ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Kurdish Activists in Suruc, Turkey

ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Kurdish Activists in Suruc, Turkey

On July 20, 2015, a young suicide bomber, believed to be affiliated with ISIS, detonated himself among the crowd of about 300 pro-Kurdish activists in the Turkish border town of Suruรง. The explosion killed 34 people and wounded estimated hundred. Most of the victims were university students, members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations, who were preparing to go across the border to the Syrian town of Kobane, to help rebuild the war torn place.

Pro-Kurdish rallies in Turkey were targets of deadly attacks carried out in similar fashion before. In retaliation to the latest bombing, the Kurdish terrorist group PKK killed two Turkish policemen in their houses in Sanliurfa.

Props to Best Gore members seytan and African Angel for the video:

Also props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for two videos of the aftermath:

Gallery of a few pics of the aftermath:

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    1. Obviously its satans boys , but what i dont understand is the haddiths say the army with the black flags will take over the world , isis will do but problem is obamica and israhell sponsered these devils , how can they be of god , or gods army , it says jesus is coming with a sword also , i mean god wants us to bow , nothing more

      1. God wants us to pray daily love like sharia law , the bible says this to and he is pissed off , but does god really just want us to live and walk in shit and piss with no system what so ever and love off the land and bow down , it seems really slave like , he then gets our souls probably to refuel also the end of the world in the bible is called the harvest , harvest of what , souls , its fucking sick , we really are in a matrix and god doesnt give a shit what race runs t aslong as we bow

        1. I think it’s pretty sad you guys believe in a “god”. Do you believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny??? If you believe in Jesus Christ, look up Mithra and tell me what you find. I’m sure I’m going to catch some backlash for my comments but I’m used to it. Religion is the biggest load of shit and the biggest killer on this planet and I’m glad I was smart enough not to buy into that bullshit!!!!

          1. Amen to that shit lol, the Bible and quran are wrote by man yet people lives their whole lives by it. If anything i agree their is most likly a higher power but i don’t think its the God you worship so much. Keep your religious shit outa bestgore ppl come on hahha

    1. Yeah that’s crazy alright…’s Ike when you have the wireless playing in the evening and then ‘earth hour’ starts ( everyday at 1900hrs) and Chill-electra cuts the power for exactly one hour………..and the wireless just stops playing music……..crazy!!

  1. Fucking sad! When will this killing of innocent people end. Makes me sick to my stomach knowing that some radical assholes can sleep well at night killing, and maiming for religion or other stupid causes.

    1. Killing of innocents NEVER ends in the hands of Zionists. Realise that human life means nothing to Israel or Zionists, they want the world for themselves as they delusionally believe that they are “chosen”.

      1. you mean a zionist would have the balls to blow him self up in the middle of acrod just because he wants the world for him self? this was done by Muslims. and was provoked by strong believes , a jews love to live.. muslims love to die

        1. You obviously have no idea of what you’re talking about. Israel is the one who funds and created ISIS along with the US. Stop being a sheep and do a simple Google search. ISIS uses these Mossad trained cattle to kill each other to fulfil their agenda. Why would a Zionist blow themselves up to cause trouble when they can get cattle to do it for them?

          1. so the us created ISIS and they launch air stirkes to eliminate them ? haha always the same story , muslims are angels and the others are ploting agains them

          2. ISIS is code name Hornets Nest ran by Baghdadi which is a Mossad operative that was put in a Iraq detention center that recruited others before being released to run this new group…it’s being used to fragment and divide to weaken both by this Sunni group killing Shias….

          3. @ iceburg The Zio fucks bombed, and killed, many Americans ( their supposed allies ) on the USS Liberty, knowing damn well that it was an American Ship! HA,HA! Always the same story EH!!! Fuck,,, please, man.

          1. @iceberg

            You are the definition of braindead sheep. Did you not see the video of Obama admitting training ISIL forces? It’s even posted here on BG. Wake up and ask yourself why ISIL has received funding from the US and Israel, as well as free 4x4s, guns, etc.

            And especially ask yourself why ISIS has attacked every country within the Middle East, EXCEPT Israel.

          2. If that were true they would have got the flthy little cockroach army to wipe out Palestine first and foremost . So dunno about that……

          3. Dutchy….Israel already has divided the Palestinians by land separation and by the PA vs Hamas while they have them trapped in their concentration camps as they steal more land and water for new illegal settlements…

          4. I am the first to admit i don’t really understand all the ‘middle east bs’ @mike. But knowing how much they despise each other you have to wonder why they don’t just exterminate them if they had the means to do so…..

          5. Dutchy….the leader of ISIS that goes by Baghdadi is by far the best Mossad agent ever….it was confirmed by the snowden leaked documents as well…operation hornets nest…

    2. Stop Saddam, there’ll be another.
      Stop Osama, there’ll be another.
      Stop Al Qaeda, there’ll be another.
      Stop Isis, there’ll be another.

      Stop bombing your enemies and start talking in conscientious efforts for peace without regard for the economic impact of not having a job- & revenue-producing War.

      In WAR,
      W e
      A ll
      R egret

    3. Fucking cowards… war is war … but killing innocent civilians? kids who were going to Syria to help the war thorn civilians… i have a strong stomach for gore but this video startled me deep inside….May the Peshmerga send all these devilish minions to Allah to get what they deserve!

          1. Don’t know why you specifically asked me that question but click on contacts and follow the prompts to upload content

  2. Zionists and ISISrael will go as low as possible to get their way, even if it involves killing innocent people. That’s the Zionist way. Non-Jews are just cattle to the slaughter and mean nothing.

          1. Would you like to hear a story @vic? There once was an arab named vic vega. He came on BG to spout his fanatical muslim bullshit though isn’t doing a very good job at it, never comes up with half decent insults and is frankly making a fool of himself… To be continued.

          2. both of you. if all you two are going to do is hurl insults at each other, you’re going to have to find another place to do so. otherwise i will eat one of you. that is all.

        1. @horrorgirl

          That’s exactly why I don’t give out my position online. Not trying to offend anyone but how stupid can you be for using the same name, e-mail, and account for everything. Is like Faceshit where the sheeps are constantly giving their lives away.

      1. Oh dear, there are still people who think the Boston Hoaxathon was a real terror attack? Thats so cute.

        At least the us government gave up on that stupid Ebola outbreak. It was imminent yet now, not a word. I guess not enough people were running out and buying that fake ass vaccine they pulled out of their asses.

        1. You Americans are the true meaning of sheeple, every terror attack in the world where by Americans and jews, ore some fake muslim idiot.. It says in the Quran if you kill an innocent person it’s like killing of humanity.. All you idiots please show me where it says we can kill Christians?? Ore jews ?? Please show me ?? Ore 72 Virgins ?? Show me where it says that ?? It’s all American made up bullshit.. Islam is taken over the world because it’s the truth, it’s love, peace and science.. You can’t stop what’s coming, your grandkids kids are going to be muslim, by choice.. The Day you all stand before God and he asks you, did I not send you a Warner ?? You will remember me.. My real name is Yusuf

          1. Fucking douchebag talking about peace and love while talking shit on the internet. Have fun decaying underground like the rest of us when your religion doesn’t come thru.

          2. The American government is absolutely evil and involved in all of this shit I agree but don’t act like all Muslims are completely innocent. That kind of thinking is just as delusional.

          3. ***my Key board in ipad is broken as i dropped it – so annoying !!

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        2. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong. Great. I don’t mind. In fact, having errors pointed out and corrected is a great way of learning.
          I also love a good passive/aggressive remark or a facetious comment as much as the next guy but don’t put words in my mouth. There was no mention of Muslims or U.S. Gov’t in my comment.

          @elampison. You’re right too. But, in my defense, my job doesn’t afford me the spare time to be the absolute best, most paranoid conspiracy theorist that I can be.
          Maybe you were there. I don’t know.
          It’s all good though.
          No need to unearth any popular slurs like ‘butt hurt’ or any other trendy 1990’s fads.

      1. And you know this how? That’s right, you don’t know it, you merely believe it…huge difference. Faith-based beliefs are not fact and are in reality a purposeful suspension of critical thought.

          1. Why don’t you simply give the single best proof you can find in your holy book. Not a mere belief or someone’s testimony, but irrefutable compelling evidence.

          2. Gaussian.. The Quran tells about the Big Bang 1400 years ago.. It’s tells about the human embryo in details.. It tells stuff about mountains trees, animals and the human body.. Things that was impossible to know back then.. Look it all op on the Internet.. Look op scientific facts about Islam.. Ore maybe read the Quran.. Just for fun, with an open mind. try to read the Quran.. It don’t hurt you to try

        1. You are skirting my question, which is to give compelling evidence for the existence of hell.

          I am already well aware of the efforts by some to read more into the words written in the various holy books than what is actually there.

  3. I know if I was sick and crazy enough to blow up 34 people, I’d want to see the aftermath. I don’t know how you convince someone to blow theirselves up but I’m glad I’m laying in bed under a camo blanket watching it on my iPhone instead of being a terrorist lol. Will wait for the next sucker!!

  4. It’s not hard making a suicide bomber.. In fact , it just takes a little push. Ever seen a man cornered to kill because his family is gonna be tortured . Perhaps a human being who never had a meaningful life. Who is sick and chemically unbalanced . Maybe even … The slow thinker .. White ,black Left , right , leaders following … Rest well, as for a witness to reality .. Textbooks are always re written . Though the most important one states … Well hell on earth. What is going on, why is the innocen falling .. Are they meant to die ? Or is it a process of cleansing of the world. Do the wicked and evil stay behind alive? Of course .

  5. i saw this video on proch…(well, you know)
    that a nice explosion capture.

    (also someone should repost here the thief turk that get killed in middle street and the helper guy running extra fast scary. i not have understand this video wtf happen in, but still nice video of execution in middle of street)

  6. That looks like 100kg of high explosives, TWENTY VESTS or more? That is far more than a human can hide on their body. A motorcycle packed with explosives, an aerial bomb, cruise missile type device…

    a large MILITARY EXPLOSION in the middle of the crowd… here in America we call that a ‘standard drone strike’, and we usually double-tap to get the rescue workers who rush in.

    All standard: military explosion 25 times larger than a vest – media declares suicide bomber.

  7. what chance have got with these nut jobs…killing themselves at the drop of a hat…And the they cannot wait to do it also I can picture saying who wants to blow themselves up next..and a sea of hands fly up..The are brainwashed to the point of madness,,a promise of 40 virgins in heaven…FUCK ME!!! that is what we are up against.

  8. what chance have got with these nut jobs…killing themselves at the drop of a hat…And the they cannot wait to do it also I can picture saying who wants to blow themselves up next..and a sea of hands fly up..The are brainwashed to the point of madness,,a promise of 40 virgins in heaven…FUCK ME!!! that is what we are up against.

  9. Putting the bigger picture to one side for a moment, these people are beyond all reasoning, absolute wanton, murderous scum. The biggest thing for me though are the double standards by which these fanatics live. They are liars, pure and simple, full of shit.
    Wipe these fuckers out once and for all.

  10. This is my biggest fear.. my son has a calling to help people all over the world. he has been to Jordan, mountains of Peru, Uganda… I fear for him every time he leaves. i can understand these kids wanting to go help rebuild, but every time you do, you are taking your life into your own hands. Im lucky, he has returned home safe every time but has had close calls with people the hate Americans.

      1. No that would be against Islam, only God judges.. That was my opinion, I am not perfect.. Gaussian, get a copy of the Quran and read if you like to read, you don’t have to convert, just read it, I think you will like ik.. I guarantee you you will say who does this book know that a 1000 times.. It won’t kill you to read it.. If it’s not what I just said then at least you can shut every Muslims mouth every time they speak

        1. ” If it?s not what I just said then at least you can shut every Muslims mouth every time they speak”

          It has been my experience that trying to reason with those who allow themselves to hold faith-based beliefs is an act of utter futility. Faith is unreasonable, and so trying to reason with those who hold beliefs without compelling evidence is in fact unreasonable itself.

          1. You just cant get yourself to read it Can you ?? And ladybug i have heard your comment 100 times, uneducated and childish, stop embarrassing yourself and write somebody who cares

  11. What victim were said that was arinden sibele yuruyoruz zafere. It mean from arin to sibel we walk through victory. Arin was a kurdish suicide bomber who killed dozens of isis member in syria where conflict between kurdish and isis name kobane. Ironically while they were showing their love to one suice bomber they died from others hand :/

  12. Fuck ! This is beyond horrific! those young people woke up that morning, probably had breakfast with their family, were supposed to dine at home, go see a movie with friends that evening, log in social network that night, ! Fuck this man! really FUCK this shit ! Stop helping these ISIS bitches !

  13. I know im a bit late to the party here, but anyone else notice a few (at least three) people in the middle just behind the big flag turn round to look at something just before the bomb goes off? Guy must have been doing some snackbarring before the main event

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