ISIS Instructional Video on How to Kill Disbelievers

ISIS Instructional Video on How to Kill Disbelievers

ISIS has released a video titled “Explanation of How to Slaughter the Disbelievers“, in which a French speaking mujaheddin provides instructions on how to kill opponents, and a real life demonstration is made on a real living human.

Props to Best Gore member @Blunderbore for the video. It is narrated partially in French, and partially in Arabic, but contains English subtitles throughout. It appears that the video was filmed in Ar Raqqa in Syria:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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143 thoughts on “ISIS Instructional Video on How to Kill Disbelievers”

    1. Is it just a coincidence that this video posted yesterday on the 27th and then today on the 28th there was an attack at Ohio State University? The faggot ass, muslim, goat fucking, somalian, nigger used his car to ram a group of people and then jumped out with a kitchen knife and started stabbing people.

      I am thinking he watched this video and then decided to go out and do exactly what they showed how to do. Used his car, then just a big sturdy kitchen knife, and did as much damage as he could before getting intimately acquainted with the dirt about 6 feet deep. All of which was laid out for him in this video.

      God I wish I could be around when one of these somalian animals tries that shit again. I’d get to kill a muslim nigger, it’s the best of both worlds!

    1. Haven’t seen that one, but I know for months now they’ve really been pushing the stabbing attacks. They’ve really got me confused. Most days I prefer armor piercing rounds, but if some towelhead is running at me with a knife, machete, hatchet or an axe sometimes some big old .45acp hollowpoints might be a better option. And of course carrying a large knife of your own is never a bad idea.

    2. I hope that one gets posted here! Man, I think we should flatten the entire fuckin Syrian nation. Of course I feel for the innocent; but feel too that a life there can’t be much worth living. Does that make me as savage as the goat fucking snackbars? Perhaps it does….but it’s Survival of the fittest. These bastards must die.

  1. Great Video Mark. It looks like another Israeli feeble attempt, to draw out the lone wolfs extremists around the globe, in order to create mass chaos and impose their greater plan being Marshal Law & One World Government.

      1. Too true, Jews crave white genocide the most. It’s the only way they can fulfil their NWO. They’ve been doing this for millennia, it’s why they’ve been kicked out of every country they’ve ever inhabited. Open borders, race mixing, white guilt, multiCULTuralism, DIEversity, holohoax, they’re all behind it.

  2. Reminds me of the American thug. We dindunothin.
    I agree our asshole leaders unleashed this chaos, but IS seemed more than willing to murder who knows how many …of their own, even.
    They think we are “sleepless and terrified”? Come to Texas, clowns. Even grandmas here are range-regulars and ready. Their propaganda is annoying and they’re about to have some major issues.

    1. The man handcuffed & used as a lab hampster is clearly sedated/drugged/comatose. Notice-he doesn’t flinch when his wrist is cut. He doesn’t react to the stabs. The tube on his schlong is certainly NOT pumping stage blood….this is ISIS not wannabes. Savage….although death came swiftly in both cases.

  3. Now all these uneducated subhuman idiots with IQ’s below 80 will watch the video, try to make their own bombs, and blow themselves up in their kitchens at home! ISIS just did the dirty work for us all! My friend is a chemist and this mixture is so unstable if they so much as jiggle the stuff if it gets remotely dry, they will blow themselves up.

    The part of shoving the paper into the top to it doesn’t leak will be the typical blow up point. Watch the news over the next 3-4 months and there will be bombmakers all over the world blowing themselves up in their kitchens. ISIS is so fucking stupid. Love it.

  4. What I will never understand is how those mudslimes hate the host country. If you hate a country to death, why the fuck would you live there. Hopefully trump will vitrify the middle east. I am dumbfounded as to why the European countries let so many terrorist into their countries. Colonial powers are literally calling there chickens home to roost.

  5. It isn’t a minefield, it’s the backpack that explodes which they had hide a bomb within. Fucking pussyislam.. if some religion should be gone it’s Islam.. I hate it, especially the extremists. How fucking fun can it be to be controlled by that religion, ffs?! :/

    1. What’s scary is how many of them are now in the UK. When muslims first came here they were disorganised and had no funding so Arabic countries stepped in and funded them to build their mosques here. They also sent religious teachers to teach in the mosques but what they are teaching is a form of Islam known as wahhabism and is the main cause of most terrorism. It’s scary now that our countries are now filled with these mosques preaching hate. They believe all ‘kaufar’ ad they refer to non believers must be killed. For now though they put up with us until they grow strong enough to rise up and stand for what they believe. They actually believe this.

  6. If these faggots actually didn’t hide amongst women and children and old and sick then they wouldn’t die. Please, understand you (m)ohammad cock sucking, goat fuckers we aren’t trying to bomb them. We just want to kill you…..but only after we rape your half dead ass.

  7. Ces terroristes détruise des hôpitaux, viole des petite filles vierge, décapite des humains, organise des attentats. Et ils disent que c’est l’armées qui bombarde les civiles. Ils manipulent les musulmans du monde entier.
    These terrorists destroy hospitals, rape virgin girls, decapitate humans, organize attacks. And they say it is the armies that bombard civilians. They manipulate Muslims all over the world.

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