ISIS Video of Attack on Tabqa Airbase in Syria – Professional Editing Release

ISIS Video of Attack on Tabqa Airbase in Syria - Professional Editing Release

After its successful attack on Tabqa Airbase in Syria, which ended with the infamous marching of 250 Syrian soldiers half naked through the desert, and mass executing them in cold blood, various members of the Islamic State released their own recordings of the attack. Now the Islamic State has released a new version of the video, professionally edited in line with such released as Saleel As-Sawarim 4, or The Flames of War.

Drone footage at the beginning of the video is pretty cool, but to me the most remarkable part of the release is how it captures the battlefield mentality of the mujaheddin, especially their senseless shooting of corpses. There are bodies of slain men scattered all over the plain, most of them clearly past the point of death, yet they’re still being shot at like there’s any achievement in riddling their bodies with more bullets.

The editors of the video also must have thought that images of men in their underwear are unislamic. Cause unlike in previous releases, that part of the video is blurred. It’s a truly spectacular case of hypocrisy.

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  1. What we need to do is encourage these people to come back to Europe and buy convenience stores, or sell stuffed animals and imitation belts and sunglasses on the streets.
    Even if they are terrorists, we can?t afford to lose that diversity if we hope to survive.

          1. Hopefully, all the ISIS recruits will all go and never return.
            More likely, however, they will go and then return to murder people in Britain with their acquired skills.

            But such is the cost of being enriched: being murdered.

          1. It’s truly amazing how many folks out there, can not grasp that old acquired taste. It just flies straight over their heads. Why is that ?, oh yes, you said it.

      1. Let them come to my knock of the woods. They will be the ones smelling of rotting flesh. I’m not the only one here in the USA to think this. We are preparing ourselves for battle. Our pres has already shown that he spineless. So we as a community are preparing to fight gorilla warfare with gorilla warfare on our back yard. Do you really think we are going to stand by and let them cut our fucking heads off? Fuck no THEY WILL NEVER GET THAT BLADE TO MY THROAT AS LONG AS I’M BREATHING. I FUCKING PROMISE YOU THAT

  2. The video reflects my experience of the majority of non-Caucasian soldiers in Middle East and African ‘base’ locations; they prefer to be lying down and sleeping rather than undertaking sentry duties.

    If they are acting as a sentry, they are usually sitting in an arm chair or on a swivel chair and are, also, asleep.

    1. Don’t forget , their not known for their punctuality, fall in duty is called Iraqi time, as in whenever you want to show up, a basic discipline which if they cannot even undertake it’s no wonder they run when they see iS.

      I want to go fight those fuckers so much, maybe go British if the Legion don’t take me lol but maybe I will just sit back and wait to see how IS and Israel work out, still a bit suspicious about their relationship.

  3. Anyone else noticing how the Syrian army soldiers are pretty decent looking guys yet all the Jew-hadis are some of the ugliest fuckers going? I mean, if they’re not the ugliest then they are serious runners up.

    Respect, Syrian soldiers. I know there’s absolutely no where you could’ve escaped to in that massive desert but still, any attempt to run is better than to just wait for them. Better to get cut down than to let them have their way with you. Peace, brothers.

    1. 250 cowards, I’d have gone down breaking jaws and biting off noses. They were humiliated and looked to still out number their captors,faggots.

      Anyone else notice one of the sand jockeys take a young Syrian boy soldier for a while with his arm around him then a few minutes later in the vid he rejoins at the back. I bet those Muji’s rode the arse off him, they like young boys I’m not kidding, goggle ” the chai boys of Afghanistan ” . Dirty peodo bastards, I await my calling of blowing those scum off the earth headshot at a time.

  4. Looks like the Muslim pixels are out breeding the Brazilian pixels. It’s too late for modesty by either side. Also the dead guy in the pic looks hilarious, like a middle eastern Popeye.

  5. So the kids at the beginning were suffering from some sort of chemical attack then ?, a nerve agent of some sort ?.
    Trouble is, we don’t know for sure who, what, when etc etc, so all one can deduce is that it is propaganda, which in turn, for me, tarnishes the whole damned video, as is the case with any video with a similar opening.

    1. I think it was the Americans who did the Chemical Attacks so they could invade another oil rich country and destabilise the region but alas Russian came to the rescue by arranging the Chemical Disarmament program. It’s like NATO is the whipping boy for Israel by proxy the US of A.

    1. Really looks to be heading in that direction though remember the American Soldier who went nuts and murdered a load of women and children at night after he snuck out of camp, well they say he had started collecting fingers as trophy’s. We have to respect the dead enemy combatants or we are no better than them.

      I want to bag me good few too though when the time comes , literally lol

  6. Tabqa airbase for the SAA was a disaster. It clearly showed how NOT to defend a military facility. The video clearly showed that. SAA soldiers were simple sleeping in the tents in flat desert and good part of them were killed while sleeping. They did nothing to protect them.
    No sentries, no trenches, no reinforced defensive positions, no dug up armor and artillery. SAA soldiers relied on one T-55 tank, one ZU-23 and one S-68 which was a bad decision. If they had mortars the situation would be much better. IS took the base using few technicals and one BMP-1. When the attack started SAA soldiers went out to fight but the video show how close they are to each other running around. Easy targets for those 12,7 MG. The narrator in video says “more that 80 brothers were sent into heaven” which seems that IS took lots of dead. Meaning SAA put a good fight but in one point decided to surrender and pay with their lives. On the other hand the base was empited long before the attack. Tabqa airbase was used mostly for training of airforce cadets on MiG-21 aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters. Good aircraft were taken away and what we seen in the video are few Mig-21MF which are 30 years old and most of them have engines removed. And everything else was taken for spare parts. Also few R-13 AAM in bad condition. IS captured personal weapons and some ammo. But never mind the video is showing planes and narrator says something like “IS is soon going into sky and close to god”. After all SAA strategy was to sacrifice Tabqa base in order to tie IS forces there.
    As for blurred underwear it’s not because it’s unislamic.
    They tried most probably to hide the identity of the soldiers. Most of this SAA soldiers are shias and christians. They all have families which can probably see this video. After seeing how their loved ones ended their lives they can probably take revenge on their sunni neighbours by killing them. Which happens often in Damascus mostly but no body pays attention to that.

  7. Solider with one eye was sort of a lucky one.
    He was shoot during fighting and probably died from internal bleeding. The scarf on his forehead (there are images of several soldiers like that during video) is put in Arab world for peaceful trip into afterlife. It done by close relative like father, brother or uncle or close friend. Meaning this soldier had somebody close to sent him into death despite of fighting. Means the attack on the base lasted for longer time. Some IS weirdo opened his eye by cutting his lower eye lid.

  8. Can these stupid mother fuckers learn how to shoot a weapon? This is ridiculous. Don’t they grow up with those things? Ever since the Syrian war started, I’ve watched these pricks glorify these niggers in America holding their pistols sideways.

  9. First Al Queda, who was documented being recruited, train, and funded by the CIA for the war against Soviet in Afghanistan.
    Now, ISIS is the biggest threat, they are everywhere, committing this, that. We give a bunch of rag tag rock throwing Arabs too much credits.
    Is it so fucking hard to actually perceive that it is in certain shadow organizations’ interest to have war and terrorism?
    The most profitable 3 things in the world: Oil, Weapons, Drugs. Tell me which fucking Government doesn’t wanna secretly profit from that?

    1. Makes sense. People put high bids on Arabs, while racially nothing is wrong with us, we are pretty much at the bottom culturally, the modern culture which most arabs have is consuming beyond limit.

      It’s impossible to believe that an collation this big cannot install ground troops or carry on more fearsome airstrikes. What are they bombing ? I honestly think they bomb the infrastructure of Syria so that it can never be used to attack Israel.

      ISIS are a CIA backed proxy army. People will realize that soon enough. I count on god to expose them, then the Russians + Chinese. Soon enough interests would clash, and stuff will get exposed.

      1. I’m really hoping these ISIS fucks bite the hand that feeds them soon but I think they already are, judging by the Coalition that’s bombing them with jets. I hope the Russians get involved but NATO has them tied up in Ukraine. Now I really would love to see the Chinese deal with Israel and ISIS, their handling of extremists in China gives me a good feeling that if they get involved, problems will be sorted though I’m sure the powers that be would start another war somewhere else.

  10. Blurring is pretty accepted. After publishing the video I’m dead sure they view comments & feedbacks -i.e gather intelligence info-, then publish the next video based on what the Muslim viewer wants to see.

    Obviously, we saw it with beheading, now beheading videos are rarely & almost not published by ISIS after seeing the great shocks from people. Crossing people also don’t show up anymore.

    The CIA would also try to reach the western audience by supplying ISIS with a foreign reporter. While for the Muslim viewer, this is enough, not too much blood + Sunni flavor by blurring sensitive parts.

    Sooner or later, this organization will get exposed. If you can’t see how the CIA controls them then you’re lost.

    1. 200+ nakes soldiers on which are aimed at least 4-6 AK 47s… If you know that you will die (by mass execution by shooting or even mass beheading), you as a social animal… you will prefer to die close with OTHERS. We are social-tribal animals till we die.

      Even though now you in your comfort home, typing on a PC you think that it would be wiser to run/do something against the kidnappers… in real situation you will not prefer to die alone while running.

      1. Not me, I wouldn’t want to do all that walking, hands up, hands on head, truck ride, etc. Just shoot me for running away or jumping out the truck. I’m more of an introvert, I don’t mind being alone or dying alone. Doesn’t mean I don’t love some close family members, but I like peace and quiet. πŸ˜†

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