Iraqi Security Forces Use Front Loader to Push Killed ISIS Mujaheddin Into Ditch

Iraqi Security Forces Use Front Loader to Push Killed ISIS Mujaheddin Into Ditch

Outside of the city of Mosul, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are shown in the video cleaning the road off killed ISIS mujaheddin with a front loader. The corpses are pushed into a ditch (soon to be a mass grave).

According to the ISF, ISIS is trapped in Mosul as country’s soldiers encircled and lay siege on the city. Dear Leader’s relentless campaign of bombing Iraqi civilians to assist ISIS is not delivering desired results. I half suspect his advisors will find some new “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, so he can step up his support for Israel and their proxies.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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49 thoughts on “Iraqi Security Forces Use Front Loader to Push Killed ISIS Mujaheddin Into Ditch”

    1. It is ashamed that all that good dog and cat food was buried…they should have let the poor abandon dogs and cats have a feast day and their fucking guts should have been opened so they could feat on the heart, kidneys, lungs and tongue would be good too….PETA should have had an advisor to tell the troops…don’t forget the dogs and cats.

    2. As an American, it is great to see a good ol’ American company like CAT co. Doing it’s part in the fight against those ISIS DICKHEADS! If I owned CAT co. I’d give these Fighters a TON of cash and a couple more 966k’s for the clean up! Keep fuckin’ staking em’ up!

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  1. That makes me happy! First sign that they are Americanizing properly is they clean all the dead sand niggers off the fucking road.

    Now they can spend some time on putting in some casinos and a strip club or two. Good roads to drive my Ford and maybe some nice resorts owned by our President…..Fuck I luv being American!

  2. Think ahead. Don’t go to the middle east even after all this shit is over. (not that it will ever end.) Once the zombie apocalypse hits, that place will be flooded with ’em. Easiest and safest to just pull out of there and turn that entire part of the world into one giant sheet of glass. Not gonna happen though as long as there is at least one bleeding heart liberal around.

  3. I dislike ISIS as much as anyone else. However, what I find pretty sick/hypocritical is that the people doing the burial here are also Muslims and they damn well know the bodies are to be washed and shrouded. This kind of burial is extrememly inconsiderate of their fellow Muslim’s souls and I’ll bet if they tried, they could have come up with a more humain way to bury them.

  4. For fucks sake…
    What I see is the loyalists of a dead state (Iraq) front load half a dozen sand niggers into a small pile and making a big fuss out of it.
    What I’ve seen before is ISIS shooting thousands of idiot Iraqi recruits in the head and dumping them in the Tigris or leaving them to rot in the desert and not making half the fuss.

  5. Whoever is driving doesn’t know how to drive a front end loader, completely useless. I suspect all that shouting is about not going too close to the edge or the digger will end up in the hole… which would have made this video EPIC !

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