Islamic State Sniper Team Promo Video

Islamic State Sniper Team Promo Video

Islamic State has released a promotional video that’s meant to showcase the achievements of their sniper team. But at the end of the day, all it showcases are impressive video editing skills of their computer graphic artists, with sniper effectiveness being debatable at best.

Most of the sniper shots shown were taken from a significant distance from the target. The cameras could not zoom in well enough to show whether the target was actually hit, and if hit, whether the hit was fatal, or just injured the target.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Keep in mind that live sniper kills are never easy to capture on camera in good enough detail to safely determine if the shot was effective or not.

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    1. Goldsmith Shekelstein and Nosen Bergowitz have produced a nice llittle video actually.
      It appears after all to show us a few good, effective kills (likely) here.
      For using non free floating barrels I would say that what appear to be .308 and .338 calibre rifles these Moslem sub humans are doing a bang up job. Mediocre rifles can be wrangled in to perform at high levels with good quality optics and that assumption just has to be made.

      Speaking from experience those were pretty much all highly effective shots.

      The last sand nigger demonstrates how NOT to setup a long distance rifle. Lol. Dirt and leaves blowing up all over the place for lack a good muzzle brake.


      1. My thoughts exactly haha. Should have had a cloth underneath that barrel. Not to mention, screaming “aloha snackbar” after every kill pretty much seals the deal on them being any sort of professional sniper. All those shots seemed effective,although they aren’t anything Joe Schmoe can’t pull of with a deer rifle in the states.

    1. @Brokeback.

      When I was a kid terrorists killed politicians not civilians, Isis is fiction like all Qaeda was, paid mercenaries to stop the Russians in Afghanistan.

      When they start killing people in power then you gotta worry cos that’s real.

      The goal is endless war, global financial collapse and then the answer to all this carnage.

      One world government, one world army, no recourse for anyone who doesn’t toe the line or expresses dissent.

      Once that happens that’s it, total enslavement and servitude.

      1. @bobcat.

        That’s the difference in a nut shell.
        People have short memories. The provisionals never got the air time these pricks get, in fact, Mr Adams was blacked out entirely. Very much different to the promotional backing IS receive, which tells its own story.

  1. Gay boy band sings song while 2 men put on fetish suits, boy band then have circle jerk whilst holding guns. Some of the shots are bollox, I think the 3rd one jumps before we see the “hit” some look staged. These cunts are the greatest shower of time wasters I’ve ever come across, botched beheading’s, censored beheading’s, mickey mouse drive by shootings, these cunts should pull their heads out of the camel’s arse and go back to selling figs. Using Hollywood production values whilst denouncing the west, what a bunch of double standard cock gobblers. Sorry for the rant, I’ve a few beers on board and had to get that off my chest.

  2. Rotfl!! These make me laugh!! So damn stupid those motherfucks get tortured in every way possible..burned drowned shot cut up INTOlittle pieces and come back again and again to the same touture…oh yes that called fucking HELL!

  3. Local newsmedia are reporting IS leader al-Baghdaddi has forbidden any more bloody execution video’s of people being shot or beheaded. These video’s are scary for kids to watch. So my guess is this is the first one of a series of “new style” IS video’s. Be prepared.

  4. Has anyone else seen the ‘new’ pics of a little ISIS kid about 10, beheading a man? A couple of days ago I saw them on (actually I’m embarrassed to say this but I saw them on Daily Mail) they were only pixelated photos though, I was hoping BG would have the ‘proper’ photos/video.

      1. Thanks @MrsPink, I’ve been away from the ‘gore’ scene for a couple of years. So ISIS put together a G rated type of video so it can be played on mainstream media, hoping loads more people will watch it? It’s just a bit boring for us folks who don’t like the truth watered down.

  5. whoever is funding ISIS must be giving them a shit ton of money in the past couple of years, it’s gone from potato phone videos of knife be-headings to huge production executions, with explosives captured on some pretty decent camera equipment

      1. @transceiver This thread is spoilt by your childish prattling.
        With all your bitching and moaning you haven’t any proof who’s who or indeed what’s what with this video.
        Your opinion is fine but no more valid than anyone else’s.

  6. sniper are the most bad soldier ever.
    anybody can shoot a target with an sniper rifle. (specialy today with recent sniper rifle that kick out all effect of rifle fire, suppresion,precision,wind,etc..)

    the best soldier is the guys who fight close range, such as SWAT,GIGN or over GSG9 during intervention in house.
    precision, fast and cold blood.

    sniper is shit, pur shit

  7. Making even a 250uard shot with some nice new “sniper rifle” isn’t like some video game ie point and shoot…

    A good sniper is a force multiplier, you think after a shot blows off the head of the guy standing next to you standing is a good idea? Esp if the round came in 1000yrd+ ?

    I mean these sandy buttholes in the video had a few possibly lucky shots…but someone taught them some sniper basocs…I guess they forgot the rest.

    I’d bet there are some talented marksmen there, and they could probably make shots with some crap rifle…oh and I kinda doubt they would be shooting 338 lap, maybe 762×51 but my guess is its some kind of russian variant.

    Also its a real head scratcher as to where all those sand niggers got those new Toyota’s and m16 rifles…I’m surprised the CIA and mossad didn’t give them m4s and maybe a few sr25 rifles for long shots…this video is fake as shit.

  8. Actually, it’s very easy to capture HD vids of kills and directly through the scope. Just slip in a SD card and you have home vids… Google it. There are many and these guys are very very well funded. This questions the validity of the entire ‘skit’ they released.

    The gun highlighted in much of the vid were 223’s.. these are NOT sniper rifles. They are assault rifles with questionable accuracy even at 300 yards. The range most US military qualify at. If you get a shitty weapon when qualifying.. You’re fucked.

    These guys are not a credible sniper force. That’s not to say the Iraqis did not field some qualified individuals. They did. I don’t know what became of the one or two who presented problems. My bet is they were killed by the US or killed by ISIS .

    The overlay of a bogus ‘site’ is another dead give away. At no time did they use windage or elevation marks on the scope (hold over).

    More kiddy sing-a-long with vermin terrorist murderers.

  9. Ok this is my first time commenting on isis for all I can tell isis is just a group of guys foot soldiers and its a shame the dame iraq and syria goverment can’ t handle them by there dame self I mean my god why the fuck do we send air strikes when they have there on army just get the dame job done kill isis already bunch of muslim pussys far as i’ m concern

  10. They do have one hell of a Hollywood style producers or what ever you call it they could have made a lol killing lol or maybe a video game because if anybody ever tryed fallout new vegas they would see no difference between isis and Casers Legion

  11. All good snipers use a sporter profile barrel. Heavy barrels – well, they just heavy….
    All good snipers attach the fucking bi-pod backwards, that way it rips off from the recoil.
    All good snipers use a capped elevation turret? (Makes BDC adjustment so fast)
    And that reticule, WTF?
    Is that stock made of wood?
    And what happened to the blueing? Too low a round count to be accurate……………..

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