Is El Lazca Really Dead?

Is El Lazca Really Dead?

A week ago, Mexican authorities reported that Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano aka El Lazca, the leader of Los Zetas was killed in a shootout with the marines. Allegedly not realizing they killed El Lazca, the marines took his body to an unsecured morgue from where it was stolen by gunmen.

It was also speculated after his death, that Zetas leader hopeful Miguel Treviño Morales aka Z-40 may have betrayed El Lazca to clear his path to the cartel’s leadership, but latest information from SEMAR – Secretariat of Marines has it that not only did he not betray Heriberto, instead Z-40 is believed to have been in charge of stealing the body from the Garcia Funeral Home.

I expressed preliminary doubts about the death of El Lazca – it wasn’t based on any evidence, it was just a speculation of my own – but my doubts still hold. Sure, the authorities released new images of El Lazca in the morgue as well as images of him after he was killed, but that could still be part of the conspiracy I suspect may have taken place. I must stress once again that I don’t know that for sure, but something’s telling me there is decent viability to such scenario.

Medical examiner who handled El Lazca’s autopsy established that Hariberto Lazcano took six shots from high powered military rifles, two of them in the head. But if you look at photos of him in the morgue, there just doesn’t seem to be damage characteristic of military rifle headshots. Two things:

  • No Bilateral Periorbital Hematoma – headshot victims often end up with “racoon eyes” by the time they make it on an autopsy table (see included images of autopsied headshot victims vs an image of El Lazca)
  • No Blasted Skull – headshots from high powered military rifles result in extensive cranial damage, oftentimes with ejected brain matter and chunks of skull blasted off

I just don’t seem to see the type of damage you would expect from two headshots from HP military grade rifles in post mortem photos of Heriberto Lazcano. Check out, for comparison, a photo of a person with racoon eyes after a headshot.

Illustration Photo of Headshot Victim with Racoon Eyes (not El Lazca):

 Illustration Photo of Headshot Victim with Racoon Eyes (not El Lazca)

Autopsy Photo of El Lazca Who Took Two Headshots from HP Rifles:

 Autopsy Photo of El Lazca Who Took Two Headshots from HP Rifles

Likewise, a shot from an HP rifle to the elbow would have either amputated the lower arm or at least render it completely limp. Elbow trauma in post mortem photos of El Lazca just doesn’t look like it took a shot from a weapon used by the marines:

Elbow Damage Not Indicative of HP Military Rifle Shot

Gallery of El Lazca’s autopsy and shootout scene photo is below. Includes two illustrative images not of El Lazca:

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53 thoughts on “Is El Lazca Really Dead?”

  1. Does it really matter if one man is dead? What is one man’s life, no matter how influential he was, compared to the machine he was a part of. Even if he’s dead, none of this narco violence down in Mexico is going to change. If he actually is, then he’ll be replaced. If he’s alive, then he’s with me right now drinking some Modelo, and helping me figure out what in the hell my Mexican neighbors are talking about at all hours of the night until the dust settles down there on his turf.

  2. People have said Amado Carrillo Fuentes AKA El Se?or de Los Cielos is still alive and kicking somewhere out there after getting some face surgery so this wouldn’t surprise me at all 🙂

  3. A lot of these drug lords work in partnership with our governments, it’s good business, the authorities reduce the heat on them and they supply the drugs at a reduced price, our governments then make an hefty sum selling it to the people, supply and demand.

    If El Lazca made a deal with his government he could have easily negotiated a fake death scenario, Zetas number two takes over and the routine continues.

    That body did not take six shots from high powered military rifles which shows that the story is false, or that the info was wrong or that its the wrong body, either way, the story cannot be held up as fact, a bit like believing they killed Bin Laden when no body was produced.

  4. I have to agree with Mark and Empty…this guys head did not take two shots from anything except a tequilla bottle. In the first row, second pic it shows a supposed entrance wound conveniently right in the middle of his forhead. But in the rest of the photos of him, there’s nary a scratch. Bullshit-o-meter is pegged on this one.

  5. Laying face down in the dirt. Couldn’t that mean he was taken out from behind? If so, that could explain no visible bullet holes on the front part of his body but not so much his head. We never do really get a good look at the back left side of his head though. Still, there’s the bilateral periorbital hematoma or lack thereof. Is there a question that the body we see in the photos is even dead? It could be this man was executed from behind with a low powered weapon and for some reason or another they felt they had to fabricate the events leading to his demise.

  6. I think it’s fake, not enough trauma showing. I know they cleaned him up, but head shots are usually pretty destructive and deforming. No blood hemorrhage from the nostrils, ears, or mouth. If he did a face plant, he would of gotten some damage to his face and his Hollywood handsome looks. The story doesn’t make any sense, if the military even suspected it was El Lazca, they would have paraded his ass around like a trophy buck. They would also need it for the reward. Smells like he’s trying to pull a Sneaky Pete. He sure has enough money and resources. Maybe he just wanted to retire like normal folk, and not drug dealer style.

  7. you may find periorbital hematoma in anterior craneal floor fractures/damage.
    Reports said that the bullets were found in the craneal base wich form the posterior craneal floor if the bullets are in the craneum.
    Anyway. In an auoptsy, if the head presents damage you must open the craneum in order to identify the damaged structures but the craneum seems to be intact…

  8. He didn’t stage his death. He’s dead, I think the Marines lied about how he was actually killed. There is obvious trama to the body, and I highly doubt this El Lezcal would go on and apply Hollywood style make up just for a lame photo shoot.

    Do I think he was betrayed by his fellow Zeta? Of course. El Lezca was a rich rich man, ruthless and good looking at that. And the influence of dope trade money was the reasoning behind it. Who ever controls the source of the trade controls the money. Most people know that even your own best friend is your worst enemiga…

    But why would his body be stolen by the man that betrayed him? Well, even if he was betrayed by his fellow Zeta, if the M.M were stupid enough to take him to a public morgue, then they are stupid enough to be jacked from. Most cartel members do honor their previous leaders, even if they were the ones to betray them or be the snake in the grass behind the death of so and so. Most likey, La Lezca will be buried and honored by the same person who stabbed him (or in this case, shot him) in the back. The burial will take place in a private Los Zetas members only ritual with highest honors. And by highest I mean hidden behind a shack in the Mexican dessert.

    Staging his death is a stupid. Stupid to think he would under go plastic surgery and hide out. Stupid to say hes really hiding out and still giving orders.

    Death is what it is, but personally…I was hoping La Lezca would get to El Chapo Guzman first…Pinche Sinaloa.

  9. who cares if he’s alive or dead? The really important were the gore videos filmed with cheap cell phones. They were his idea, as well as videos of their enemies: most were dedicated in his honor. No lazca, less gruesome beheadings for bestgore.

  10. Lazca was betrayed by no one. He put Trevinho , aka z-40, as second in command, because he got a terminal disease. Lazca’s disease prevented him from dedicating much time to running the zetas. 40 has betrayed some dumbasses, but they are small time, not lazcano.

  11. Let’s not forget that if lazcano is indeed trying to fake his death he would not be the first mexican narco to do so. A man by the name of Amado Carillo or the lord of the skies as he was called due to his large private fleet of commercial Boeing 727 jets and other passenger aircraft that he used at his disposal to traffic very large quantities of cocaine that made him a billionaire and the richest drug dealer of his time and probably still the richest to this very day supposedly died during a botched plastic surgery procedure, all though a lot of people including some in the Mexican government and many American federal agents belive he successfully faked his death due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his supposed death, for one thing the surgery was done complety in private and also his during his burial his face was complety unrecognizable and was so badly decomposed which was some how blamed on the surgery that even his own family did not belive it to be him and they still don’t to this day, could they be covering up for him or did he leave his family out of the loop who knows but a man that rich and powerful could easily have faked his own death with no problem and gotten away with it.

    Now take a man like Lazcano who has every reason to fake his death, for one thing he is the most wanted man in Mexico and highly sought after by interpool and the U.S. not to mention he is probably the most hated man in Mexico, hated by all of its people and the hundreds of family’s of innocents he’s killed hated by the government and for the officials he’s killed and hated by the military for betraying them and killing hundreds of soldiers including all the slain officers from all the diffrent law enforcement agencies. Lazcano knows that the only way out will be death the Mexican government wants revenge and even if he surrenders to them they will surely execute him. The majority of the worst narco violence can be attributed to Lazcano and he knows its only a matter of time before they get him and if any narco can successfully pull off faking their death it would be him since he knows what is required to do it because of his formal training not to mention the contacts he’s made all over the world thru leading the Zetas, it would be a very easy thing for a man him to do.

  12. I am pretty familiar with the ballistics of most rifles, I will admit I’m no expert on ballistic or forensics for that matter but I own many guns in diffrent calibers and have become very familiar with the type of damage they can do, I’ve never shot a human in the head or in any body part for that matter but I have shot many of animals during the hunt and have even shot some in the head when caught by trap so I’ve seen what damage everything from a 22 up to 338 can do to living flesh and I have to agree with mark this this guy does not look like he was shot by any HP rifle that the Mexican military especially the Mexican military operates with, growing up in a border town Ive managed to see for my self exactly what kinda weapons the Mexican military uses belive it or not I was at reciving end of a couple of them at one time but that’s another story altogether…the Mexican military uses mainly the HK G33 battle rifle which is a 308 caliber and very big gun in fact the majority of Mexican soldiers stationed along the Texas border are from Mexican southern states do they are of Indian decent and tend to be very short in stature and these long HK G33 rifle look almost comical in the hands of these “short soldiers” and thats because their HKG33s have collapsable stock…anyways they’re big rifle with big bullets, bullets big enough to complety mess up your head and leave a hole the size of a baseball in your chest imagine what it would do to your head…now the Mexican marines who I belive is who killed Lazcano do use the American Colt M16 and AR15 type rifles which as many of us know use the 5.56 which is still a powerful enough bullet to leave a good size hole in your head, the 5.56 is a bit smaller when compared to the 308 but the damage it does is still significant in fact If lazcano did get hit in the head by a 5.56 it wouldve been very noticeable due to the fact of how the 5.56 works once it enters your body. You don’t have to know guns to know he wasnt shot in the head by the Mexican militarys standard issue rifles, but if he in fact was shot in the head as the coroner says then that leads me to belive that he could’ve been executed by the Mexican military and shot in the head by a small caliber pistol maybe even a soldiers side arm which are 9mm beretta 92s its possible it did not leave an exit wound but highly unlikely, either way there would still need to be an entrance wound which I don’t see anywhere and his hair is short enough that we should be able to see it, now Mark mentioned something about “racoon eyes” and with all his vast experience and infinite knowledge with gore I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about which why I don’t belive for one second this guy was shot in the head by any type of gun.

  13. There’s that M4 you were missing ATF! I always thought the boss would have something much better than an M4… Unless its a HK416 or an updated competitor variant. I always thought he’d be rolling with a Sig SG553 or a Bushmaster Masada or something badass like that.

    What is strange to me is why would they steal his body? If I was working for the boss in a major cartel and he was killed and his body taken, why the hell would I risk myself and my crew to take his dead body? The only reasons I can think of are that maybe the guy who spearheaded the op to take back his body is really close with Lazcas family. OR…. He might of had some vital uncovering information in either his wallet and/or phone. But you’d think the authorities would of taken it right after they ‘killed’ him.

    But there’s always of course the reason that they were gay lovers and he wanted to say goodbye one last time to him.

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