Intense Combat Footage from Syria – Rebel Rolls While Retreating Under Heavy Fire

Intense Combat Footage from Syria - Rebel Rolls While Retreating Under Heavy Fire

This video is from the documentary by the same team that filmed this.

The video shows a group of Syrian rebels retreating while under heavy fire. They had a small stretch of exposed land to run through and most got across fine. At least two of their comrades have however been shot and appear to be dead. The last surviving rebel gives a run but makes a sudden leap. I don’t know whether that’s because he was shot, or because he feared he could get shot and the leap seemed like the right thing to do to dodge a bullet that could be coming. So he lunged himself into the air and rolled the rest of the way.

The video is short, but it’s a pretty intense combat footage with a very realistic feel to it. It sure takes a lot of balls to engage in real battle, as opposed to flying a drone, or incinerating sleeping children with white phosphorus, or dropping bombs from a safe distance and then whining about PTSD. When bullets that swish over your head are real, and your comrades drop dead for real, that’s a whole different thing to be a part of. Not that I’m rooting for the rebels. I wish these guys would realize who their common enemy is and instead of fighting one another, unite against the true devil.

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      1. She loves caning people bro, when the jihadi circus tumblers come to town we should get her tickets. πŸ˜‰ And on a personal note Dre you are nothing short of amazing, can’t believe after your surgery while still in pain you thanked everyone who wished you well, you sir are CLASS!!!! I believe you could chew 10 penny nails and spit out a barb wire fence !! MUCH RESPECT to you Dre.

          1. that was an awesome move that mujahedin just pulled, that’s what happens when you fight relying on your adrenaline and heart, and not on your fucking drones and cheap shot planes ect like the us military, us army are too comfortable, too well equiped, that takes away from a true warrior soul, fear and instinct makes good warriors, that rolling soldier deserves valhalla!!!

  1. It`s not everyday that you see videos on BG with Swedish subtitles, but for those who are looking for a translation:

    First line: “He`s hit!”
    Second: “He?s my cousin!” (big suprise…)

          1. @protocol sofzion. Cool shit man. I tried it years ago before my kids were born. Had a few growing but didn’t know what I was doing. One male plant pollinated and the fans blew it on to the others that were flowering and screwedme all up man. Never trtried again. I was trying to do it indoor.

    1. The barrels were probably full of water which would slow the bullets down by well over 30%.

      Now, if they had some car doors to hide behind they would have been OK. Everyone knows car doors are bullet proof.

    1. Cant you just respawn? Im more a solo player, i’d have saved just before i retreated and kept reloading until I did it right.

      Blue Barrell level shouldnt be that hard, must be noobs.

    1. I don?t Think the clip is from an documentary, the logo you see in the top corner is from the Swedish public-service tv network. The segment may be from a newsclip focusing on Swedish jihadists, it?s reported in mainsteam media that some Swedish-muslim youngsters has left the country to join the “terrorists”.

  2. This is pathetic.

    He should have called in an airstrike or at the very least a naval barrage to igive him a covering zone of fire.

    The other people should have mean arrested for using automatic fire weapons as i think that semi automatics are all that your allowed at the most in the New World Order and only then when you are a member of a government sancrtioned club, which I doubt they were. Pretending you were just target practicing against some blue barrels wont convince an all female judge and jury as they wont know what blue barrells are having never ventured into the real world.

  3. you said it, @ate. it’s a humbling experience to come under fire, to not know where the attack is coming from, to be surprised, to feel the fear and the adrenaline pumping, fighting yet knowing your life may soon end.

    much different than the suits behind computers monitoring “target” from miles above and pressing a button. or simply telling brainwashed men to do this or that for you. it’s much different when you have to look your victim in the face before you kill them.

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