ISIS Video of Combat Operations from Fallujah, Iraq

ISIS Video of Combat Operations from Fallujah, Iraq

Yep, it’s that flag that says “all Jews” right in the middle of it again. One thing the Jew has known for millennia, is that you lose 50% of the profit if you only arm one side. And so while the sheeple thank them for their service, American military fags are hella busy coordinating with ISIS on delivery of US weapons and ammunition. Fun thing is – it could be plastered over the news media all over the US, and the sheeple still wouldn’t get it. Cause you know… it makes so much sense that kids from around the world are able to contact, meet up and join ISIS on a daily basis, but the military and intel agencies can’t? LOOOOL!

CIA was caught selling weapons and drugs in the Iran contra scandal in the 1980s and 90s. US government supplied both Iran and Iraq with weapons in the 1980s. In 2013, Fast and Furious scandal exposed elements of the FBI/CIA as selling guns to Mexican drug cartels in exchange for drugs at the border. The US also funded and trained Al Qaeda in Afghanistan against the Russians in the 1970s. How would anyone possibly think ISIS would be any different?

Below is a video released by the Islamic State of their combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq. The combat appears to involve around 20 ISIS mujaheddin, against an Iraqi army base manned by around 20 soldiers. Strangely, despite having height advantage, fortification and armored vehicles such as APCs available to them, the Iraqy army lost that battle.

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    1. Looks like the US Government gave those Isis boys some new toys to play with! That huge machine gun looks straight out of the box it must be Christmas over there, Jesus is even behind the gun it looks like he joined up with iSiS. Death to the non believers!!

      1. I’m glad if my country is arming all of them over there, although it prob isn’t true I wish it were. That way they can all slaughter each other at a faster pace and America can continue with her dominance over all other underlings.

      1. Yes, they will be tortured forever.
        Hell is fucking real. There is people speaking about being in comatic state or unconsciousness after traffic incidents and those stories are astounding.

        This ISIS scum have special place there. “Allah” is SATAN himself.
        What God would love decapitations in his name except Satan?

  1. I’m so over Muslim / Islamic bullshittery……..

    It’s just annoys the fuck out of me now…………

    ( I’m not talking about the post, but the fucking animals that just can’t progress themselves past bloodshed and brutal violence, the propaganda, the whole middle east, the wars, the cockroaches, the language, the music, the governments, the brutality, the whole kit and kaboodoole)

  2. The Iraqi army lost the battle, with all of those advantages !, Christ, what are they, men or mice !?.
    One would think they would put their all into such a battle, given their probable fate if captured, examples of which we’ve seen many times.
    As for the Yanks supplying every and any old fighting force with weapons and ammo. Given the fact that the US is the worlds biggest exporter of major arms.. 31% of global arms trade, it really should be no surprise to anyone that this particular ” conflict ” is no different.

      1. @Gnat.

        I did hear about this while listening to radio while driving a couple of days ago.
        Apparently, they have infiltrated several ” grass roots ” organisations and are planning to become the first, as the radio presenter termed, fascist party, to hold a seat in Scotland, in Elgin I believe.

        Can’t say I know much about them, but they sound like they mean business.
        Trouble is, as we are all too aware. When the msm label any group Neo Nazi, the general reaction from the populace is very negative. This has already started and will, I fear, call a halt to any serious plans they may have.
        We will have to see how things pan out I suppose.

        Interesting development mate for sure.

      2. Probably a secret police unit targeting would be vigilantes who aren’t ready on the radar, Britain had a fascist party during WW2 and it was a joke too. These hate groups only fuel Israel’s reason for existing and polarise Gentiles as is their intention.

        1. It is a fair point you make @BestServedCold. I have often wondered the same about the BNP, who are a tad too overt with their approach, especially with the literature / leaflets they distribute come election time. Are they really so dumb in thinking the masses may take on board what they have to say, in a leaflet covered in overtly right wing graphics ?, I think not. Having said that, prior to the last general election, their literature made total sense to me, I just wished they’d toned the front cover down a notch, which would, I’m sure, have been beneficial to them.
          The NBU are an offshoot of the BNP, so personally, I have suspicions.
          We shall see.

  3. Just want to say hello to all. I’ve been a lurker on this site for some time. I finally decided to join. Its so refreshing to hear the truth being spoken. Sites like stormfront and David Duke exposing the Zionist oppressors. Its a breath of fresh air to see people that don’t take up the bullshit lies. Whenever I talk to my friends and other people outside of this they think you are insane telling them the truth. People are so oblivious. Any Nice to be a part of the Gore gally. hehe

        1. Bestservedcold-your mother sucks Jewish cocks.Do me a favor(actually , two).First ask yourself why Palesfakians store and fire weapons from schools and hospitals .Do this before you label us child killers.Secondly-go kill your self and your own children to rid the world of continued ignorance

  4. All in the interest of being fair or “politically correct” it’s only befitting they like to screatch out “Allah Ahkbar” .
    After all how does “Moses ahkbar” or “Jesus Ahkbar” sound sound to you guys?

  5. Same old same old. Since the end of the Second World War America has been training, arming uprisings and rebellions throughout the world. There isn’t a part of the world that hasn’t been touched one way or another by America’s need and greed to make money from war zones. It’s big business to the yanks and they are the masters of sabotage and espionage. It’s the Middle Easts turn at the moment. I’m sure once that place is bleed bone dry they will turn their attentions elsewhere. I personally feel Europe will be next in line. Hence the MSM going into overdrive about Putins Russia being a threat to world security. It’s in the post. Arms dealing is what fuels the American economy along with stealing other countries black gold. And the major players are? yes you’ve guessed it. Fucking kikes.

    1. We have got plenty of oil here. Gas under two dollars a gallon. Diesel under three. Urupe cried for our help ww1 and ww2. We were isolatinist but we helped anyway. At the end we said no more. It is what it is American boys can fight dont ask us to get you out your shit and we wont get in it

  6. its just fucking depressing watching humanity. were fucking horrible and worthless. evern when mothers give birth they think they are doing something magical ,well your just spawning another shithouse human. yes your shit ,im shit ,your children are shit. the whole fucking human race is a pile of shit.

      1. @SrbijaBgd – they continue to deceive, have no regrets and make excuses when caught. The majority just suck it all right in. Would any of them do it again – just like the liar said “YES”, no remorse at all. The “rabbi”, his jew lawyer, wife, book and movie producers, etc, etc, all in it for the money, jew sympathy and publicity. They are so slick and so very, very use to lying and deceiving. Just a typical day for them…

  7. I do find this site informative & helpful, not sure about the constant anti jewish hate headlines though.
    I thought the Editor here was meant to be impartial?
    Constant references to Jew this or that are all in bad taste.
    If there was at least some consistency across the board with reference to others in using this kind of language then at least one could say well everyone gets a label.
    Im not jewish, dont really agree with the way they go about their business but do think, the jewish hate headlines detracts from a very interesting site

    1. “All materials on Best Gore are age restricted and access is limited to adults only. By accessing Best Gore website you acknowledge and agree that you are 18 years of age or over and not offended by gore images and/or videos, and explicit depictions of death, blood, injuries, suffering, etc. The list above is by no means exhaustive.”

      1. The site is meant to be impartial & any good source of information should be hosing the material on that platform rather than the way its being presented now otherwise its no different to the mainstream stuff we are constantly forced fed with their spin on things. Im not offended by any of it, just more disappointed in the direction this site seems to be going on some posts, not all thankfully

  8. Iraq Army is useless, just like the country.

    Malikis Pro-Shia Government meant all the Sunni Professionals leaving the country in what was/is a massive brain drain.

    The Iraqi Army is just using Iraqi and Iranian Shia Militas as Meat Sheilds whilst they senselessly shell the towns/cities they want to take from ISIS.

    Just look at Tikrit. They’ve now stopped their “offensive” since their human wave meat shield is obviously not working

  9. All you Islamic / Palestinian sympathizes secretly suck Jewish cocks.Too bad the United Nothings stopped the 1960s Israeli assault/ invasion short of Egypt.They should’ve been allowed to eradicate all those landless desert dwelling Arabs .Israel is going nowhere, morons. The truth hurts

  10. This language tear my brain. Can’t stand it and Mute is only option because this imbeciles never stop their alah ekber blabbering. Especially when i hear that shit my ears bleeding. Fucking stone age sand monkeys.

  11. This is a pretty good release from ISIS, the mujaheddin advancing forward in the brutal desert climate. The guy talking on the machine gun was insane with the taste for blood. The blood leaking out of the door of the captured APC tells all. These people are rabid with a lust for war!

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