Iranian Protester in Extreme Agony After a Gun Shot to Groin (video)

Iranian Protester in Extreme Agony After a Gun Shot to Groin

Bloodbath in Iran continues and it’s just getting nastier. This young Iranian protested took a gun shot right in his groin. What a blood awful place to take a bullet. It made my own nuts hurt by just watching. I’m being told that this protester was a student and there is another student in the video who was also shot, but instead of taking it in the groin, he took it in the face. You can see the exit wound at the back of his skull. While it’s likely that the kid who took it in his groin will live, the one who took the shot in the face has bleak outlooks, it seems. But looking at the guy with blasted groin as he suffers in extreme agony, I’m not sure he’s better off. Even if he survives (probable), he could end up being paralyzed and mutilated for life. If he lives, he will try to pull through for a couple of years maybe and then he’ll commit suicide unable to cope with extreme loss he suffered that day. Damn! Unless the bullet missed his family jewels entirely, which is possible (quite possible both penis and testes were missed) but hard to tell for sure from the video as is. Femoral artery was likely missed too.

If you have good sound system on your computer, crank it up for some good ass “Cloverfield” action. The sound is so real in this video, you will be looking over your shoulder to see if anyone is shooting at you. Bullets seem to be swishing around in great numbers, gunfire is unceasing and it’s all dubbed by explosions. I admire the people who managed to keep their cool and continued to help these wounded protesters despite apparent blood bath going on around them. There are bullets flying all over the place yet these people don’t seem to heed. They are entirely focused on helping their wounded comrade. Would we see this type of care for strangers in western countries, where one would risk their life to help another who’s in need?

I’m not sure if we have any Persians reading Best Gore, but I’m being told this video is from a disturbance between two Iranian extremists – Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. I know that’s not what mainstream media would like you all to believe, cause it sounds better when we are all told that innocent protesters are dying, being killed by ruthless regime but who knows anymore. It’s also sad that the man who took a shot in his groin will not become a post mortem celebrity like Neda Agha-Soltan cause he’s not a girl. Again – a guy shot does not have the same impact as a girl shot. Reality!

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  1. I thank Best Gore for keeping tabs on the horrible things happening in the Middle East.

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt enough for a cause to actually risk being shot and killed. I commend these guys.

  2. Yeah, everyone’s out for a nice shot of dying people. It’s the new pink these days. At least there are some who are helping. It would be really shitty if a guy got shot and lay there helplessly in agonizing pain, no one would be helping him, but everyone would stop to take pictures.

  3. You lie about Iran – and you have no right to question the iranian people’s choice – the elections were fair, accept that, your zionist “reformist/modernist” puppet lost! Just see the world jewry, how they shout – they are afraid of our awakening!

    And from the methods against rioters : this is what should had be done in Paris 1968 anyway – the zionists deserve even worse than that.

    Look at the jewish Cohn Bendit, he is a powerful party leader now – just like that, zionists want to BE IN POWER in Iran, and not “democracy” !

    1. I second that. You saw what they did with 9/11? Now, you hire a bunch of crisis actors and BAM, there you go. I was close to serving with the SEALs but I stopped entirely, I woke up.

  4. jesus..
    each country in the world is afraid to intervene, while they should definitely..
    whats going on there..

    sick muslim fuckers, afraid of democracy and of loosing power..

  5. that’s fucked up, they’re all crowding up an shit to take a picture a guy that just got shot in the head like it’s cool. also, schuele88, are you saying the holocaust was a lie too?

  6. schuele88, you are one? of those people who do not see the reality of anything. People being killed and tortured every day in Iran since the first day they came out on the streets of Iran after the results were announced, only because they asked for re-vote, if regime was sure about Ahmadinejad being popular they would accept it, Open your eyes, research more before you comment on the things you have no idea about.

  7. Palestinian, syrian, and libanonese people being killed and tortured every day in Israel since 1948, do you care about them too, asshole? As its obvious the CIA lies about Iran, only the sheepie believes them. Salem aleikum.

  8. Schuele88 is a tool of the Iranian Government (click on his/her link). A government that has subverted Islam and the Iranian people and others around the globe. May they burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liar and/or ignorant Islamist fascist as is the Iranian Government and their lackeys. No amount of discussion is worth any further breath in reponse to anything they and/or their lackeys say so don’t waste your breath in responding and/or questioning them. The Iranian “president” is probably the antiChrist or if not, related to Satan if you believe in him. If you don’t believe in Satan, religion or whatever…he is an evil, evil man who will bring war on a scale that all the “sheep” in the world cannot imagine. He and his regime are just plain evil!!!!!!!!!

  9. this fucking guy, shot in his groin…
    didn’t have a pile of tears nor a heap of sweat!
    I’m amazed!
    I’ll be one of those assholes taking phone-pic’s of the corpse!
    And, what the fuck did you get a picture of, while you were on vacation?
    some pedophile-faggot in a donald duck outfit?

  10. The boy shot in the cock looks so young. Those kids are trying so hard to pics of the dying boy. Everyone loves gore. It reminds of what we studied in history class about Kent State. Students shot down by their own government. They are and were so brave

  11. Was that dude who got shot in the groin giving the other student gobbie whilst the shootings happened?!
    Just seems weird that a guy got shot in the groin while another got shot in the head close by lol

  12. Here’s a theory they shot him in his testicles because he attempted to hump one the bitches in their rectum. They gave him a little wink to show they’re willing participates then he just acted on impulse and went to it. Fortunately for him there was a guy present that knew what he was doing by applying pressure to the wound with a belt to cut of blood circulation so he wouldn’t die from exsanguination. If I was in similar situation and survived I would be indebted to the guy for thinking on his feet but that’s just empathetic intelligence because I would never put myself in that kind of dilemma. Cheers to the guy for thinking rationally and logically in a chaotic sexually repressed driven uprising which is a common quandary when there is no female counterpart present.

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