Iraqi Sniper Juba Compilation of Kills

Iraqi Sniper Juba Compilation of Kills

Whether Juba was real or not, and whether he’s one person or a few – nobody knows for sure. All we know is that there was a sniper in Iraq that took out a whole whack of ZOG mercenaries during their occupation of the country. Needless to say, a ZOG mercenary in a body bag is a good ZOG mercenary. All these twinky faggots do is rape children, abuse prisoners and secure trafficking of opiates for the ZOG cartel. It is said Juba sent more than 600 American soldiers home in a bag.

This compilation of sniper kills from Iraq claims to show Juba’s work. Whether they’re all Juba’s kills is as debatable as whether Juba existed in the first place. Either way – it’s always a nice sight when a twink folds down like a sack of shit that he was.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Iraqi Sniper Juba Compilation of Kills”

  1. Actually, I like the good ol’ US of A, but I must admit they aren’t very good warriors. It has been over 10 years, and even with all their technology and firepower, they still haven’t been able to fully conquer Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Defeating iraqi insurgents or Talibans is like beating a 9 year old blind kid with Down Syndrome. They have no modern equipment, no anti-aircraft weapons, and no international support.

    1. We can’t beat them due to political correctness. We took the pussy liberal approach of winning “hearts and minds”, when we should be shooting these scum! But hey it’s liberal! If it feels good do it! Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. No, you took the Jew approach – kill everyone, elderly, children, women, etc. That’s why only paid Iraqi actors “supported” the aggression. Otherwise everyone was against with Jihadists gaining more and more support. What Jews do in Palestine, Americans did in Iraq.

      2. @Brazil you have to understand that combat and the way we fight wars changes constantly, we went from fighting wars in the jungles and deserts against a set military force to fighting insurgents in urban areas and the whole point of fighting an insurgent battle is that it take many many years even decades in fact ten years is a blink of an eye compared to some wars that were fought in acient times but you have to remember that war has no set time even we as American think that way sometimes the reality is it doesn’t work that way at all and I think we learned that in Vietnam, also part of the reason that we “lost in Vietnam and Somalia was due to the fact that there was so much bureaucracy going on and Washington wasn’t letting commanders fight the way they wanted in Vietnam we killed more VC many times over then they did Americans yet we still list and Vietnam was also an insurgent battle…as far as American being not very good warriors of course me being American I’m going to disagree but just take our navy seals, green berets, army ranger and marine force recon in to consideration cause all those nous have been taught to fight with very little to nothing and always come out on top no matter what.

        1. @Brazil just to put this out there were such good warriors that we have a little school called “School of America” now know as WHINSEC aka school of assassins and that school was set up to train special military units from all over Latin America on counter insurgency so they could defend themselves in fact your counter Brazil has even attended classes there and graduated from SOA everybody from your countrys special operation units to BOPE has sent someone there for training then returned to your country and trained their units…you didn’t think that they just picked that shit up from the Brazilian military did you? Who do you think taught them we did.

          1. It’s not that the Washington bureaucrats weren’t permitting the US troops to “fight the war”. It’s just that you couldn’t launch a land invasion of North Vietnam because that would cause a sino-soviet intervention and possibly lead to World War III. The American troops did everything that could be done to stop the VC and North Vietnamese, and that included very dirty tactics, as the use of Agent Orange to destroy the trees and crops, B-52 airstrikes in civilian areas of North Vietnam, conscription to increase the number of troops etc, and that still wasn’t enough to stop the communists.
            And you must keep in mind that it was a war fought, basically, between the North Vietnam vs South Vietnam, the US role was, during most of the war, mostly advisory, the US troops weren’t involved directly in combat during most of the conflict, that’s why the US-vietcong kill ratio is so high. However, if you look at the total numbers, that is, the total of South Vietnam and its allies(US, Australia,South Korea, New Zealand) killed vs the number of North Vietnamese killed, you will see that the ratio is just about 2 vietcong killed for every South Vietnam and allies KIA.

            As I was saying, the Taliban does not have anyone supplying them, and yet, they were able to kill over 1000 US troops. If Russia, for example, was giving them some high-tech stuff, like MANPADS and armor piercing rockets, that would be a very bloody war for you guys.
            But I like America, it is,probably, the only true democracy in the world, the only place where you can speak your mind without the government censorship, but lets face it, you guys would have a very hard time defeating a motivated and relatively well equipped foe, like Iran.

          2. Well Brazil for the most part some of what you said is true that I can’t deny…but you have to remember were fighting two diffrent insurgent wars (wars that most Americans don’t even wanna fight) into on two diffrent fronts and each one has it unique sets of problems and must be delt with diffrently which can test any military strength especially insurgent wars which are fought in the enemies turf and gives them every advantage, even with all our technology in an insurgent war the insurgents will always have the upper hand no matter what which basically makes it an up hill battle and I’m sure the American military understands this even if most Americans don’t and what the world is seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan is the American military adapting to this new type of warfare that is fought thru insurgency with unseen enemies which seems and for the most part I belive the American military Kent going to bad at adapting to this type of fighting and if people think that our militarys technology should be able to conquer an insurgency within a couple of years then they’re wrong because insurgency are not fought that way at all if anything our technology just evens things out for us to continue fighting the insurgency but not end it on how the war ends all depends on the will of America to continue fighting because we can kill many insurgents over and over again but if they keep coming then all those kills mean nothing so we have to stay consistent and find other ways to fight these battles, insurgency take time a long time…but I feel the American people have grown tierd of fighting wars they didn’t even want in the first place and its time for most of the troops to come back home so everyone including Iraq and Afghanistan can move on yet I belive just like every other American does that no matter what we must stay invested in Iraq and Afghanistan because if we dont then what was the point of going there in first place so we must continue helping those countrys no matter what and I belive that when the people of those countrys see that we are still invested with them even after the wars have finished then they will see that we really do have good intentions and I think we learned this during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan when we gave them aid then left them to the taliban I doubt America will allow something like that to happen again …but for most part when these wars do end which will most likely be soon I think our military will be even better because of the experience we gained in those two countries. And I’m glad you like America and see it for what it is a true democracy even tho many people especially foreigner get caught up in hating America and pointing out our flaws they forget that we are just like them no better and no worse but we try our best but sometimes that just isn’t enough for some and we can’t please everyone even tho we try so I’m glad to here that you do like our country and see it for what it is and I am also very impressed with your knowledge of our militarys battles a lot of American don’t even know things like that but thats due to the fact that they currently find themselves with their heads up their ass, but make no mistake the times that Americans find themselves united and motivated for a common goal the American people and the American military can transform into an unstoppable force capable of many great things and I think all of our enemies know this and try hard not to find themselves on our badside because of it.

            On other note I’m not sure if you’ve ever read Che Guevaras book “Guerilla Warfare by Che Guevara” but you haven’t you should definitely check it out it talks about its all about guerilla warfare and fighting insurgencies its a very good book, there are other good book on this subject by other great men such as Marx and Mao but I found Guevara to be the most relevant and modern and for the most part Guevara talks about the same thing but with an emphasis on insurgency and modern wars.

          3. I’m am no fan of US foreign policy BUT saying US soldiers are crappy is ridiculous. I am sure there average GI Joe is no better than many other 1st world countries but they have way more specialized commando units then probably any other nation. These are guy extremely fit and extremely well trained. They have to as they only choose the best for these units. The Green Berets, Rangers, Seals, Delta whatevers, they have alot of the best.
            The reason why they cannot win is the same reason that any country with a guerrilla style militia cannot win. These countries are in a perpetual endless civil war. Like Chechnya in Russia or FARC in Columbia. That is the advantage of being guerrilla, you blend with the population and disappear in mountains etc. The only way to win is boots on the ground which means casualties which means loosing elections.
            Like the guy said, if the US gave their armed forces carte blanche, there would be many deaths but they could “win.”

      3. American took the pussy approach? Ofcourse they did! They’ve got helicopters that you can’t even see shooting cave people! How cowardly is that?

        When you’re on someone elses soil, killing anyone who fights your invasion, all for economic power (oil), you guys are the criminals. What the US military is going is infact terrorism.

        Don’t complain about liberal this or that. It’s a load of crap. You know it is! Your leaders are paid into office by corporations. Your laws, wars and foreign-relations status depends entirely on corporations and their diabolical schemes to own everything in the world with force.

        1. @counter and what makes that diffrent from your piece of shit country its easy to criticize the flaws if others when you turn a blind eye to your own and if you wanna be a good fucking sheep and belive what your told then you can do that but until you’ve lived in this country who the fuck are you say anything see all you little bitch ass American hating foreigners are all the same all you do is talk shit just to talk it i mean just cause your country is a piece of shit you feel you have to bring some one else’s down so you can feel better about yours

          1. All right, all I hear is excuses from both sides. Too liberal this, evil USA that etc. But in reality a dead soldier and a crying family is still a dead soldier regardless of how warfare has changed. It always comes down to being effective with whatever you have. Cant shoot or kill at random because American liberals do not likey? Well some armed forces are even more restricted and they still pull it off. Regardless of the motives for war: a job still has to be done! Where where the intelligence guys? The people who were supposed to stop thia guy from even getting close to American targets? Sounds too far fetched? Or is the Army just getting too lazy? They say in the Mexican Army that the lazy soldier dies first. Besides you do not need to kill a bunch of civilians to get the target (how come almost no explosives are used in the brazilian favelas and they still get their guys? Or in the Mexican streets the get them too with no civilian casualties ever?) which brings me to another point: technology can only do so much. It helps greatly but at the end houses still need to be cleared room by room and shiny scopes and googles only make you a target, badass looking rails on guns get stuck everywhere, and lack of discipline with the uniform (missmatched colors, sweat on someones lazy face etc) makes you stand out like a sore thumb. People forget that they are at WAR! You just invaded someones home and if they see you they will kill you. Discipline and keeping your eyes open at all times despite the boredom, good planing and simple trics to not become targets. Cant forget the basics compadres. Good luck with that mess. EITHER PLOW TROUGH IT OR GET OUT. Saludos.

          2. @Tomandante o.o there will always be civilian casualties in war you tard .. From the shitty streets in Mexico to the Brazilian favelas .so now you are telling me Osama bin ladies death was fake and the *navy seals* didn’t clear room after room until they found the giant turd and shot him o.o oh they didn’t fill him full of bullies it was just one bullet to the head. By the way this shitty sniper in the video is what they call an *amateur*he isn’t really a sniper because he only aims for the head that’s a big no no for every sniper out there never aim for the head because you will eventually miss it and the guy will run off. Always aim for the uper body

        2. you god damn right id love to have a BIG peice of iraqi land. it had nothing to do with the ship getting bombed or the fuckin towers or the 23500 confirmed moslim attacks since 911 if it was for the oil then why is gas 500 a god damn gallon. get real, area 51 had some aliens escape also i guess.

      4. Agreed , these fucks behave like animals with rabies and should be put down.
        Don’t worry though cuz they will need to rely on the USA to get back on its feet, it will put both countries in 100 yrs of debt and they will be USA puppets .

    2. They’re not there to conquer, they are there based on the marching orders given by Boutros Boutros Ghali, Hillary Clinton or some other civilian idiot. If they wanted to roll, fly or sail to do a proper conquest, they would depopulate the conquered territories like the Mongols did.

      1. No pony, the North countries your naming all had something in common, they were closer to the USSR and communists. We were doing what we promised we would do after World War ll. We promised to protect them from soviet aggression and we did.

    3. It’s frowned upon to use this “advanced technology” such as WMD’s. The United States does their best to avoid civilian casualties for the most part. You want to try taking over a country full of goat fucking assholes hiding behind children? Go ahead. It won’t end very quickly regardless of the weapons you’re using.

    4. Your all out of your fucking minds! I fought in Iraq as a Sgt. In the United States Army. Anyone who has the nerve after 9/11 to say we are killers of children and the elderly are complete morons!! We were fighting with both hands tied behind our backs! Our rules of engagement stated we could not engage unless they were in possession of a banned weapon, such as a automatic machine gun or RPG, or, they had to point ANY weapon in our direction otherwise we couldn’t engage. We weren’t fighting real men, we were fighting men who would dress as women and hide their AK’s under their dresses and shoot us in the backs like true cowards they are! Their were a few bad apples that did do some terrible things, I admit, but the vast majority of us fought with Honor and Dignity which our enemies know nothing about!! In fact I’ve personally given first aid to terrorists that we wounded in fire fights and ended up saving their lives!!! But people don’t talk about that. They just call us murderers and say how we are in bed with Isreal. Personally, and 99% of us could care less about Isreal, all we thought about was staying alive and making sure ourselves and our comrades came home alive! Politics had nothing to do with what we were doing there!!!!!!!!

  2. Could someone explain really quickly why this man is a hero for killing soldiers?
    This isn’t rhetorical by the way, and may seem like a stupid question, but I’ve never understood the hatred towards soldiers… I genuinely want to know why…

    1. Hate snipers, regardless of an 18 year old’s ludicrous idea to join US military; makes me glad I backed out of Navy officer training cuz my eyes had been peeled open. Speed and accuracy seem to give Juba credibility, and it’s politicians not the brave troops who at least were given clean fast deaths

  3. I remember hearing about this shit the entire four years I spent in iraq. The guys who were getting hit weren’t performing PERSEC, personal security. One thing I never did was stand around with my head up my ass, keep your head in the game and you will come back alive.

      1. No, thank you. I’m glad things have changed since my uncles came back from vietnam. The only time I’ve had someone say stupid shit to me was when I went off base in seattle. That’s when a couple friends and I heard baby killer and the like.

    1. Exactly Stryker! I was in Iraq in 04 and 05. I like this site but I gotta admit seeing the administrator of the site call us faggots and shit is extremely disgusting. They call us the cowards because we fly helicopters???? Really??? That just tells you right there they don’t know shit about warfare or what’s it’s like to see body parts and innocent Iraqis killed by OTHER Iraqis then blend back in the towns, or the most disgusting tactic they used was dressing if full females robes and instead of confront us face to face they hide and dress up as women and hope we don’t see them and kill’em. Or shoot at us from behind then run into a mosque because they know we actually have some morals (unlike these insane fucking cowards) and will respect their holly temple. Their fucking savages and nothing more. I say we round up all these conspiracy theorist’s and jealous America haters and put their worthless civilian asses in our combat zones for a week and see if they’ll still think the same way??? Because unless you practice Islam AND are the correct type of Muslim and from the proper clan, your ass is getting your heads chopped off too bitches. Your all so fucking ignorant that you don’t even know your rooting for insane fucks that are on the same level as Jim Jones or David Koresh!!!!! These insurgents aren’t fighting us because we’re in Iraq, their fighting us because we’re not Muslim therefore were infidels to them (non-believer). They cut your damn heads off just as quick as mine! Know what the fuck your talking about before you start bashing Americans. And as far as technology goes, it’s war you stupid fucks! You don’t want to win 90 to 89, you want to win 115 to 2!!! Lastly, I’ve noticed it’s always the fuckers how secretly wish they could live here that are the first to talk shit about us!

    1. Sorry but your stats are wrong. 6,000 Americans died TOTAL in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 2,000 part you got was just from Afghanistan there were another 4,000 that died in Iraq plus if you count the Coalition forces dead which comes to 15,000-20,000+.

  4. I’ve mentioned it before during the ZOG post but now since we’re actually talking about Juba the sniper I’ll bring it up again…there is talk amongst American soldiers for a while that Juba is actually a group of Israeli Mossad agents pretending to be insurgent snipers and their has been some evidence supporting this the most compelling being a group of Israelis who were captured in Iraq firing on American soldiers other evidence includes high tech IED material that was traced back to an Israeli manufacture material that the Israeli military is only capable of getting a hold of, they’ve also found Israeli equipment such as special cameras mounted on sniper rifles which an Israeli company also manufactures many belive that these are the same cameras that have been used in the Juba videos…so could be that Israel is actually behind the juba video and other attacks against American soldiers so that they can keep America at war. Lets not forget that Israel is the same country that purposely fired on and sunk a high tech American military intelligence ship named the U.S.S Liberty during the Six Day War knowing that it was in that area gathering information for Israel of course Israel cam out with some bull shit excuse that it was an accident which everyone on the Liberty that survived the incident knows not to be true, first off the Liberty was fired upon by Israeli fighter pilots that first had to get in close enough to identify the ship before receiving permission from Isreali command to fire on it and Israeli command already knew there was an American ship in that exact location but they gave permission any way even when the fighter pilots claim they weren’t able to identify the ship which was clearly American and marked as such the only enemy ships in that area would’ve been Egyptian and their ships were distinctly diffrent from American and Israeli ships including one this high tech in fact that should’ve told the pilots right there that it wasn’t Egyptian and during this whole time the Liberty was sending radio messages to Israeli command and to the pilots to find out why they were in that area then when they attacked the Liberty the Libertys radio call became more desperate yet for some strange reason fell on deaf ears , Secondly after the initial attack they kept attacking the ship even when the ship made no attempt to defend its self because everyone in the Liberty knew they were Israeli pilots do how could they know who was firing on them yet the people firing on them didn’t know who they were shooting? Thirdly after the pilots stop firing an Israeli cruiser came by and began firing at the ship as well it was now clear to everyone on the Liberty that the Israelis knew they were American and were deliberately and aggressively attacking them because even if by slim chance the pilots could not identify them the Israeli cruiser should have so this is when the Americans decided to defend themselves and fire back, but of course Israeli being the giant back stabbing pussies that they are stopped firing once the Americans started firing on them and this is when the Israeli say that they finally were able to identify the ship as American…34 sailors died and American ship was destroyed all because Israeli wanted to pay their little fucking false flag games with America and of course what did America due excepted excuse and apology at the shock of the Liberty survivors who were there that day and knew for a fact the Israel was attacking them on purpose even some Israeli pilots and other Israeli who were involved in the incident that day have come foward and said that it was very likely that Israeli command knew what they were doing and ignored American mayday calls trying to identify themselves to the Israelis on purpose. This just goes to show what back stabbing pieces of shit the Israeli government is and just how far they’re willing to go to get what they want and also how under control they have the American government…today ZOGs tentacles have an even stronger grip then they did back then.

  5. Hmm, I’m not sure if that is the right attitude to that towards soldiers, after all, many of them are just ignorant boys who signed up hoping for a college education. They didn’t understand the implications of what their involvement. Mercenaries are another story, however.

    1. Well one thing I have noticed is that Mark does tend to exaggerate when it comes to him views on something he just doesn’t agree with but just like he respects our right to voice our opinions we gotta do the same but I will say that I do disagree with his view on American soldiers because say what you want about the government or our country but when you start criticizing the very people that are sticking their neck out there for us and putting their life on the line so we don’t have to and so we can continue to live safely then I call bullshit on that i mean just cause your phased of at the American government doesn’t mean everyone share their same opinions, theres probably a very good amount of American soldiers that share the same view as mark but are in the military to pay for collage and provide a life for their family they didn’t decide to go fight that war that choices was made for them by the government they’re just doing their jobs and you can’t hate on them for that just the same how people can’t hate on Mark for what he doing here on BG but I mean everyone entitled to their opinions that’s what makes America great that’s what make BG great but people are also allowed to disagree and that what makes both greater.

      1. Drccoco and stryker you guys know how I feel about the military and the people who served, I tried to join fresh out of high school but wasn’t allowed because I had just started my 5 year probation for assaulting a cop and taking his gun away so due to that no one would take me not even the navy and those fuckers take anyone lol I even thought about leaving to France and joining the foreign legion but it just wouldn’t be the same and is probably just drop out any way becoming a wanted fugitive in thanks, anyways I’m still on probation since it got extended due to another charge I caught a DWI but I have about a year left and who knows maybe i’ll try again I’ve always respected the military and what they’ve done of course when I was young I wanted to join to get my life in order but since then I’ve gotten under control so discipline isn’t really a problem for anymore but I still feel like I have to give my part and serve and I think anyone who truly loves their country no matter what their views feels that way and I think that’s what its all about and people shouldn’t be looked down upon for that they should be thanked and so I thank you guys for serving and any others that served their country doesn’t even matter if it was in America if you served your country you shocks be thanked not talked down to.

  6. By the time I left Iraq in 2011 we had lost almost 4400…
    Something like 30,000+ wounded.
    Iraqi police/soldiers killed 10,000+
    Insurgents killed 53,000 est.. To many parts to count sometimes.
    Insurgents wounded? Not many…They tended not to survive.
    I don’t know about Afghanistan.
    Kinda hard to watch the vid but that’s war. It’s suppose to suck.

  7. You can’t blame people for trying to defend themselves from the violent encroachment of democracy! My favorite is at 01:35. I actually couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. I think it was because of the way the guy in the man-dress scurried away like a frightened opossum at an Alabama wedding reception.

    1. Did you hear Obama’s speech? Americans got more to worry about than an invasion of Muslims (Besides, they already have their own Muslims in Blacks and Mestizos).

      The USA is a 3rd World Nation in 20 years.

      They’ll be like Brazil within 10.

      Whites will have a small enclave where it’s peaceful and beautiful (They’ll be around 25% of the population at that point) but outside of that – anarchy. Like Brazilian Favelas.

      Heh. You can already see this on a smaller scale already.

      1. Anarchy in Brazilian favelas? I live in a favela and have not seen as much as a fist fight and the people who live in them are not all poor just the simple fact that i am typing from a new computer with Internet access proves that.

    1. Not all of these are kill shots, the guys who you can tell don’t have SAPI are in bad shape. Some of these are Iraqi forces too. If you look closely, some of the rounds hit the helmets and they drop down into cover.

  8. Alright you motherfuckers saying “I’m glad American soldiers are dead” and “Love that sniper”, suck a fat dick! Like many, I don’t support or like the American government but I DO have family members in the military and one who has served 2 tours in Iraq, heading to Afghanistan in October.

    You pieces of shit sit there behind computers while they serve the government who you still CHOOSE to live under. Seriously, some of you are decent S.O.B.s but when you just say shit like JohnnyDill’s narcisistic little gem there it really pisses me off.

    Seriously dude, who the fuck are you? Nobody! Absolutely no fucking use to society. You are a fucking waste of oxygen for saying shit like that. You’re just a fucking keyboard warrior who thinks it’s funny to watch young men who love their country despite it’s terrible leaders get killed protecting WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU!

    If you’re so fucking quick to spew shit like “Glad all those Americans died” and “Hope the dead soldiers were raped” then maybe you could be so brave as to post your living address. I would GLADLY spend at least $1000 of my hard-earned money finding you and whooping your egotistic ass.

    1. I hope your useless piece of shit family member too worthless to contribute to society gets his dick ripped off by a landmine for being a waste of shit that he is. Only the lowest of life forms make killing their business and only the lowest support them in it.

      Post pics of your dead family member with his tiny dick ripped off so I can jack off to it knowing the world is a better place with that shit dead.

      1. Do you think everybody in the military is a fucking merc? Think about what you are fucking saying you piece of shit. Tell me not 1 fucking kid you went to school with joined the military and felt proud of serving their country. Take your fucking hate for the government out on the actual fucking government, not decent fucking people.

        There are actually people out there who have the ability to track you down through comments like that, find where you live and fucking wipe you out. Think before you just spew your bullshit hate speech.

    2. Fuck him rammfan1, I’ll take the trip with you. When we got to his house, I would wake the gimp up, then soak my arm in kerosene, light it……. and fistfuck this guy, SHOULDER DEEP! (thank you sluggo)

    3. Why cant people stay on topic? Your all brainwashed regurgitating similar forms of propaganda your against.
      Just cus something looks real, doesnt mean it absolutely happened. People who become emotionally invested in pixels, words or opinions are the dangerouslu stupid majority. Monkeys pounding their chests at their reflection.

      Its pretty sweet in america. My fam was airforce, and I wanted to be, but I do what I do, not a follower. I used to hate soldiers, but then I saw my family, and peiple make the decisions they make, and to have an opinion is aways retarded after we learn better.

    1. I doubt half of those soldiers were even actually shot, Iraqis are known to be horrible shots and American soldiers are trained to drop for cover when fired on all I see is soldiers being shot at and going for cover…their camera seems to be really out of focus I think they did that for a reason.

      1. Yeah I think a few may have missed but they don’t really seem to be ducking for cover as such, more just collapsing and landing on their face so to me that signifies that they have been killed/injured. Sounds like you can’t handle the fact that their all dead.

        1. No I I can handle it your talking to a veteran BG member so nothing to me is shocking or bothers me including my own country men getting shot but as a veteran BG member I’ve been taught not to be a fucking sheep and belive everything you hear and see and if you believe everything you see then I feel sorry for you cause theirs always another side to the story of what your seeing and if you don’t think that insurgents are gunna edit shit to make themselves look good then you obviously haven’t been pay attention to what goes on here on BG, but like I said all I see is a shitty out of focus video that doesn’t show me any gore or actual proof of death and you expect to belive…propaganda fuck out here with that shit

  9. Let everyone kill each other. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. Who cares if it’s a TEAM AMERICA or TEAM TALIBAN. It’s all a big version of Call of Duty which I ain’t playing as I have better things to do like masturbate.

  10. if you were lucky enough to survive but did so missing a few limbs, i wonder how you will feel in a few years after dealing with such a fucked up way of living. or the parents who lost their children, or children loosing their parents. or how about if one of your friends had been raped while her family was being shot, then after getting raped the girl got shot in the back of the head……a 14 YEAR OLD GIRL getting shot in the back of the head….

    yeah, i wonder how they will feel about it ten years from now or even 20. will they see us as the great rescuers and heros? i hope they will love us as much then as when they gave us flowers upon our arrival. i know america feels safer now that we have retrieved those WMD’s and we killed all those people who caused 9/11. i saw a lady in bagdad being interviewed (that could have never happened before) and she didn’t seem like she missed us being there too much. i guess there are still some american milatary still there and helping out but this lady wishes for them to go home and be with their own family, not ony for the holidays but for year round. she wants them to spend more time with their children and less with hers.

    yeah……..that worked out well. now that we have those wmd’s in our control. we will have more time to help our brothers and sister soilders that were damaged in the process and we should never have to go to another war ……unless of course……israel wants us to and then ……well hell …..we are there.

  11. -__- I don’t find this very amusing and what’s with the attitude towards American soldiers? They just follow orders. If you have a problem hate the people giving the orders. I have a friend who is currently in Afghanistan (he’s in the army) he’s got two weeks till they go back to Kuwait then in a couple months gets to come home. You may disagree with the war but don’t take it out on the soldiers, they aren’t there by choice.

  12. i quite enjoyed that,cheers for opportunity to see in reverse what happens when its not the taliban or whoever being headshot.ok sad news to see them get shot-but if they didnt film it then you will never know!

  13. @Josh

    sometimes i think the same, that a soldier only serves, follow orders and so on. did the same a few years ago, just for fun and to earn a bit companionship. but if somebody wants to join the US army, then it’s either way clear that you will serve somewhere in a foreign country, where the americans actually have no business. the warmongering of the western countries, the USA at the top just works well, because they have enough cannon fodder who go along with. so the soldier is bear part of the blame too, isn’t it so? he gets too much money could be the reason.
    imagine, somewhere there is a war and nobody go there^^

    spelling mistakes you can retain. greetings!

  14. The so called war is going on for oil corperations, world banking foot hold on the resources that lie in the mountains of Afghanistan
    A major source of lithium for battery technology
    And opium for the drug companies to bleed dry the addicted population
    I am just going to sit back and watch our great American empire destroy itself with lying propaganda and bullshit politics but most of all denial of reality.
    Just my opinion

  15. Great vid, loved it. I never understood why heros fighting jew controlled army`s use ak etc. Hit and run with snipers. You assholes live like 10.000 km from iraq etc and stilll kill so many people to defend yourself. The best part is all those wounded soldiers returning to usa. Need shrinks welfare, shooting their own people.

    And RAMMFAN1 go fuck yourself and your family for killing woman childeren. Nazis said to we followed orders we are not bad people. Go on tv and say nazis just followed orders and are decent. They will lynch you for that. Dumb fuck to bad you didnt get shot

    1. Let me get this straight…you hate the Jew controlled armies but you also hate Nazi’s? From what you are saying I would think that you would believe the Nazi’s were right! Adolf Hitler was right! The National Socialist Party wanted to rid Europe and all White nations of the Jews. So which is it? You hate ZOG or do you hate the people that gave their lives trying to stop them?

  16. If America “invaded” their neighbor Mexico to kill off the Mexican cartels, would America be hated by Mexicans? The fighting in Iraq/Afganistan is very close to the same thing. Wake up. America has saved countless lives by their intervention!

  17. If anyone pissed off about this video,Don’t be! For every Allied Soldier gets hit by Iraqi Sniper fire, 37 Iraqi or Jihadist insurgents get hit by Allied Sniper Fire!And for every Allied personal gets killed by Iraqi Snipers ,42 Insurgents get killed by Allied Snipers!

  18. We armed the Taliban back during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. We gave them all sorts of guns (especially AK-47s and RPG which are still common on the battle field). You can go to Afghanustan and buy an RPG for $60. You can go there and buy the uniform of an American soldier or Marine or the uniform of of the ASF (the guys we’re training to defend what we leave behind). Long story short, we gave them the tools to kill our boys and made them hate us enough to do so. I hate seeing our boys die, but they won’t stop dying until we realize that Afghanistan doesn’t want change. I will admit that the sniper is pretty good though…

    1. It’s hard to watch, obviously not for people that greatly dislike us Americans. To them were terrorists but honestly most of those boys just want to go home. It’s hard cause you know they have a family waiting. You know im sorry to a lot of people we have wronged..but the truth is as long as humans exist, war will exist and the needless slaughter will continue.

  19. dying as an american maggot in iraq is so useless, die for freedom? what freedom? is iraq going to invade america and make youre country a dictatorship? America is just a country full of jews and stupid fucking inbread cunts, you should all die fucking jew loving shitniggers

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