Iraqi Mujahedeen Release New Video of Coordinated Attacks on Military Targets

Iraqi Mujahedeen Release New Video of Coordinated Attacks on Military Targets

Remember back in July, 2012 when Iraqi mujahedeen released a video of well planned, coordinated and executed attacks with silencers equipped handguns on military targets? In August they followed up with another video of perfectly executed attacks on a police outpost and after that they’ve gone quiet, but they’ve been anything but idle. In fact, they’ve had their hands full of regrouping and further planning to carry out more and deadlier attacks. Now they’re out with a new video titled “Clanging of the Swords” which is a two part full feature documentary of their latest achievements. These guys are for real, they train and plan and it shows.

This is a major slap in the face to the likes of George W. Bush cause what these mujahedeen are saying is – you failed. Operation Iraqi Freedom failed. The only person who could keep us under control was Saddam Hussein and since you tools killed him, there is no one who can stop us now. We’re taking over Iraq and with it, everything you stole from us.

These new videos are 40 minutes long each, they are more complete and we are not their target audience so they’re in Arabic, promoting and highlighting what their sympathisers want to see. Combat footage is a big part of the videos, but now it’s also combined with interviews and various scenes from life in the country. In other words, there’s a lot to see and little to understand so have your pointer on the slider to skip forward as necessary.

On a pro Islamic extremism forum where these videos were originally posted, the uploader summed up the content in a few points. I pasted them in an online translator and this is roughly the meaning (use your imagination):

  • Demolition of the walls: a new phase in the march of jihad work began with the start of Ramadan of the year 1433 for Migration.
  • Mujahideen began advancement and return of the new areas that sided with them earlier.
  • This Release: documents aside from the military action of this important phase of the history of Jihad in Iraq.
  • In this version: Interview with heroes free prison Tikrit Tasfirat.
  • Incursions most tragic and Enki and racked: Mujahideen raiding enemy barracks and camps in most states of the Islamic state.
  • Receipts Links rats Safavid government armed neighborhood and keeps quiet.
  • Desert rescue operation with free prison Tikrit Tasfirat.
  • Scene depicts neighborhood pride Mujahid and his courage and his love for death for the sake of Allah, and shame apostate and cheese, and zest for life in the cause of Evil.
  • The Islamic State of Iraq will not condemn or denounce or condemn, but if long time do not sleep on the dirt.
  • Awakening fishermen, and a model for the fate of selling symptoms Muslims to reject impure.
  • Mujahideen claim apostates to repent and rejoice Bopthm, and accept their repentance and that killed AA Mujahideen.
  • Black Sahara desert and the fate of the campaigns failing Safavid troops on their lairs.
  • Captive martyr: One of the heroes nineteen free prison Kirkuk Tasfirat.
  • Battle of revenge for gallant Sheikh Abu Talha Ansari God’s mercy, and Usith death of cells.
  • Conclusion: words written in gold leaf from Mujahid immigrants.

Props to Best Gore member iEtthy for the videos.

Clanging of the Swords Part 1:

Clanging of the Swords Part 2:

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48 thoughts on “Iraqi Mujahedeen Release New Video of Coordinated Attacks on Military Targets”

        1. Neither the soldier of the USSR or the NSDAP covered their faces…

          The Serbians and Bosnian and Albanians and Croatians all covered up their faces during hte Balkan war.

          You have to consider the Circumstances and Situation and the reason why they would cover up their faces.

          There are lots of Reason why a soldier would cover up their face.
          If American Patriots would rebel against ZOG and take arms against tyranny, they would probably be covering up their faces with ski maskes, I know I would.

          So Covering up your faces is a tactical advantages in many circumstances, both tactical and practical.

          So saying something like “Evil always hides its face”, is just… wrong.

          1. @1girl1cup

            No, but the same reason applie. they want to hid their identity because if their enemy know who they are they could use it against them… combat or interview, the same purpose for the mask applies…

            phft… women trying to understand the nature of warfare and conflict.

          2. While your point stands, so does hers. War, inherently, by nature is killing which from a moralistic standpoint perceived as evil. So in order to conduct war in your terms tactically one must conceal their face as an act of war is inherently nefarious and you know that there will be those who seek to stop you.

            Therefore the point stands, evil hides its face.

    1. but what about all the tens of thousands of innocent children who would be destroyed? 😉
      but i digress, the middles east is actually pretty fucking big, a full-scale nuclear assault would fuck the rest of the world in the process(nuclear winter), no, i suggests nerve agaents.
      it would kill every living thng but the oil would be fine and ours for the taking.
      of course this is all pure fantasy but its fun to indulge every once in a while.

      1. This goes against what I believe, but the children are future evil, so to hell with them. I think if you hit them all fast and hard enough none of them would have a chance to strike back with anything. This is a fantasy that should become a reality.

        The Jews as far as I know don’t hate on their own kind, just everyone else(I could be wrong about that). This is about shitting of your own; if you hate your own people based off what religion they follow you are a waste of life and should be exterminated. The Muslims want to oppress their own kind with some religious bullshit only the extremest’s believe – Kill anyone that doesn’t believe what we believe.

        This is the prime example why religion needs to be wiped of the planet. Basically everyone that follows a religion is a hypocrite, they only follow the parts they like and say fuck the rest. Believe what you want, but if you follow a religion you must follow the whole thing to a tee, otherwise you are a hypocrite.

        1. I disagree about the Religion part. You can use Religion as a guide, or as a moral compass with how to live your life.

          See America with it’s rampant anti-Christianity, and how far it’s fallen as a Country (Irrespective of their shithole cities). It’s a Nation full of single-mothers, whores, Infidelity, Promiscuity, Divorce, Drugs, Violence etc.

          And that’s just the easy stuff.

          There’s also the complete destruction of the Family unit (Which has led to complete menaces as children) Female teachers molesting their male students etc.

          Look at their Media, their Entertainment industry. Look at their role models (Kim Kardashian etc al.)

          It has no moral fabric, no family values and no direction of any-kind. It’s a Nation of nothingness now. Fights terrorists here, supports them here etc.

          I think there’s a fine line on both sides.

          I don’t think one should take the stories in the Bible/Koran/Torah etc. seriously. Use it as a guide for YOUR life, don’t worship anyone, or force others to believe what you believe.

          I’m saying this as an atheist. I’m White and if I was to follow any ‘Religion’ it would be a far-East one (Buddhism, Taoism etc.)

          1. If you can’t get thru life without the lie that is religion, then you might as well go join the idiots in the middle east. Moral compass? I don’t need to rely on any religion to tell me how to live my life. All you need is a little common sense to know right from wrong & an IQ higher than 5. (FYI: My IQ is over 140. Not genius level, but I’ve never claimed to be a genius, but I like to think I know enough to live my life how I want.) Religion is for the weak.

    2. I agree 100% Level the whole middle east then hunt down the rest of the backwards, dumbfuck Muslims around the planet and kill every single one!!! They are the scurge of the world. That’s what they want to do to everyone that is not Muslim, so it’s them or us.

      1. Add the jews to that and I’ll agree with you. Arabs are a plague in the west but zionist jews control banking,media and have a huge influence in politics which they use to involve the west in their war against muslims…they use political office to push multiculturalism on western nations and flood us with muslim immigrants while they attempt to create a greater Israel ethnically cleansed of muslims….

  1. These men have a regular life among the war, they have families, jobs shortly a social life thus they dont wanna be recognized, besides mask adds fear into action, they give a message as “I may be someone you know, maybe the one who stands next to you”, its a way of avoiding people supporting the enemy.

  2. If their is a God surely he hates Muslims, he’d be like, “ALRIGHT already, I’m great I know! Now shut the fuck up and kill each other quietly PLEASE! Can’t a God get some peace in this place.”

  3. These guys could be so much more effective with a little TLC. My biggest problem with groups like these is you can never be sure of their true motives or their expectations. To win they need to set intentions, goals, and tactics and stratedgies based on their capabilities. I mean are they capble of running a country? or are they just death dealers? none of these groups seem to have any long term plans.
    i was just curious if theyd hire a southern born ex gangster to sort em out. I mean as long as they pay well , can get decent spaghetti, and wont kill an american…..well im not really american im from Georgia baby!!!

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