ISIS Video of Suicide Attacks and Combat with Iraqi Army in Tikrit

ISIS Video of Suicide Attacks and Combat with Iraqi Army in Tikrit

The black flag that says “all Jews” right in the middle of it is back at it again. Even Saudi flag made it to the video (4:35). Those proxies know how to give props to the hands that feed them.

Latest video release by the Islamic State is a 10 minutes long compilation of jihadists talking angrily while pointing in the air, with occasional flash backs of combat with the Iraqi army in Tirkit thrown in here and there. The video also shows two suicide attacks carried out by the mujaheddin, and also what looks like public screening of an execution. The video is also unusually stingy on Nasheeds.

For obvious reasons, what the video doesn’t show are US Army helicopters (thank you for your service) delivering military supplies to the Islamic State. I guess we’re not supposed to see that?

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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    1. Bahaha ha And this is their flag ship, literally!
      ISIS skipper to his first mate, “What should we call ourselves” Seals? No thats already took. Uh okay, what about “sea lions”? Well ,thats better but, I just dont know. (Insert your answers here)…………….

  1. ‘All Jews’ – LOL

    I love it how they really do believe what they are doing is right and just. When they are dying from the bullet wounds they inevitably will receive, I wonder how much “Faith” they will have then?!

      1. @Future_Leader. That?s the problem, faith just like hope is always in the future and never in the present.

        Our politicians sell us hope and we vote for them based upon what they say they will do for us sometime in the future and our religious leaders sell us faith with the emphases on future gain as well.

        Nietzsche once said ?Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man? and I agree with him because when does the future become the present?, when the present takes precedence over the future that?s when and faith/hope cannot ever exist in the present for it is a future based proposition.

        The above means that we struggle and slave away for something that may never come, the lottery ticket that never delivers as it were.

        Looking back through history, hope/faith has rarely ever delivered and yet we continue to be fools to ourselves because we live in hope, despite the cruel truth before us.

        My conclusion, hope/faith has given the human race history but it has given them torment too because to live under hope is to live under hardship.

        History sadly is made upon the corpses of the past with no direct connection with the future.

        1. Another relative Nietzsche recitation…
          “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

          1. @justice

            It’s a very clever statement from Nietzsche.

            My interpretation is that he is trying to tell us, rather than being involved in conflict, walk away.
            Also, try not to let yourself, or your mind become a part of the whole thing and separate yourself from the darkness.

            Your mind makes your person, and it is that which affects your whole life.
            Turning your back on something is not always a bad thing.
            Moving on from the negative is an important thing we must all learn to do!

          1. Oh shit, I forgot that was in that movie…cool movie. “Get busy living or get busy dying”. I often think about that line when times get real tough…

          1. @Atle

            Sorry, have you ever contributed anything to a discussion other than a cheap shot?

            If not then I’d suggest keeping them to yourself in future! Seriously

  2. ?For obvious reasons, what the video doesn?t show are US Army helicopters (thank you for your service) delivering military supplies to the Islamic State. I guess we?re not supposed to see that??

    I wonder why were not seeing that?

  3. Well if the U.S. Army is supplying ISIS with weapons to use then the U.S. no worse than ISIS and they had nothing better to do than to make war and call it democracy along with the capital investment aspect while keeping their nose out of it somehow making themselves look good to the American people so seems like they’re making a difference so they All feel safe and sleep Better at Night and are so na?ve enough to believe that 9/11 was done by a foreign power Funding misfits That call themselves Al Qaeda. The more the U.S likes to help make a difference the more Guilty they look. Just imagine if that Really came to our shores and its Not Impossible there’s a lot of countries out there that are going along with Terrorism secretly or not that don’t like US very much and all are sick and tired of our bullshit as a country and in the end nobody gives a Fuck about democracy we are going to all destroy ourselves as a Human Race Ha! Let’s See WWIII soon! 😀 I must say I enjoyed the Suicide Bombings and Gunfire and Scavenging Dead Corpses of your Enemies it looks like a lot of fun I just love War Violence and Death! I Give Thanks to a Fucked Up World and BG for showing it! 😉

  4. This video reminds me of the shitty movies we had to watch in high school. Poor editing, cheesy acting, and completely unable to be taken seriously. It’s a bit sad to think this is their lives, they are dedicated to this and willing to die for it.

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        1. Hey @ive got issues.,.the post I po
          sted to boozer was not intended to make you feel inadequate or anybody was something between boozer and I ..from a while ago….we (boozer) we know how to figure out our bullshit you just have to set back and watch the bullshit we post lol…..

          1. @danielray it wasn’t taken as a jab at me, I knew you were poking fun at boozer lol Not everything I say is serious, most of the time I’m just joking around too. No harm no foul buddy 😀

        1. Hey my trans Atlantic buddy, all’s fine @Gnat, how you doing ?
          Snow ? , in dribs and drabs, but nothing too deep !, its been a mild one all told.
          Where in the States do you hail from by the way ? 😉

          1. Old Dominion… Virginia… You remember that colony don’t you?… Just kidding… Anyway… I thought you guys got a lot of snow over there… I know it sure does rain a lot 🙂 … I just figured that to a lot of snow… I sure do want to go back to jolly old England… I had a good fucking time there… I remember going to this place called “Old Ram’s Inn”… I think I spelled that right… Anyway… I thought it was bad ass walking through a structure that was around 700 years old… I’m basically full-blooded Saxon… I enjoyed my stay in the Motherland.

          2. Great tobacco.
            It did snow, but nothing like it used to. I
            was only blocked in for two days this year ! 😀 .
            Sounds like a Yorkshire pub name, although it may not have been.
            When you say Saxon, do you mean Anglo Saxon or literally from Saxony ie.. German stock ?

          3. Anglo-Saxon… Although I do believe we can attribute our stock to German lineage… Anyway… You’re from Yorkshire huh?… Small world it is… I currently live on a road named “Yorkshire Court”… Beautiful country up here in the Appalachian Mts…

          4. It looks like the kind of place I’d like to see, can’t beat the great outdoors bud. There’s a lot to be glad about living in a place you actually enjoy.
            Yorkshire court eh, sounds like a group of ex pats upped sticks a long time ago and settled in your neck of the woods.

          1. They’d have to shut down the bar… And that would only happen because @boozer @danielray and me were drinking up all their stock… I can’t imagine ALL of us being there… If that did happen… All I got to say to that is… Get the fuck out of our way!…

        1. Wait a fucking minute…I’m half German.(stivers)Dr… never talk to me Deutsch. …I’m a bit hurt………………………… ……….. … …. ………….,.. ……………it’s OK..

  5. in the video ISIS shows specifically combat zones that Iraqi army announced that they had taken back, to show that they not, propaganda vs other type of propaganda (between suicide bombings and corpses ….)

    Army is still at 15-20km from the city

  6. I don’t understand what they are saying. But looks like: “Look my friends, although we don’t all follow the same religion. We can all agree that the Toyota Hilux will meet the demands of all your killing needs. Here you see Jahad, shooting a 50mm from the truck bed. Yea the truck shakes, but you show me an American truck that is more versatile!”

  7. I always feel a little better when watching these videos knowing that 99% of the pube-beards in them will be dead in 90 days, and the rest probably not far behind them. Also, they remain in the butthole of the world, smelling like a bucket of ass while I sit here in my comfy house enjoying all of the pork and porno that allah provides me with.
    Sweet pic of the ISIS navy at the end though!

  8. i feel like saying, those soldiers fighting IS such as SAA (not the “rebel” terrorists) die for our sins, our western politicans fucked up real bad for syria.
    it’s a real guilt feeling you get, as they really die for our sins.

    bless you fallen soldiers, i personally will always remember Syria as a country whom fought and kill the terrorist we sponser. even tho we recently got attacks in Europe not realizing we are funding these kind of extremists in syria and iraq (talking about normal people, not our gourvenment).
    Do not hate us western civilization, there are many many western people whom can see through the propoganda and choice the right path of thinking.

  9. This is my favorite of the ISIS combat footage. It is a full display of their firepower with much less of the constant babbling. The size of those suicide bomb explosions is magnificent and that nickel plated AK is beautiful!

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