Iraqi Forces Beat Corpses of Slain ISIS Mujaheddin and Drag Them Behind Vehicles

Iraqi Forces Beat Corpses of Slain ISIS Mujaheddin and Drag Them Behind Vehicles

While beating a dead horse is always such a pointless thing to do, taking one’s wrath on corpses of slain adversaries probably provides soldiers with a form of release from tensions of life on a battlefield. Aside from being pointless, it’s also morally wrong, but between ISIS and Iraqi forces, the Iraqis are the ones who had their country invaded and are defending her.

In the videos below, the Iraqi forces are shown beating the corpses of slain ISIS mujaheddin, and dragging them behind military vehicles. The one guy running after the corpse barefoot because he took his flip flops off to beat it with them is particularly interesting.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the videos:

One more video of a corpse being dragged behind a vehicle in Iraq:

65 thoughts on “Iraqi Forces Beat Corpses of Slain ISIS Mujaheddin and Drag Them Behind Vehicles”

    1. I CONCUR!!!
      Would’ve been sooo cool to give them (isis, isil, is, wtf-ever) an UNEDITED dose of their own medicine!!
      Screaming sand-niggers writhing in horrendous justified pain while being broadcast to the world…all for my entertainment…it’s a beautiful thing!

  1. Those military vehicles could sure use some ice cream music playing to attract bigger crowds. When I hear ice cream music coming up the block all that’s left is a vapor trail. Sometimes I forget to put on my shoes though.

      1. Recently… I’ve experienced the exact opposite @ewestomper…

        It just seems lately where I’m at Spring only lasts for maybe a month… Then it goes straight towards 90+ degree weather…

        All the idiots call it “Climate Change” over here in the States…

        Generally… I’ve always understood that the climate changes four times a year… But I’ve tried to explain to these idiots that Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are the names for said climate changes… So I’ll just let them walk around in ignorant bliss…

        Anyway… What’s going on @ewestomper?…

  2. A rifle butt to a dead man’s head !, round of applause for that.
    Flip Flop slap to a dragged body, I’m guessing is the ultimate piss take to these shitesters. Until you have to run to retrieve your flip flop, which makes you look like a proper knob end !

    1. Sure is @ewe, the ultimate insult in Islamic culture. This reminded me of the time when George W Jr. ducked an Islamic reporters sandals during a press conference. Probably his greatest moment as head honcho. He dodged those sandals like he’d been dodging affordable yet sensible footwear his whole presidency.

          1. It would have been hilarious if the guy was wearing those shoes the Iron Sheik used to wear.

      1. Wow, imagine how excited the reporter would have been had his sandal hit George Dubya Jr @amnyc !. His goat would have been really confused later that night, wondering why the hell his commands were sounding so hoarse and why all lovey dovey all of a sudden !! 😛

  3. Assaulting the dead is not new, Richard III was mistreated quite a fair bit after death as well among many others no doubt. Therein lies the answer, assaulting the dead is the equivalent of the boxer?s punch bag in that the action itself presents gain so long as the individual interprets it as so.

    The dead are dead but the continuation of attack is much like masturbation in that without individual desire both are ultimately pointless.

    1. I’ve heard they actually used human skulls in the ancient beginnings of the sport we know call ‘rugby’ (or ‘football’?) @Empty soul… I don’t know if it was to glorify or to humiliate the person of said skull… Do you know?…

      1. @Gnat.
        In Old England, two teams of unlimited number from two villages, would kick an inflated pigs bladder through the streets, the winner being the team that moved the ball to the opposing teams village.
        Medieval Football, which eventually became the game played today.

    2. @Empty Soul.

      He was indeed, after being betrayed.

      Not sure about boxers interpreting using a punch bag as being gainful though, as the action IS gainful, in that it acts as an important element of their training regime.

  4. I like how the guy with the flip flop takes a well prepared aim before bashing the corpse over the head with I, im sure you can hear somebody laughing after he takes the first swing.

  5. The way they hit each other is so pathetic and weak. Do they not have enough meat and strength? If it was Americans, we would have destroyed not kick corpses like heynas and vultures. Fight like a real man you arab pussies.

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