ISIS Fighters Ambush and Kill Two Kurds Hiding in Dirt

ISIS Fighters Ambush and Kill Two Kurds Hiding in Dirt

According to the info I got, this happened in Raqqa, Syria. The video shows ISIS mujaheddin ambushing two Kurdish fighters who are hiding in a hole in dirt.

The jihadists shoot the Kurds up and blow the brain out of the head of at least one of them. Who the hell wears sandals to battle in a desert, though?

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “ISIS Fighters Ambush and Kill Two Kurds Hiding in Dirt”

    1. Bout time we seen some good shit from them on here … if they really were Kurds then they should have used those weapons not fucking hide, were they thinking “like maybe they will go away”, yeah right you knew your were toast so why not go with a bang and a smile!!!!

      1. 1)We don’t fuck goats
        2)Why defend people who don’t represent Islam Anyways lol… ISIS doesn’t represent Us because If they were Muslims why won’t they attack Israel U moron 🙂

          1. Jew Lover?!
            U know that millions of duneniggers stand Right behind ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and others. But it’s all a jewish conspirancy haha. Muslims arent animals because of a jewish conspirancy, they are animals because of there Religion of piece u stupid dumbfuck! Did u read The fucking Koran or al Buchari?

    1. Totally seemed staged. The drone but also when the drone pans wide from above it looks like a huge pile of dirt was put somewhere which appears to be otherwise flat terrain. They put that dirt there and told them to be where they were when they were shot.

      Sick death Fetishists

  1. Mark: “According to the info I got, this happened in Raqqa, Syria. The video shows ISIS mujaheddin ambushing two Kurdish fighters who are hiding in a hole in dirt.”

    2 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed by ISIS in Homs and Syrian Badia.

    1. So they ran across a flat region that offered no cover from what I could tell and would stick out as obvious targets to get to that big mound of dirt where ISIS fighters found them? Good thing that big mound of dirt just happened to be there!!

      I do think people are dying in that video.

      This is the death porn of the global elite. It’s also a way they can ‘show it’ publicly.

      Why when I watch this do I see in my minds eye wealthy powerful men in expensive over priced suits sitting gloating and getting off in some confortable air conditioned luxurious location ? Pleased with their ‘production’

      1. But you did see it- in your own imagination. Being more straight forward and honest here, you just wanted it to be what actually happened. But you saw it. And by describing it I saw it too.

        If only the horrors of humanity always remained ‘fantasies’ only.

        My husbands comment to you:

        Dude! Why don’t you go work for a Slaughter house. You’ll get all the Slaughter you could want there.


    1. It was like something from a Roadrunner Cartoon when the dirt slid down over his head after he was shot. Like an automatic burial.
      Or a one ton ACME weight falling on his head from a great height.


  2. These guys waste too much ammunition.
    You can always tell a soldier is undisciplined when he uses it up too quickly.
    They would look much more efficient if they achieved the same task with a fraction of the number of bullets.

        1. Yeah, I was agreeing with @Brokeback. Not the best place for hide and seek.
          You’re probably right about the tail. That’s probably what actually gave away their position. Acksmear and McHummus didn’t fool anyone with that prairie dog camo.

  3. The kurds should have known that the sand dunes are no places to play game of hide and seek.
    Clearly the duo were sought out straight on .
    With that ominous blast one was given an instant sand burial and the other had his head blown away like a water melon.
    The duo had their VISAS ready and as of now they seem to be with their mythical 71 virgins giving them non-stop blow jobs.

    1. kurds are not semites, they are an Iranian ethnic group. jews/arabs, assyrians, are semites (semite is a language group). kurds/persians/ossetians/ etc. are examples of iranian/indo-european languages. Azeris/turks etc are Turkish linguistic groups.

  4. The evil USA, no doubt – because of them we kill each other. Bad people in goverment… evil, retarded people in government. But works… you americans are safe… arent you?!!!!

  5. this is just a 1 minute clip of an isis propaganda video, if you guys want me to find the entire vid and post the link just hit me up. I try dig up every video i can as i love war footage and graphic gore.

    1. Fatboy.i saw a video of a beautiful christian or yazidi girl trussed up like a sheep carried by a bunch of muslims in normal western clothes .the mongrels cut her throat like a sheep. Into a pot if i remember.she had long black straight hair and pink white skin colour.

      I want the link to show all the sheeple what they will do to us if they get into power.

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