ISIS Fighters Killed in Kobane, Kurdish Woman Talks About Seizing Their Weapons

ISIS Fighters Killed in Kobane, Kurdish Woman Talks About Seizing Their Weapons

This video was filmed on October 15, 2014 at KobanΓͺ, Syria. It shows corpses of two alleged ISIS fighters who were killed during clashes with Kurdish forces.

Toward the end of the video, a Kurdish woman talks about seizing weapons used by ISIS mujaheddin in their offensive against Kobane.

Considering that the Kurds are such big buddies with Israel, it is not surprising that they use the same mind programming techniques as their counterparts from Tel Aviv. Remember back before citizen journalism took off and Israel’s war crimes were broadly exposed, how the internet was full of pictures of alleged IDF female soldiers? This was nothing but mind programming propaganda to embed in the viewers mind the picture of attractive Israeli soldiers (models dressed up in uniforms were used for this purpose).

I don’t think this Kurdish woman is a model, but it’s still the same principle – they want the unaware public to associate the Kurds with a picture of caring, loving women, instead of seeing killers who live for war.

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    1. I am afraid I am the one ate is referring to. I allowed myself to get caught up in the idea of a rebel force kicking ass and was duped like a fucking sheep.
      Not seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

      So I am the one mostly to blame for added confusion.

      1. Obli the Kurds have been fighting and dying for their very existence so are they really the bad guys here or is it just a case of them accepting any help regardless of where it comes from and the less than noble motives of those helping ? It reminds me of that old joke where a freezing bird falls off a tree branch only to be shit on by en elephant the bird is warmed by the shit and chirps happily only to be heard by a cat that promptly digs him out of the shit and eats him. Moral of the story not everyone who shits on you is your enemy and not everyone who pulls you out of the shit is your friend. This is indeed complicated.

          1. @obli I don’t see how he could have misconstrued my above comment as having taken a swipe at you or any of the admins on this site, but @Acneska posted a couple of concrete reasons that they are in bed with the wrong people, and she posted it after we both made our statements. Is her reasons all or just part of why you feel we both were riding the wrong horse ? As I have told you before I am just searching for the truth to try and make sense of this shit storm. I respect your opinions and you very much and would be interested in hearing them on this matter.

          2. You do a good job obli, but it seems as though all admins are required to believe the exact same thing. People cry Isis is the wests fault, but I ask this: why are Islamic extremists in Africa, southeast Asia , all over the fucking place that dont have any foreign policy to speak of. Sure , some collateral damage may cause local afghans and Iraqis to join whatever insurgency is popular at the time but this can’t explain the worldwide (fast ) expansion of Islam , with the extremist element mostly tolerated and embraced. Sorry, I don’t see Judaism or even Christianity on the rise globally, its Islam. How the hell can western society be blamed for all of it?

  1. I have read a few articles on these Kurdish women soldiers. I guess a lot of them want to fight because IS came to their town and killed their husbands and children, raped them and ruined their homes.
    I give these women credit though.
    Just last night I watched G.I. Jane…

  2. Its amusing how you manage to blame Israel, even when Jews got nothing to do with the subjects and it’s all “crazy muslim vs crazier muslims”..
    I think you suffer from Israeliphobia and should go see a doctor. or two. It is getting worse, and please don’t neglect your meds.

    1. Jew lover, Look at the recent war crimes they committed in Gaza, how quickly we forget. That was in the news for about 2 weeks. Jews really are the root of all evil, I was once a sceptic like you but take your blinkers off, do some research and the truth shines through very clearly.

          1. um just so you no mr zoin. if it wasnt for zionism in general the jews wouldnt be brain washed into the evil religions pricks they are. nor would the muslim nor would the Christians. the devil won this fight a long time ago. and its so easy to blame the jews as hole. have you ever wondered why . the devil/dajjal lives to inspire hate among man.

        1. I can concur with a lot of your points in terms of what the Jews did or not. But here is the bigger question. Given how fucked up this world is the fact that we all have to look out for ourselves do you blame the Jews for being survivalists, or is it all just resentment. You should admire the jews for their cunningness and ability to do so well with so little. Survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean kill all your rivals (Nordicism).

      1. Almost makes me wish there was a synagogue nearby so I could let her shit on their doorstep. A German dog in Muslim garb making biological warfare on their shill asses !! The color coded terror alert just went brown. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow !!! Thanks for some enlightening additional information @Acneska, you are correct in saying that when the Jews stick their greedy beaks into something that you are trading short term gain for a lifetime of usury and enslavement. Looks like my cheerleading pom poms are going bye bye. Thanks again for noticing I was getting wooly I needed to be sheared. πŸ™‚

  4. Yup I agree definitely the same tactics used, the mind tricks can have people easily tricked into thinking one side is more sincere and justified by using women as their spokespeople!! We must see through the breasts… Cmon sheeple use your brain for once!

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