ISIS Video of Close Quarter Combat in al-Sajariyah, Anbar Governorate, Iraq

ISIS Video of Close Quarter Combat in al-Sajariyah, Anbar Governorate, Iraq

ISIS has released a video of their combat operation in al-Sajariyah, Anbar Governorate, Iraq. What’s new in this video, which we have not seen in any previous ISIS releases, is the use of a GoPro camera. The footage offers a candid, first person view of intense close quarter combats these urban battles involve.

This is probably the best urban combat video I have seen. The enemy targets are clearly visible throughout the video, plus some moments, like the driver’s face as he is getting blasted by the AK and PK MG, are just plain precious.

At the end of the video, a wounded, bandaged Iraqi soldier is interrogated, and later executed.

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  1. Urban combat is so fucking brutal even a heavily armed foe with all the whistles and bells at their disposal must feel their asshole clench just a bit at the thought of it.
    Awesome post @Ate !!

    1. A soldier told me to look across the plain and I did.I saw far in the distance a column coming towards us on the little dirt trail that led across the plain.
      I began to worry.
      I didn`t know how many there were coming ,or whether they were insurgents,or what the hell they were.
      I got my field glasses.They were ISIS and they had their hands up.I felt a lot better.
      They kept coming in a column of fours.
      Twelve hundred,a thousand yards away,I gave my men the order to make ready.
      I didn`t trust those Sunni/Shiite bastards.

      At five hundred yards I gave the order to fire.
      We knocked the hell out of those ragheads!! We killed them all.
      There were some who were just wounded,but I sent my men out to shoot them in the head.
      Then they were all dead.

      Everyone was all excited about killing all those Muslims,and we started to make coffee again.
      Our faces were flushed and we all felt good.
      It was a great deal like……like after winning a football game.

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    1. Uh? Hold on…after watching this video, you came to the “brilliant” conclusion that ISIS actually has a “pretty good grip” on Combat? ~ ~ and that’s why the death-rate for the Britons?US could go higher? ~ ~ Did you posted that because you’re ignorant at the matter in hand, or were you just trying to be a baseless agitator, or is it because of acute idiocy? or maybe a physical handicap that you might have, i.e. {the dire need for a pair of glasses}
      I recommend that you go back to the video’s timeline and re-watch it {carefully this time} and use your ‘critical thinking’ to analyze –how those buffoons (ISIS) a) maneuver in an urban combat environment, b) hold their weapons; while aiming and shooting (with a 2-way radio, ammunition clip, not looking through its iron-sights… c) discriminating shooting of civilians at close-range d) launching inaccurate RPGs to objects that are farther than 200meters …etc-etc

      So by your statement here, it is obvious that you do not know squat (shit) about Urban Combat Maneuvers, Close-Quarters Tactics, Weapons Operations, Target Acquisition, …the list is long!

      SMH, too many dumb people in the world and here (posting)–who know how to type and that have access to the internet…but who lack of substantial knowledge and intelligence.

  3. I bet these derelicts’ point their filthy fucking finger while sleeping. They might as well make it a law to constantly point. Whether you’re eating or taking a shit, you gotta point that finger. And don’t get caught catching zzz’s without pointing. You’ll wake up from a knife sawing into your neck.

  4. This battle was awesome i hope to see more war battles like this .We can change a shit about this world….only thing you can is enjoy such furious battles.if they had that Sniper perspective in this battle would also be really nice ….Hope to see more like this…

    1. I guess he is ordering the enemy soldier to get to the ground, something like that, because the soldier that comes out of the door does that with his hands to the head and quickly drops to the floor.

    1. I mute that garbage as soon as I hear it.
      It’s almost as bad as the allah akbar shit they repeat over and over.
      I won’t dignify this shit religion with a capital letter when referring to it either. They can keep fucking goats (their cousin) and stick their cocks in allahs mouth all day long.
      So I share your extreme dislike of the sounds they emit mile55….

  5. Jep.. a Dream.. Looks like Holiday and adventure. Shoot under the Sun with this Palms. 🙂
    They look so invulnerably.. like Arma 3.. Yes 😀
    They should stop fighting for shitty religions and all this.. then they could be more sympathic.

  6. This is an extreme version of what happens to your neighborhood when the niggers move in.
    The place goes to shit as they tear it up with the gang bullshit they bring.
    They don’t have rocket launchers (yet) but they’d probably think nothing of using one to blow up someones house that “dis’d em”.
    I live in Philly and my area has been taking a major hit over the last 10 years.
    I always say “Have you ever heard of a prosperous black neighborhood….???” No is always the response I hear.
    This area that is being taken over and destroyed by these pieces of shit, it looks like it was a pleasant place to live considering. The people who live/lived here are losing everything including their lives to these savages.
    Gotta feel bad for them. I know I do.

    1. Sounds like you live in a Nigger State.
      The collision of The Nigger state an The Police State in Ferguson MO. left its epicenter, socially eroded and gutted of morale; as I’m sure some cognizance if the situation has reached you via documentation by BG.

  7. ISIS is an efficient propaganda machine, and that’s all. In this video they are just mopping up after a smaller skirmish against those poor souls that couldn’t keep with a rout. They are strategically losing, from the mobilized Iraqi army from the south, also they are being rolled over by Kurds from southwest and west, Syrian army is in a stalemate but it will advance when their front will crumble, effectively cutting them off from the main forces, Syrian “opposition” will also provide their dubious effort against ISIS.

    ISIS feeds through a process of osmosis, and those Turkish borders are really leaking, almost as if someone wants them to. In the meantime Israel is having a picnic party in the Golan Heights, right next to the worst of what radical Islam can provide. As expected, Israel not even ONCE attacked ISIS, but it did gracefully act by shooting down Syrian jets when they were dispatched to deal with rebels nearing the Isreali occupied territory. In this perverted pact ISIS is also aware that Israel is it’s latent ally against Hizbollah and Syria. The US however has the power to rain death as it did in Afghanistan and Iraq before, but now it cherishes the interest of its agent, Israel, by removing the only opposing and capable secular regime in its neighbourhood. After that, it’s time to spin the public and search for an excuse to invade Iran…

  8. Damn this video had a lot of potential but it turned out to be fairly boring. That fucker in the truck definitely didn’t escape those beautiful russian weapons! For GoPro combat footage it was a huge let down, they’ve released better stuff.

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