Irish Slasher for Hire Stabs Young Drug Addict

Irish Slasher for Hire Stabs Young Drug Addict

Irish Slasher for Hire Stabs Young Drug Addict

In Ireland, a guy nicknamed “Pigeon” is a slasher for hire, who will stab or disfigure anyone with a knife for the right amount of money. In this video, he stabs a young drug addict for presumed non payment. Best Gore member @trey99 explains:

So this guy Pigeon, he is paid to stab people or to scar them depending on what they have done, or what the person paying him wants to happen. In this video, Dan O’Leary, the guy getting stabbed has been targeted by pigeon who was paid by (no name).

Dan O’Leary is a local drug addict, and you can already tell, drug addicts usually owe money and are made an example of. On this occasion, Dan O’Leary did not deserve this.

Pigeon, as we know him, is a mad man and all you need to do is pay him enough and he will stab anybody you want him to, no matter what they have done. The guy has since died.


Best Gore member @trey99 provided an update:

The guy that got slashed, Dan O’Leary didn’t die, he survived. The man doing the stabbing, Mark Pidgeon, nickname Pigeon is well known to Gardai and is muscle for a local drug gang. He was charged 25 years ago for reckless endangerment to a child and is known as a knife merchant because he stabs people a lot.

The teenager recording the video has since been arrested and is only 17 years of age. 6 years ago his brother was found in the Dublin Wicklow mountains dismembered and in bags due to a gang feud.

The drug debt that Dan was stabbed over was crack cocaine valued at less than €100. The 2 yokes where two €35 bags that he got on lay. Lay is like a loan of drugs and you pay back later. Looks like they will both get charged, the teenager most likely will get a suspended sentence. But the other guy will get attempted murder.

Many thanks for the video and the backinfo, @trey99:

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      1. I love the last thing his mate says , ‘come on , were on camera ‘
        Hes the one fucking holding it ! Stupid pair of cunts , also , now the guy who ordered it is going down for murder , and still doesnt get his money , not very bright these pikey breed

      2. Irish are labeled niggers for a reason. They are just brutal and i honestly have different opinions of them now, just heartbreaking the savagery. Lord Knows. :'(

        Especially reading the story, dismembered bodies in bags and brutality are the norm over there.. Wretched but that is their lifestyle.

        1. Ireland has gang violence and criminals. No different from some areas in the rest of the world. Dismembered corpses in bags are not the normal there.

          Africa, South America and Mexico plus other third world countries on the other hand are constant with violence. Be it gang or just criminal. They are real shit holes. How typical of a negro to accuse whites of what he is guilty of.

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        2. the irish in the south are nice, its the gang families that are cunts. they love druggin and fighting. theyre mainly gipsies, who are now called settled travelers who make their living from the sale and manufacture of drugs. they live in houses, but these families have a chip on their shoulder and a culture that stands out from the irish’s own. the niggers of europe was coined in a movie, i cant remember which. its a stupid metaphor.

  1. Is Ireland catching up to the 3rd world shit holes? What’s next? More decapitations? I know we’ve seen it before. I wish the MICKS would chill out. Whitey is becoming a smaller, and smaller presents here on the planet. Save yourselves. Kill more city apes.

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  2. Talk about some weird services on hire and some abhorrent piece of shit going all out for it for the sake of “lots of dough”. So whether it was somebody or anybody that scott free going “Pigeon” wouldn’t care but rather stick to giving horrid facials with his knife and what the police was doing to him letting him roam like that begs for an answer .
    Now that the “Pigeon” is no more I won’t be surprised if there already is someone carrying on in the same footsteps where that psycho had left last .

  3. 1:30

    you better stab the cameraman now. because you’r fucked up. the whole face reveal will easily lead the cops to you .

    (and no joke, the cops get some freaking software that can clearly turn a piece of blurry shit into the most clear shit ever.)

    1. Years ago I saw a pic of a paedophile with a kid (not doing anything, just a normal pic) but he’d “swirled” his face in the pic. The cops “unswirled” it, saw who it was and arrested him!

  4. What a cunt this sort of line of work is unacceptable and should not be tolerated hopefully useless police force in that country puts a stop to that mad man and perhaps puts a bullet in his foot.

    1. @dumbkunt, nope just a lunatic with a big knife! I wonder if pigeon would take on a guy that knew he was coming and had something in his hands to stab back? Probably not I’ll bet.
      You would think an ex SAS or MI-6 would know not to film anything that stupid!

  5. ‘Gotta go, we’re on camera’ Ummm, isn’t it your own camera you stupid cunt?

    This cunt’s a murderer, end of and no doubt very soon the piece of shit will be rotting in a cell.

  6. Couldn’t understand a word that was being said. I know the vast majority of them speak English but Ireland is probably the only English speaking country where they might as well be speaking a foreign language.

    1. Ireland is a non English country together with Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland. They have been colonized by England forcing them abandon their native languages and amalgamate into what they call “United Queendom”. Atleast the Republic has broken away and as a result it was or has been put on ”invisible” sanctions.

      1. Breaking both his legs in the process so he can’t escape an even angrier knife wielding maniac… makes a lot of sense! I’ve been stabbed and let me tell you, it happens so quick you don’t have time to react or think, then the pain kicks in.

  7. This is the 18+ uncut version of Father Ted. Stabber is a young Father Jack after 28 bottles of Bells and the victim Father ‘Retard’ Dougal. Mrs Doyle paid Father Jack to do it because Father Retard wouldn’t have a nice cup of tea….

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  9. So basically UK (including ireland if it applies, oh cmon they’re all english of sorts) is like the BRAZIL, or the THAILAND of Europe.
    Wouldn’t go there for tourism, unless its legal to buy chainmail armour and a good’ ol BILLHOOK just to walk around with some degree of safety

  10. Dont mix these scumbags up with the likes of me.. im British from Belfast …work 9-5:30………… own my own house…………. holiday twice a year………….. im like posh/royalty to these druggie/alcoholic unemployed vermin.

    1. Posh in Belfast is having an outside toilet you share with the neighbours so stop bragging, On the plus side your only Irish not an Irish nigger so you got yourself a glass half full type situation. Good for you bro

  11. Shouldn’t have the pornography ads. Pornography and lust and masturbation are all mortal sins requiring absolution from a Catholic priest not to suffer the loss of the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally. Also video’s fake, guy’s knife is clean the entire time.

  12. I have no sympathy for drug addicts, i dont care what makes you do them, doing drugs is NOT the answer thats the pussy way out, just slowly killing yourself, another drug addict off the streets. However i do not condone people shanking each other, thats just too brutal and a painful way to die which in this case he didnt but still, NO sympathy for drug addicts.

  13. I’ve heard lyrics, “Live from the stabbin’ cabin. You wouldn’t believe the bitches we been mackin’.”

    Somehow, “Live from the stabbin’ janky ass balcony” doesn’t have the same ring to it?

    Anyways, looks like the dude got the message.

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