and otherness is a good thing. Assimilation /i tegration ALWAYS leads to miscegenation.

          1. The only reason the colords are in Europe is because of the Jews. 100 years ago Europe didn’t have this problem. Only after the Jews got into power did this happen. We need to target the disease at its source, and that is Israel and world Jewry.

      1. Wow! I knew something was up with this when I heard about it. Felt really cynical about the whole thing, looked a bit sketchy. Care to let me know where I can learn more about this Zionist connection?

      2. maybe it was a false flag operation but there was some ISIS bastards or what ever they were, ready to die for that shity thing they all Quran.
        And every attacks in Yemen, Kenya, Iraq, Syria etc are also false flag operation right?
        C’mon be serious the world is full of shit and lots of bastards ready to die for Allah, God or Scooby Doo.

        1. Of course! The interesting part of this whole operation is that when Zionists conduct false flag operations, they kill actual people. Human lives mean nothing to Zionists because to them, gentiles are nothing but cattle.

          1. I just read the Bataclan Theatre was Jew owned for decades, and that they only sold the place 2 months ago.

            Dirty cockroach Muslims in the know, think that it was targeted because of all the Pro – Israel
            events that have been held there historically and recently……..

    1. The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today, as much the national security polices in place today are either a direct result of 9/11 or are allegedly designed to prevent another catastrophic tragedy of a similar magnitude. Likewise, Jewish zionists have been trying to shift the American people’s condemnation of the 9/11 attacks away from the real terrorists who did 9/11 and the Jewish terrorist state of Israel which was the root cause of 9/11, because of its almost endless list of Zionist crimes, towards irrational hatred of people of the Islamic faith in general. Unfortunately, this zionist instigation of Islamohysteria has created a segment of people in America who are supportive of the military occupation of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria (with Iran as a likely future target). These military occupations only benefit the criminal state Israel

  2. Whelp, this is the future, and Orwell was right. As a side note, I just want to say that this is the first website I visit every time I turn on my computer, it just goes to show how eye opening and knowledgeable this blog is compared to ANY news sites that are out there.
    I’ve been creeping around this place long before Mark Marek was taken away by the Canadian government and only recently that I finally joined to contribute a little to this close knit family of the boys and gores. So thanks to Obli, Anecska, Ate and all the other people who keep this site running 🙂

    1. I agree, @PhantomAnna…The future doesn’t look bright…I just woke up, and look where I am, BG, as usual.
      I like to have the REAL news, not manipulated by the media, and all the rest…
      Now, the events: I don’t know what to think about this…It’s just so sad, that I have no opinion, except a sad one, because I have many family and friends right where it happened, and they could have been killed.
      We’re lucky (this time…).
      Still I’m sad, and my heart is with the victims, and their families.
      How far will it go??!!
      I’m Shocked, and much more…

          1. FrenchCat, i am with all the other good wishes send to you and your country. All my friends on FB changed their profile picture to the French flag in honour of respect for your country. Hope that all be safe, we think of you.

  3. Looks like someone was trying to make a big heart in the blood…… As bad as it was in there with that many shooters its actually amazing anyone made it out before the place was stormed by authorities, they had enough time to make it complete.

          1. He might be @Nightmare. My thing is it’s fine to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and don’t repeat them. But this is a cycle of rage filled rants then pretend nothing happened. It’s happened more than once and that’s what pisses me off.

          2. @Nightmare

            Ya he does seem to target women the most. Although I do remember him attacking @blayvier as well for having his face as his avi. Anger issues….

          1. What the fuck was that I just read?? That dude is batt shit crazy and delusional. It sounds like haydolf forgot to take his nightly dose of lithium. I’m going to just come out and say it right now; that crazy fucker definitely has a black dude and white woman tied up in his basement…we should probably call the cops 🙂

          2. Lmao that wouldn’t surprise me. I’m fine with rants just not when they’re directed at other members on this site who haven’t done or said anything to deserve those kinds of insults. Someone needs to learn to control their anger.

          3. Same here @LF. I have been known to rant from time to time but I always try to have respect for other people. I may disagree or have a difference of opinion here and there but I try not to be an insufferable asshole while doing it. The things he said to you ladies was out of bounds in my opinion…I can’t believe I missed that whole diatribe of his. I’d have stuck up for my favorite BG ladies.

          4. Exactly @DOS. I’m the same way. You’re not gonna agree with everyone on everything but you can still show respect to fellow members. I almost missed it myself and I know you would’ve told him off. With his record I’m sure you’ll have another chance in the future 😉

      1. I am trying to wake people up and if i do this by getting under your skin then thats the only way to achieve this. you may hate me now but this is the only way to permeate the sleeping masses these days. white europeans are walking into a war. i told you 3 months ago the war would soon be on europes doorstep. you may hate me now but you will love me later when you realise i was trying to awaken people by telling the truth. and yet again i have no problem with white women who admire and stay loyal but the rest are a disgrace. and nobody will say this in the media because they want to promote this shit.

  4. Some of the bodies were dragged. Odd… What a waste, we’re not dealing with “humans” in here if this is what they want, first step before entering this battlefield is to giving up youre fighting against human beings… Those muslims clearly shown that they are worse than animals.

    1. mmh, imo the terrorist have drag them.
      i mean, remember what they say ? they shooted the hostage 1 by 1.
      so i guess they probably shoot them 1 by 1 and drag them for make a pile or something. like an execution place

      just a suggestion idea..

      1. i doubt , it look from left to right for me. the door is at left, the show is at right. if they wanted to drag them out they probably not try to drag them on the show. + all dragging blood start at one specific point.
        imo the execution point and then drag on pile

        maybe i m wrong, but it sound more logic to me

        1. i think i agree with @BeneathThePlanetOfTheApes, my first instinct would be to drag my wounded friend/family to safety – the shooting, darkness, and total terror and confusion would explain the bodies being dragged in no “sensible” direction – people would just wand to drag friends bodies away from where (they perceived) the shots to be aimed/landing?

          1. Oh no @Nextie I’m not that brain damaged…would never compare them to the ear biter…I meant the 3 meth hillbilly kids.
            Gonna have to learn how to do that submit and link thing…my kids would know how but the old lady would rightfully skin me alive.

          2. Oh you should be ashamed of yourself for comparing those inbreds to the amazingness that is the Backstreet Boys. I think i must’ve overlooked that pic the first time because I’m so used to people looking like that around here lol.

  5. I find it odd that of all the attacks (all of which are b/c of crazy muslims), you still seem to blame jews. There is no higher jew conspiracy going on here. Ever think that if it’s always Muslims causing terrorist attacks…then maybe it’s MUSLIMS! You think Jews want to have more muslims in their country? Jesus. You people just plain hate jews, which is fine, but don’t blame them for the Islamic Terrorism.

    1. when did i mention jews? i could honestly care less what group orchestrated the event. Muslims are the ones who executed it. Muslims are the ones infesting our cities. Muslims are the ones filling our streets with their fucking bullshit religion. Muslims are the ones harassing our women in the marketplace, telling them they should be beheaded for not dressing “properly”. Muslims are the ones bullying and beating up non-Muslims in school yards. Muslims are the ones who refuse to properly integrate into a modern society. Muslims are the ones who are a big fucking problem.

        1. “A simple answer
          To any of you wondering whether the various Middle Eastern ‘wars for democracy’ were actually driven by Israeli strategic objectives there’s a simple answer.


          A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties(1982)

          “Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us.

          Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization”

      1. I guess we agree. So many DBs on here will see a Islamic Militant Terrorist all but quote the Quaran and blow himself up, yet they still blame the jews.
        And Mr Nightmare…you seem like a pathetic loser.

          1. With todays technology how long do you think it will be until we can put a magnifying glass into orbit over the Middle East and burn all the Jews and Muslims up like ants one by one ?
            Fuck just pouring gas on em and lighting it.

          2. I just got this cool image of a blanket of planes dumping their fuel down on the middle east and some random weird, smiling French guy dropping his lit cigarette like a champ to ignite it all

          3. I would love to see what you look like in person. Probably some fat piece of white trash sh*t. No job, no education. Never EVER got pussy. Yep. That’s you.

          4. @brain
            I already showed my face infact, and you know what? I’d like to invite you over to Belgium! Just give a shout when your here in Antwerp or so because I kick your ass day in day out
            you ignorant, retarded jewish piece of inbred shit

          1. It is obvious that you followed some conversations here. And i really hope you get banned for your post against Mr Nightmare. Coward. Some of us see souls where as you see goats arses. Go look after your goats and make sure their frilly dresses is ironed. I am not scared of you you can fuck your 70 old virgins in hell for all i care.

          2. @everlong
            I think that “white trash” post was addresed to me.
            But yeah, because he’s so much of a dumb fuck that he never put a name in his posts we’ll probably never know…

    2. The jews are just another foreign people from the middle east. We want nothing to do with the middle east and it?s quarrels. We need to stop spending our resources and sacrificing the lives of our young men to meddle in the squabbles of desert peoples.

  6. Ahh @ YNEG, Backstreet Boys…funny..seriously though, my God, this is actually the 1st picture I’ve seen of some of the brutal carnage & leave it to BG to be the first to publish it. I’m sure there’s more coming. Thanks YNEG…

    1. Spot on brother dre. When this story hit the news it broke my heart. The pic above speaks volumes, honestly in terms of gore this it’s plenty. It hit way to close to home for me. Very well coulda been a concert in our home countries. RIP you young souls..

    1. Good call BOoZeR !!!

      Fucking cockroaches make me sick!! Mate of mine went to Sydney and took a photo at the beach – saw breeding cockroaches – they come to the beach on 35 degree days and sit there on the sand head to toe in their fucking black get up with just their beady little eyes staring out…..

      Aarrgghh – I just brought up a lil bit of vomit into my mouth……..

  7. What a sad turn of events. This is the truth as spoken before 3rd world immigrants are incompatible with 1st world natives. i don’t know why some people are blinded by the fake reality and afraid to seek the truth. My condolences goes to the families who lost their loved ones, it was a war never intended for them to fight, but then again that’s what you bargain for when you choose multiculturalism.

    1. The problem IS race. Not culture, not religion – Those are concepts que change. Race is our genetic materials and it is sacred.
      I’m sure some, even most immigrants are not evil people, but They do not belong here. They breed at a higher rate Then us, They Inevitably mix with OUR women and men (miscegenation) and the They Grow They gain political power.
      I live in London, I should not see one non white British person preferably here, and definitely not one white person not Unless I’m in the tourist area looking at people who are flying home next week.
      They are a threat to what makes Europe the best, our genes

  8. Been looking for video of this…still haven’t found it…don’t know if I really want to now….the photo just confirms my earlier suspicions that all the concert goers would be young people….how people can be so evil is beyond me.

  9. I know I’ll get hate for this. But to be honest, don’t really care.

    Why France got the most attention? People were killed and raped in Syria and Iraq. Yet, 150 people died, and people go ape shit about it? Please, in early 2003, Iraq was killed, murdered and raped and people didn’t jack shit. I really didn’t care about Paris or any country. But people kept crying and telling #PrayForParis and other BS stuff. Why people didn’t give those countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen?! Oh right, cause they’re “special” If you want peace, then act like you really care. Fight for those countries first. Cause everyday people die. Not just grown ups. Kids too. Fuck France. Die tomorrow, no skin of my back.

    1. The feeling is mutual from me to your shit hole countries, they have been fucked their entire existence and will continue to be fucked, regardless of the billions of dollars in aid that has been sent over there since outside countries were able to do so.

      1. Coming from you, you live in a shit stain country. I myself live in a country with 0 terrorists. Of course I’m a fan of this website, but it has it’s ups and downs in terms of the community. I.E you. Shitheads left and right. 🙂 With love, me.

    2. @The_Suffering, were you by any chance the one who said on the FB page PrayForParis , that this was all “France’s own fault, because France had started the war first, because France disapproved of the muslim sisters in France wearing burkas”?

      1. @thompson
        Euh… Burkas and those retarded burkinis are compleetly forbiden here in Belgium for as long as there were muslims so that doesn’t make any sense…
        Even headscarfs are forbiden in a few schools here and for those who work in public places

      1. @Mr.Nigtmare: I know, and it’s such a shame.
        I mean, how are we expected to stand for ourselves, without a weapon?
        Even when you get robbed, you cannot do a thing, and if you do (carry and shoot, I mean…), then YOU are the murderer…What a joke…
        It wouldn’t have been the same, if we were able to carry guns…Of course, that goes with the appropriate training, but the laws about it should evolve…

  10. I’m just waiting for them to hit our subways here in NYC. The fucked up thing is that it would be so fucking easy! They do have bag checks right before you get on (before you even pay, you see the table setup ya just leave) and its at maybe 1 station out of every 20. But its only for the outside, a group of them could all get on before rush hour(which is when they set up the bag checks, and even then you would have to be singled out) and get on a bunch of different trains and suicide bomb around the same time, catch one going under the east river…tragic…

    There is zero security here on the trains and how easy it is is very scary.

    1. How about the malls? Was at the mall today inside an Apple store and there’s always a shit load of people in there.

      One of these nut jobs could easily carry a concealed bomb inside a backpack and do some fucken damage.

  11. I pray for those who lost there lives in this slaughter, however I am praying that the Radical Islamic Terrorists are receiving some of there just rewards with the bombing of there command and control and training camps in Syria.

    May they get 100 X more than what they gave out in Paris France.

    1. On a serious note, am I the only one thinking this whole thing was set up by shills who spread rumours around Muslim chat rooms saying the concert was actually an Islamic wedding party for a descendant of the prophet Mohammed? THE GUNS WERE BEING FIRED IN CELEBRATION INTO THE AIR AND IT WAS A TRAGIC ACCIDENT PEOPLE!

  12. so guys, i am Aware. i am Awake. i know the Truth of many things in this world. 9-11 and all that. i am also a White Nationalist. I believe that all peoples should have their own lands. i believe whites should have one as well. But we don’t, do we? Our lands are stripped from us in the name of multiculturalism. we are a dying breed.

    A member expressed confusion about me renouncing Islam but, i am, a White Nationalist. Why would i support Muslims when my blood is threatened? I support Syrians in Syria, Palestinians in Palestine. That does not mean i want them here.

    what is happening in Syria and Palestine is wrong, and i know the Truth of these matters as well. But to ship them across Europe by the truck load is not right. Each one one of these “refugees” is a dollar sign to our politicians but poison to the native populace. Each year, our lands disappear and our birthrates continue to steadily drop while Africans and Muslims are breeding like cockroaches. The Europeans are losing their identity.

    People, it is illegal to be White and proud. it is. If i say i am a white nationalist, that automatically paints me as a fanatical gun-toting racist (talk about stereotyping). but no, it is my goddamn right to be proud of my skin and my hair and my fucking roots. my culture. my blood. that is my right as a individual. that is our right. and that is not racism!

    1. I completely agree with everything you said. If you’re white and make an observation about another race, you’re racist. If you show any pride in your own race, you’re racist. If you feel other races should have to work just as hard as white people and not have everything given to them, you’re racist. It’s a sad world we live in and too many refuse to see the truth.

    2. I,ts been awhile since i have heard something so honest, pure, and proud, like this! You are so right Obli that it makes me sad to see our culture, land, and way of life vanish before our eyes, and not a damn thing that we can do about it, without being arrested, and convicted of hate crimes. I feel exactly like you my brother, and went through tough times thinking about US,,,all of us, and what we love, leaving us slowly! 🙁

    3. To be honest Obli I blame white people themselves for everything that has happened to them because extinction is the natural end to all creatures who cannot/will not fight for their own survival.

      The ground sloth became extinct because it was too slow to react to attack, the tree dwelling sloth however survived because it found a place to live that the predators had not reached yet.

      White people can be split between the above two, those who?s habitats have been invaded and they now struggle to survive and those with the financial means to escape(white flight)into unspoiled areas.

      In the above, the tree dwellers (white flighters) care nothing for the ground ones because they do not personally experience the consequences of the invading species presence.

      The zoo keepers are the real bastards though because they are the ones who chose to get rid of the bars on the enclosure so as to encourage the mixing of species, knowing very well that those with the nicest enclosures would be swarmed by those with the shittiest.

      My point, if the majority population behave like ostriches with their heads in the sand they will be eaten by the invading jackals, lions and hyenas and they only have themselves to blame because those too slow to act will die.

      My conclusion, white people should stand up for themselves and fuck the traitors, do-gooders, liberals etc but they won?t because they are scared of being labelled with a teeny-weeny little word called racism.

      The biggest kick in the balls is that every other race is openly racist and they get away with it because they don?t care. Black police associations, Asian student boards etc, no one gives a fuck about it except for the whites and that?s all down to us.

      The modern world was invented by us, machines, engines, antibiotics, computers ect, what the fuck have we got to feel ashamed for? War?, invasions?, land theft?, its been done by every race on the planet, only that we were better and more successful at it that?s all.

      The only thing I feel ashamed about is that we allowed our parasitical, traitorous politicians to run our countries into the ground and we stood there and watched them do it.

      1. Typical right wing fucktard view. PC issues are not related this shit. This is national security. We’ve just seen France close down radical mosques and starting monitoring these fucks more closely. Action. Not fucks sitting around bitching about minorities.

          1. @rayf, it?s best just to ignore people like ledouchebag because even though he didn?t say much he said enough to show just how thick he is.

            National security and action?, he must think that his government acts in his best interest and whilst he does he is not asking why his own government allowed all these people to come in in the first place, knowing very well that they were from radical Islamic backgrounds.

            The need to monitor, ?spy?, on the people wouldn?t be needed if our countries did not let them in to begin with.

            Anyone who argues against mass uncontrolled immigration gets called a racist therefore political correctness does share the blame because it stops ?talk? becoming action.

          2. Thanks rayf,


            Those who describe themselves as nihilists are usually anything but.

            A real nihilist would not separate radical mosques from normal mosques because both would be seen to hold values that are baseless.

            You also talk positively about national security and monitoring, which once again goes against the principles of nihilism.

            You sound more like a silly, little boy to me who has never experienced the real world and so takes on the persona of ?nihilism? so as to distinguish himself from the rest of the masses, which is evidenced by your lack of knowledge concerning nihilism and your lack of understanding of the way society operates.

            What you call ?action? is actually just ?reaction? to situations caused by society?s reluctance to challenge national security issues related to government policy on the bases that it may reflect badly on their own image due to the systematic use of ?isms? to shut down debate.

            You cannot criticise Israel without being called an anti-Semite, you cannot criticise a black person without being called a racist and you cannot object to mass, uncontrolled immigration without being called a racist bigot.

            Political correctness therefore does play a large part in the way society deals with issues, issues that often become more problematic when left unchallenged.

            So grow up kid and stop pretending that you understand the way the world works when you don?t even understand yourself.

          3. @Empty you are more than welcome.
            Just don’t want these troll’s tiring you out bro your voice especially in the coming days to help sort this shit out will be needed.
            To many members go silent after having to constantly swat these pests.
            Much respect to you Bro.

          4. Indeed. If there is one particular agenda that has caused the most harm to the white indigenous people, Political Correctness is it.
            It is the most pernicious agenda of all.

          5. @empty soul. Good points. Clearly you know that, politically, nihilism is against the liberal state and the artifice created under that state. Still, what you propose is just another fascist state in its stead, where anyone anywhere can be persecuted.

    4. Obli I completely agree with everything you said. I’m a perfect world each race would have their own place to practice their own culture and traditions. Hell I’d be much happier with a situation where, each culture had their own place in the community and basically their own micro economy.
      I believe that a common sense course should be mandatory in our educational curriculum.

      I don’t believe, however, that common sense can be taught to some individuals no matter the ethnicity but it couldn’t hurt to try. That being said I also believe that each race should be informed about the characterists and tendencies of each race (based solely upon factual studies ). That way if you are in a race prone to violence, such as blacks for example, you have the opportunity to make changes or learn the warning signs of aggressive behavior precursors and learn how to prevent yourself from acting on your instinctual feelings. I’m not picking on the people of African decent I’m simply using them as an example because statistically people of African decent are proven to be more violent due to culture or genetics or whatever. The same goes with white people who are prone to addiction or depression or what have you. Same goes for religious culture.

      The problem is that if you have a statistic that is offensive to someone of any race, culture, or religious belief someone’s feelings get hurt and our world revolves around the sensitivity of morons who only care about one group of people and not the peace of the collective world.

      If we could actually put aside feelings for a moment and stick to the facts our potential could be limitless. The fact that we, as a species, not only cannot do that but that we put the dumbest, most biased people, in positions of leadership for each race or culture will only make progress harder. I know that every person of each different race or culture don’t have all the negative qualities, and some even embrace them and learn how to use them productively or how to control them. These are the people we need to represent each type of different people. I think culture is important to every human being regardless of race or creed. We should all be teaching our kids that mixing will eventually cause the loss of what makes us who we are. I don’t agree with mixing race and creed. If the liberal politically correct bullshit were just taken out behind the woodshed and put down and we all were embraced the TRUTH we could all get along or leave each other alone.

    5. White people did have their own land, it was Europe. But they went elsewhere ending up living and mixing. Eventually the plane was invented and…People started fucking and fucking. Now we got internet and social media. White women are spreading their legs to black men. White men are fucking mixed chicks. Women are beautiful and pussy is extremely addicting. I’m sure if a 10/10 chick that is Japanese,Mexican and White mixed you would fuck her raw. All ethnicity’s are dying. Majority of people are mixed now. New ones will emerge because of this. It seems like most white people don’t want much kids these days. Other races are multiplying like crazy. Maybe you can get a bunch of white people and all buy land. Make it a private neighborhood. When it really comes down to it. “Pussy” is your enemy!

        1. @ Obli, wish more man were like that. Overrated if you ask me. @ Richie another generalization of women? I’ts not just fannies that get put on plates but also dicks that is just as eager to participate. Really dont know why you want to blame it only on women, sounds odd. Anyway, dont know where you live but women/man in my neighbourwood and area stick with their own colou

          1. @evedrlong-It’s both men and women! Women are hot as fuck and men want to fuck them. That’s why there is so many people in this world. Men only live once. They wanna fuck hot latinas and asians or something mixed and beautiful. It’s equal. It takes two to make a baby.

          2. No shit Sherlock! Your debate just seems unrealistic as that is life and nothing you do will change that =) Auf Wiedersehen

    6. Obli, I really do enjoy your posts. They seem the most honest and straightforward out of all of the ones on Bestgore, admin and otherwise.

      I have done some studying of cultures in my time, and I have to say that, statistically, the least culturally diverse countries really do perform better financially and socially. This can be hard for someone like me to admit, though, because I love diversity, learning about diversity, and being friends with anyone who is different.

      That said, the best part about Bestgore is the intelligent viewpoints that come through. Pretty much every belief has merit, and I understand that, even if I disagree.

      My slightly buzzed ass is pretty much just saying not to change. Thanks for all you do here, Obli.

    7. It will take time and resources, and even blood, but one day we shall take back whats rightfuly ours… but the problem is, as long as corporations and zionists exists, that will not be possible. The world would have to change alot from it, the corporations would have to hear the public for the first time and abide to their cause, otherwise facing losing power, and the zionists have to hear our roars and taste our steel, for those rats will never cease untill they taste their own blood in their mouths… We revolted 900 years ago against muslim domination… We revolted in so many other events in history on wich people with power abused its people… it costed them theirs and their families’ heads. Whats stopping us from revolting once more so that we can be left in peace again? Guns? Death? War? Blood?… Nothing good comes without a bit of sacrifice.

  13. Here’s a crude fact : people care only when terrorists attack a white, rich country.
    Things goes fast from there : promise of a severe ripost, exagerate the fact that the attackers were immigrants, intense and non stop (one sided) coverage in the news for several days eclipsing almost all other news, usage of a vocabulary of fear by the msm and government….

    Don’t take the bait, war has always been war and when you do war, people die. This isn’t more tragic than Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Stop acting like offended terrorized cunts when your country gets attacked, chances are those attackers were armed by your rich, white government or their friends. I’m white, not racist and has french roots by the way, just trying to get a point through.

    1. I don’t think your being pretentious so i’ll answer that.

      A false flag when a group or country covertly operates and attacks its own people in order to sway the public into supporting an agenda. Just as an example, many believe Hitler started the Reichstag fire in order to drum up public support and consolidate power, thus allowing him complete control of Germany.

      That’s a very brief and abbreviated definition and example but if you do some research, you’ll find many more examples of false flags occurring.

  14. This image conjured up the same sick stomach turning emotion I got when I first stumbled upon this site and saw the reality of death properly for the first time. To kill people who were trying to enjoy one of the most unifying things like this reminds me of when dimebag darrell was shot onstage. Something so inherently wrong with the setting. The minute someone invents a time machine I’m getting the fuck out of this era.

      1. Could be very well a reason, cause its encoded in our brains to be more shocked about young people dying than the older ones. Maybe its just because the perspective, perception and experience changes one over time to perceive more details of human anguish as one witnesses more and more violent behaviour. I?m very used to gore, guts and blood, which causes a certain insensitivity, but I?m still very affected and disgusted by the brutal motives to which people resort to, and I?m far of being jaded and ignorant to human or animal suffering.

  15. problem is the government of european countries and other countries are being pussies. If this shit happened in my country and i was the leader i would deport anyone that identifies as a muslim, i’d bulldoze all the fucking mosques and I’d give a clear message that if they try this shit again i’d drop a nuke on their shitty countries or on saudi arabia who funds and supports many of these terror groups.

    1. Totally agreed. The reason these immigrant parasites can get a foothold in European countries is because we have been too soft. The greedy , grinning parasites belong in their own culture , so they should seek “refuge”in rich Arab countries. But the rich Emirates will treat parasites they way they deserve to be treated and won’t let them in. So the “refugees” come to Europe instead, because Europe has become too hostile towards its own citizens and too inviting towards harmful parasites. We have become too ‘tolerant’ and need to set boundaries again.

  16. and this pic made me sad. all these people were excited about a rock concert and looking to have a good time and some psychotic religious maniac comes to murder them over bullshit politics. France is also stupid for getting involved in the mess in syria and iraq they should have just minded their own business. sucks when innocent people have to pay for it.

  17. Regardless of who was behind the attacks and what cause they were supporting, the real message is that each and every one of these victims was an innocent. My heart physically aches for the families of the deceased. The only thing I was able to think about while reading about this disaster was that this could happen anytime, anywhere. The shittiest thing about this world is how many unsuspecting bystanders are destroyed by the agendas of selfish governments and religious groups.

  18. Ok so here is my 2 pence worth. . . the media is saying that there were 7 suspects. 6 of them blew themselves up and one was killed. Now here is where i smell bullshit. . . if you consider that 2 of those explosions were heard over a crowd of 80,000 spectators surrounded by a stadium, those must have been massive explosions. Im sure these guys all wore more or less the same type of suicide vests and 4 of these guys ‘blew’ themselves up inside the bataclan theater, that place should be flattened. . .not so? I dont see any damaged lights, burn marks or anything to corroborate 4 explosions that are equal to those at the Stade du France.

    1. Apparently, according to the news, one of the bombers was frisked at the stadium and then turned away by security because had a bomb. Then he blew himself up.

      That’s seriously what was reported during the first day of the aftermath. I hope they can clarify.

  19. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the U.S. would be deploying “less than 50” Special Operations forces, who will be sent to Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria.
    “hey guys remember all those wars we lost because we kept sending troops in small batches? lets try that again!”

  20. Freaking zionists…

    Bataclan was owned by 2 jewish brothers since 1976, and not the “good” jews, they were zionists that supported israel and constantly held parties in favor of Isreali Police. Here comes the good part, they SOLD the bataclan 2 MONTHS AGO.

    They freaking had the bataclan from 1976 and suddenly sold it 2 months ago ? If yall think this is a fucking coincedence then go fuck urselfz

  21. During the manhunt, Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of two of the Paris attackers, has been found and interviewed. The fucker had the nerve to say straight-faced in front of the cameras, that “he felt sorry for the victims, but we have to remember that his brothers have a mother too”.
    What The Actual Fuck??
    How about the mothers of the victims, for starters? Did these muslim extremists care about the victims and their families? No, the parasites, including the one intervewed, want us dead, they view us as “dogs” and “swine”, and our mothers they call “whores”.

    1. the first english guy who was (reported) killed.
      Apparently, Nick made his living by selling mechandise at live performances for a few different acts, and was killed in an area outside of the main concert area as he earned the money to pay his rent and feed himself.


  22. I realise there are many false flag events triggered by governments all the time

    This is not oe! There were people from all over the wprld involved/killed/criticaly hurt

    What is it you are suggesting. French police/soldiers opened fire on citizens or allowed terrorists to do it unhindered

    there were Scottish/American/Italians etc etc involved. Some of the French footballers family were inside the bataclan

    So we have to admit theevent took place. there isno way thousands of people would keep to the exact same tory
    this is people fromn all over the world/governments/police/army etc…all willing to be complicate in murdering citizens

    I suggest you are making fools of yourself with this line of thought

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