ISIS Terrorists Make Another Attempt to Take the Military Airfield at Deir Al-Zour, and Again are Defeated by the SAA

ISIS Terrorists Make Another Attempt to Take the Military Airfield at Deir Al-Zour, and Again are Defeated by the SAA

Cockroaches don’t appear to have memories. The evidence of this is the fact that ISIS clearly don’t remember getting their asses handed to them as they made another attempt to take the airfield at Deir Al-Zour. Once again, our friends in the SAA were ready and more than willing to play exterminator. Nothing beats a dump truck full of squashed roaches.

Props to Syrian_Boy for the pics.

81 thoughts on “ISIS Terrorists Make Another Attempt to Take the Military Airfield at Deir Al-Zour, and Again are Defeated by the SAA”

  1. everyone’s gotta have a hobby. one billion dead, STILL wouldn’t make a bit of difference as the FV number rise, unlike our collective intelligence, unfortunately. THIS IS the Virus, although a different strain from what I along with most of you on the other side of your SOB screens see day to day (not talking about on The Site, but in our actual daily FV personal experience) but reality none the less for countless viruses.

    Supreme……worthlessness at it’s best. No purpose except for the fictional one that they have created for themselves.

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      1. @ewestomper
        lol, he’s only looking for attention. ISIS should send Hatred Flows a gift wrapped head in the mail so he can thrust his penis into it’s mouth until the skin rots away.

        There are only so many heads to go around, I still want to see eight heads in a duffel bag.

          1. yeah he needs attention all right… Attention from a shrink I’d say.there’s plenty of things that give me a hard on, Shepard Road in heads are not one of them

      1. @tard.
        Skoda is a Czech car company, or at least they were until they were taken over.
        Back in the day they were notorious shit heaps. Have to say though, nowadays they are pretty good motors. The Tour dre France motorcade is currently Skoda cars, so they can’t be too shabby.

  3. The wheels are moving.
    Why did Obama finished the blockade to Cuba? Because Mujica asked him to do so? Damn, no! The poorest president of the world is too busy licking Cristina’s cunt.
    The reason is that Cuba is not a good enemy. I mean, you can’t fight a war against an enemy who lives in your backyard. Who is the good enemy now?
    Ask the aussies. Will Australia send troops to fight the EI now? Sure, since it has been proved that passive defense is not enough, they will have to do the war on the field (props to Mossad to trigger the lonely wolf, hmmm… he’s dead, typical jew job).

  4. crazy world we live in. most of us will never see this shit in real life and yet it is part of the daily reality for millions of FV’s in their fucked up countries where this is happening. me? i’m getting my toes chopped in a few hours. THAT is my reality. THAT is my concern.

    1. Ha! Ha! What if you woke up in the morning went outside to your vehicle is seen on the grill of you vehicle what would you do about it do you go about your business with it being there or would you take it off?

      Nice kissing lips in your avatar. πŸ˜‰

  5. these guys need to maintain the high ground and not stoop to the base levels of the ISIS cockroaches.

    Leave the heads on… give a respectful (if quick) burial. Decency in the face of outrages will do more to defeat these insects than a battalion of Marine snipers.

    1. You really do make a point ro, never thought of it that way. But this might actually get more of a rise outta these scrotum slurpin, satan matin’, labias. Consider that they see’s to be as humiliating as anything else, then, they see themselves getting the same in return. Them already, knowing what a victim goes through, (terror, anguish) then they come across some of their own in the same condition, drives the reality home, that, … this world, are people, …….who will never,..ever..tolerate, abide, run, hide, or cowar, from ISIS cocksmokers, and as long as the I.S. exists, there will be many,many more people who will resist, and are willing to go as far to destroy, and subject them to the same atrocities that they are committing against others. But,..I didn’t ever consider your approach, it may actually have some effect on those, in the I.S. that may be second guessing their allegiance to the I.S. that could have a profound impact…..decency….which is currently unknown in that region.

    2. Gratuitous violence looks bad but I can fully understand doing back to the enemy what they mete out to others. These guys daily see and live in a nightmare with comrades, friends, innocents and relatives treated like this. The urge to have ‘eye for an eye’ REVENGE is pretty much like HLAM’s patented Urge to JIZZ. It’s automatic.

    3. They are SAA, if they respect they should protect their people not Assad.
      Because of Iran SAA got stronger, its time to join the war to protect the people of Syria from ISIS and SAA and Qods forces.

  6. I wonder what car manufacturer uses an actual head as their grill ornament?

    Could be Infiheadel or the Quran Edition of just another Toyota bought up by these dune coons as usual.

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