ISIS Attempts to Take the Military Airfield of Deir Al-Zour in East Syria, But are Slaughtered by the SAA

ISIS Attempts to Take the Military Airfield of Deir Al-Zour in East Syria, But are Slaughtered by the SAA

Our brothers in the SAA have achieved another victory. This time they prevented ISIS cockroaches from taking a military airbase in East Syria. Here’s the story from Syrian_Boy himself:

hello there it’s been long time that I have log in into the website so I miss everyone on this website.anyway, ISIS try to capture the military airfield of Deir Al-zour in the east of Syria but the SAA do the job and kill a large group of ISIS terrorists

Congrats to our friends in Syria. The first video shows the aftermath along with piles of dead terrorists.

The second video is more of a slide show of some rather graphic images worth a view.

And a gallery of images from the same conflict. Enjoy.

84 thoughts on “ISIS Attempts to Take the Military Airfield of Deir Al-Zour in East Syria, But are Slaughtered by the SAA”

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            Btw: Dr Dre’s comment for the photo in the gallery ‘mugging the camera’ had me kacking myself for ages………

  1. Good job, I hope they will go to hell forever, I jjust want to ask what happened about the Israel air strike on Damascus, I am waiting for the Syrian Arab army to do something about that, you can’t let Zog attacks you right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I feel like this site gives pointless deaths a point. How many Da Silva’s would have died in vain had it not been for Best Gore? I hope my death is entertaining enough to end up here. Maybe I should get “Take pictures, upload to – Pinch” tattooed on my torso?

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      1. Saturday morning here in Blighty, it is cold and frosty, the air is fresh and the sun is shining.
        Unlike these scumbags, the feeling of being ” Alive ”
        is strong.

        Glad to hear @Syrian_boy is still out there doing the business.

          1. @FD: my comment was on topic buddy. I was was answering ‘no, no one is keeping score’. It doesn’t even matter and that is the really fucked up thing about this sad state of affairs.

            For those who didn’t die today, life just keeps rolling on……..

          2. @Dutchy so true. I don’t miss any of these dead guys and now I’m rolling a joint of some dank shit life does roll on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’m currently keeping up with the Syrian Military on their Facebook page. They’ve been talking about inflicting a massive loss on ISIS, so it’s good to finally have pictures that back that up.

    Also, one post they put up yesterday was that ISIS was so desperate they filled a tank full of 6 tons of explosive, and sent it towards the SAA under the cover of darkness. A Syrian soldier on the guided TOW missile launcher was able to successfully take it out. Imagine the boom on that fucker?
    Good job, Syrians. It’s brilliant to hear you’re still well, Syrian_Boy. Keep up the good fight!

  4. Western countries have promised to bring in more Syrian refugees… thanks to the insane ZOG wars that seem to continue endlessly in the Middle East.
    Great… isn’t it?
    More Muslims is the one thing that Western countries need more of.

    Even though these wars are largely being fought for the benefit of Jews… it’s doubtful that Israel will take in any of these refugees.

  5. Eheh, another common grave filled with sewer roaches… ๐Ÿ˜† Ahhh good job SAA.

    Hey @Syrian_Boy can you send some of those terrorist roaches’ (intact) skulls in this general direction? Im sure they wont be needing them anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I don’t believe that this is ISIS. Seems to be a bit of disinformation going on here. ISIS is not longer at was with Assad they made peace with Assad ever since their guy Morsi was deposed in Egypt. Thousands of Iraqi Ba’athist joined ISIS since they made the peace . They refused to keep fighting for a cause that the CIA would benefit when the CIA deposed their guy in Egypt they decided to concentrate on Iraq instead. Because of this al-Nusra split from ISIS because they wanted to continue to fight against Assad. ISIS and al-Nusra fought a mini war over this. ISIS has not been fighting Assad for several years but they do take over territory abandoned by other rebel groups in Syria who are afraid of them. ISIS has been fighting in the north of Syria against the Kurds not the Syrian army. ISIS wants to take over the northern border town of Kobane because in doing so ISIS will be able to block off the CIA’s supply route to the other rebel groups that they do control such as the FSA. ISIS is trying to end the Syrian civil war a war that they helped start by cutting off the CIA’s supply routes from Turkey as a favor to Assad because they are trying to buy an alliance with Putin Assad’s biggest ally. This is why ISIS became mainstream news and a legit threat and this is why the US has launched an all out campaign against ISIS with airstrikes and in propaganda by spreading the internet rumor that ISIS is controlled by CIA/Mossad. They spread this lie with hopes of discouraging Sunni’s from joining their ranks. One of the pictures saids “Head shots of Mercenaries” which is funny since ISIS doesn’t use pay for hire mercenaries that is the Free Syrian Army that does that!

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