ISIS GoPro Video Footage Sees Light of Day

ISIS GoPro Video Footage Sees Light of Day

I would supply a Google rough translation but my keyboard doesn’t have doodle keys…Location wasn’t provided.


Thanks to Best Gore member @ferasqahtanite for providing an excellent translation:

I speak fluent Arabic so I decided to translate this video to our dear viewers. I apologize because some mistakes are likely to occur, but believe me this is the best you will get from anyone else. As a professor of grammar and Arabic, it can’t be more precise and correct than this.

Video introduction:
Our fighters found a “GO PRO” camera installed at the head of the group’s leader (Abu Yamman, an Iraqi national). He was killed during the battle with our fighters showing “ISIS” elements while they were in a state of confusion and fear. The video also shows disobedience to their leader’s instructions.

-Abu Yaman 1: You should not worry about them, neither of us should fall back from here. No no no, that’s forbidden! No one shall fallback! Throw the shells, come on now.
-Abu Aisha 2: Indistinct chatter – probably begging Abu Yaman to fallback.
-Abu Yaman 1: We are one of the finest soldiers, we can not simply fall back. Do you understand me! Now, throw the the god damn shells now, let’s go! You do not hold the decision to fall back.
-Terrorist 3: Indistinct chatter – It is likely that he requests permission from Abu Yamin to operate the anti-IDK missiles.
-Abu Yaman 1: Yes, come on, run those rockets.
-Abu Aisha 2: Requesting once again to fallback.
-Abu Yaman 1: Absolutely not. Do not move away from this position.
-Abu Aisha 2: Indistinct chatter.
-Abu Yaman: There is no one on the front, probably very few, I swear to FUCKING GOD, we can do it! (Abu Ayman tries to encourage his frightened soldiers).
-Abu Aisha 2: Everyone else has retreated.
-Abu Yaman 1: Do not worry about them, they’ve gone to bring more gear and weapons. They will come back. In fact, that group is there, and those too. What’s wrong with you, O Abu Aisha.
-Abu Aisha 2: Indistinct chatter.
-Abu Yaman 1: Work on these launchers immediately, do not stand still, stand up now and throw it, now, that’s a fucking order. [shouts]: Come on, launch the rockets, launch them, launch them now, it’s an order, come on now. Now get on that launcher and get it started immediately, O Abu Ali. Don’t give them any chance guys!
-Abu Aisha 2: indistinct chatter in the distance.
-Abu Yaman 1: I swear by God, there is no one but that pig. Shoot him. Throw those launchers!

Half minute of silence, Abu Yaman separates himself away from Abu Aisha to his right side.
-Abu Aisha talking to the other groups in the distance. Abu Aisha then leaves his weapon behind him due to intensity of fear.
Abu Yamin then orders Abu ‘Aisha to return and carry the launchers.

-Abu Yaman 1: Load those launchers, carry them immediately, do not leave your weapons behind, we did not retreat!
– Keep shooting guys, keep shooting.
-Where are those responsible for the armored vehicle, huh, where are they?

The soldiers in the armored vehicle appear to have fled the battlefield.

-Abu Aisha is warning Abu Yaman about something that I can’t understand, Abu Yaman replies: that’s nothing to be worried about.

-Terrorists: We ask for your permission to enter the armored vehicle and flee.
-Abu Yaman 1: What about the brothers over there?
-Terrorists: They’ll follow in afterwards.
-Abu Yaman 1: Alright, get in the vehicle, one by one. Those who wait will continue to shoot until their turn comes.
– Now shoot, cover your brothers.

Fear intensifies as they try to cross into the armored vehicle.

-Abu Yaman 1 repeatedly: Get in, get in!

Abu Aisha avoids carrying the launcher, Abu Yamin insists on him to carry those launcher. Poor Abu Aisha is scared to death.

-Abu Yaman 1: Get in now, get inside the vehicle Abu Aisha.

Abu Yaman is very fearful, at this point he’s starting to lose control on his assault rifle.

As Abu Yaman slowly approaches to the vehicle, he receives a shot. The armored vehicle then went and abandoned Abu Yaman carrying the rest of the soldiers, while Abu Yassin called them “O Brothers, O brothers” but no one answered. It was the hour of Abu Yamin’s death.

Or like darknesses within an unfathomable sea which is covered by waves, upon which are waves, over which are clouds – darknesses, some of them upon others. When one puts out his hand therein, he can hardly see it.
The Light, Verse 40 Quran.

This is a recording from a gopro it belongs to one of isis’s fighters
you can see those pigs screaming for their lives
the guy at the end got shot in the leg
and his friends leave him alone and escape
later on he is found dead.

Props to Best Gore member @rebz for the video:

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    1. Of course Israel is to blame.

      The filthy Jews are trying to start WW3 while they just sit back and watch people kill each other to fulfill their gratification.

      Never trust a filthy Jew.

      Sieg Heil,
      A. Hitler.

    2. Battlefield pick up or imported. Having an American weapon is sort of a status symbol. Pretty much every type of weapon is plentiful there.

      He should have stayed with the AK because that M16 is jamming constantly.

    3. After my last deployment the US helped train and arm the Iraqis and left small amounts of troops to oversee them. The Taliban regrouped and steamrolled the Iraqis who just walk away from the fighting. They left everything. They even left a few Abrams tanks for them to snag. We ended going back in again just to retake a few bases then left then ISIS rolled in after we left again. Lots of weapons changed hands. They got them elsewhere but I know for a fact they got more than a few from the Iraqis who were killed or ran away.
      Lots of talk about the CIA helping the Taliban fight the Russians. I bet more than a few M16 A1s came from that. From what I saw most of the M16s they had were the older models like in this video and not the newer ones like I had. Hard to believe that area was the cradle of civilization. They rose to the top then stagnated as the rest of the world kept moving forward. I’ve never seen another shit hole on earth that was as backwards as that whole area. Don’t get me wrong. The US does stupid shit all the time but holy crap. That part of the Earth. WOW.

  1. I know fuck all about rifles, but you don’t just throw the magazine into the sand unless you want it to jam…probably around the time that you need it to save your life. Wonder how Isis was defeated?

    1. By that time he had been shot somewhere in the upper body. You can see the blood dripping on his trousers and his right hand is out of use. I reckon it was one of his own that shot him. If someone shouted at me all day like that i probably shoot him too.

      1. An astute observation Mr Pepper and I arrived at a similar conclusion about his one-handed use of the weapon. His ‘buddies’ drove off without him and left him to die. Can’t imagine wtf they’re fighting for any way ~ sand seems to be in plentiful suppyl. Maybe there was a camel involved? An illicit affair of the hump?

        1. They fighting to impose their religion and ideals on the world. Basically, what all of humanity were doing around middle ages. But when most of the world have progressed past the absurdity, those fucks did not, and still live by medieval standards, except now they have automatic weapons.

          The ‘Murica could have easily wipe them out already (‘Murican army is ready to answer a much larger, global threats, ISIS is child’s play to them), but ISIS is quite useful to them for their anti-muslim propaganda, and allows to squeeze some more resources out of middle east.

    2. Doc…

      Just like the sand through an hourglass…

      “These are the days of our lives.”

      My grandma use to watch those soaps all day. You try to change the channel, you were placing your life in your own hands.

      Christ, that woman could swear!

      1. It’s quite obvious if you haven’t twigged yet Pigs, your Grandma was an ISIS deep sleep operative. The ‘days of our drearies’ went on for an eternity and drove anybody watching it completely insane. Let us have a minute’s silence for your Gran…even if she was a motherfucker. :o)

          1. Affirmative…

            It was usually a tall tale sign, she was in the mood to kickbox. After her little rant, she would roll her nylons back up to avoid putting runs in them, and make a delicious Lemon Meran pie.

            At least she wasn’t a drunk!

    3. They’re either just going to discard them or if they are the least bit aware they will disassemble them and clean them at some point. I don’t think the mags are typically reloaded in the field.

      By the way…THANK YOU for calling it a magazine and not a “clip!!” You already know more than most reporters or other people.

      1. Hah ~ tyhe benefit of being an Aussie…. calling a mag a mag and not a clip :o)

        I used to shoot rabbits using a beat up car and a spotlight with a crappy .22 rifle as a kid. It was a single shot piece of shit and I was a very humane hunter, coz I usually missed. That’s my gun experience. lol

          1. The Australian gun control that most US citizens THINK about doesn’t exist. Australia banned banned semi-automatic and other military-style weapons, as for any other type of guns, you can legally purchase one providing you pass the strict background checks. Gun crime is still a problem, mass shootings ~ not a problem since those laws came into effect.

            It’s all academic for me these days as I now live on the Thai/Burmese border surrounded by soldiers. I can get my feelthy hands on all kinds of weapons if desired. The stores here in addition to the usual signs with: No knives, No guns, No this & that icons etc etc ~ have No hand grenade icons. Guess this is a tough neighborhood.

    1. That’s a great idea!! In one option you could fight as a Kurdish woman!! They have more ballz than these flea bitten bearded fucks and are fierce fighters!! Imagine these fuckers being killed by a woman and how that must terrify them?!!!!! They will end up meeting Allah and being shown Door B that leads to an Eden populated by the old haggard used up once virgins from Door A!!

  2. Cowards. Guess they ran into the old crossroads of train, or edit some videos and toss a few homos off a roof in a burlap sack. Don’t get me wrong, tempting choice. But everytime I looked up to the sky, I would wonder if some half drunk 19yr old in a connex box somewhere outside of Vegas was looking back down at me. And just itching, because he knows he gets double points for loosing off that hellfire during prayer time. See the issue with terrorizing the indeginous population is you’ll eventually run of of those who won’t fight back, and all that is left are some very angry people looking to settle a score or 2. And as you see that large egg looking thing fly over the berm your mind will flash, you and your buddies having a laugh as you have the 8yr old behead some infidels, then to the iman telling you take these pills between these and the book of the good lord theres no battlefield that can stop you. It might occur to you he said this in full confidence from somewhere in riyadh, not by your side. But whats really catching your attention is the large group of men rounding the corner with bright flashes as your vison dims. I hope the last thing that fires through the various chunks of grey matter on the wall is everything you did and were was for nothing. Shoulda trained harder motherfucker, enjoy hell.

  3. Whatta bunch of garbage shit speak he sounds like he’s gagging on a load.

    These fucking lunatics believe they are fighting and dying for something and they’re been doing it for thousands of years and little has changed. The rest of us should be killing them by the millions if not outright nuking them.

  4. IsIs commanders after action report:

    … “Oye Vey!… Poor Yacob caught a hot one and couldn’t make it back to the short bus, so they Levi’d him on the ” battlefield”.. Oh vell… Good Job fellas!.. Extra Matza ball and Gefilte Fish rations for everyone… “

    1. Until The Philosophy Which Holds One Race
      Superior And Another Inferior
      Everywhere Is War

      War In The East, War In The West
      War Up North, War Down South

      Until The Color Of A Man’s Skin
      Is No More Significant
      Than The Colour Of His Eyes
      I Got To Say There’ll Be War

      Until The Basic Human Rights Are Equally
      Guaranteed To All, Without Regard To Race
      There’ll Be A War

      “Sepultura Bob Marley cover”

    2. middle east countries fight each others since thousands of years now.
      its not even because of the christian and templar or else.. they fighted each others already long before.

      itsi n their blood to kill each others. all the rest ,reasons or else , is just pure bullshit excuses.

        1. Quran is exactly like the Bible..

          these are books writted by some humans who used it to autoproclam their power among others. Nothing writted in thoses books are real, its all bullshit coming out of someone brain who get the idea to sue an pseudo-god-avatar to influence others to act like they allow them and not give them freedom.
          if you look all around in all religion, you notice that all religion came to the almost same rules and ideology. wich, if it was true, would be impossible as some religion are thousand years older than others and created by some differents gods/avatars.

          religion is bullshit, same as heaven and hell and all this bullshit. they are nothing else than humans lies behind. from some peoples who want power among others. and that, obviously inclued the war.

          war will end the day the religion will dissapear from earth. all war have been created around religion… all of them.

    1. its not a warrior to use a gun to kill someone.

      a 8 years old child can pick up a gun and kill his parents. that wont make him a warrior.

      real warrior fight in respectfull and correct way, such as a fight between 2 gladiators or knights.

      here, its not warrior, its cowardly. they dont even have the balls to attack them directly without ambush them.
      how can you respect that ? they dont deserve respect for theses cowardly moves.

    1. do you really have fucking sympathy for those fuck faces?
      aight listen to me mo
      the “religion of peace” need to be killed ok?
      i don’t hate arabs or anything
      i’m a sand nigger my self
      just stop with your bullshit and keep it to your self and never put your real name on best gore cuz people will always bully the shit out of you

    2. i thougth terrorist weren’t scared to die…

      apparently they do. figures… nobody want to die. but its always more easy to killsomeone that cant defend hismelf.

      fucking terrorist deserve to die imho. howere the way they die.

  5. D-you Guys/Gals notice something odd with these I.S.I.S Fighters??? They are all fighting with new or semi-new ar-15’s,,, M-16’s and so on, lol.

    Where Da-Fuck are there Usual AK-47’s??? Who knows,,, but all i do know is that all there munitions, and Assault Rifles,,, except for their old Russian made 70’s Cold War Era Relics (Rocket Launchers) and assault rifles are supplied by he U.S & Israel.

    In Closing,,,
    I.S.I.S. Is,,, and has always been… ***A Creation Of The Jew*** started in order to destabilize, and Overthrow Countries, ad their Presidents that they want to take over and replace with there own YES, YES Puppet Presidents killing millions of innocent lives just like the Palestinian conflict, but on a much larger scale..**And That Is Nothing But 100% Truth** 🙁 FUCKING DIRTY-SCUMBAG-JEWS

    1. we live in a world where you can order guns online from darkweb sites. i’m not into guns, but i’ve purchased other illegal things from dark web and it works just fine. very easy to use and sellers are more responsible and trustworthy than on ebay or amazon.
      you can even buy a 50 cal sniper on dark web. they will send it part by part and a guide on how to put it together. also on dark web some guns are cheaper than when buying them legit, no wonder terrorists have all the new stuff already. and who to blame? who do you think is selling them on dark web? it’s the american military himself, they want extra money so they steal guns from army and sell them on dark web. or you think that some punks are gonna break into army base and steal them? i dont think so!
      and all that, is because people don’t give a shit about world, they only chase after their own profits without thinking what it will do to the world.

      1. @fordax

        Thanks for the awesome insight into the purchasing world of the dark web. I Heard that you can get good drugs on there but i never knew that you can also buy automatic assault rifles too.
        Like Man-O-Man, that is some crazy-shit to have a 50 Cal. Delivered to your door, no lol. 😉

        And the factories that produce a good part of the western worlds weapons are owned, and controlled by the Jews.

  6. lmfao by seeing how they yap i already wanted to see him dead. look at those retards with no brain. yelllaa yellaaa YELAAAAA YEEEELLLLLAAAAA. its like watching bunch of cavemen dance around fire and scream. how do they get so fucking dumb?
    it was hilarious how he was just left there to die, serves him right. learn to speak instead of yellaaaing like a brainless idiot lel

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