Israel Bombs Ambulances Coming to Aid the Victims of Earlier Bombing

Israel Bombs Ambulances Coming to Aid the Victims of Earlier Bombing

What we see happening in Gaza is Israeli aircrafts indiscriminately leveling the entire neighborhoods, killing hundreds of children in the process, then the Israeli snipers picking out individual civilians who come looking for their relatives, and then when the ambulances come to aid the victims, we see Israel bombing them too. Seems the whole world is asleep while genocide unfolds right before our eyes.

Today I heard that the IDF called in thousands of reserves. I guess there are still some orphaned children in Gaza that need wiping out.

With regards to the video below, the Zionist media said:

At least 17 people have been killed and more than 200 wounded in an Israeli strike on a market, Palestinian officials say, shortly after Israel said it was observing a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire.

Medical officials said the strike hit a busy market in the Shejaiza neighbourhood between Gaza City and the Israeli border. Pictures from the scene showed limp, lifeless bodies lying in pools of petrol and mud. The dead included several children and a Palestinian journalist wearing a press vest.

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  1. The only reasonable explanation that I can think of for the IDF calling in thousands of extra reserves, given that they have lost hardly any troops in this assault and that the battle has been completely one sided, is that they wish to maintain ground control long after the assault in that area has ended.

    Will they try for a new land grab like during the six day war, possibly so.

      1. Is the Gazans were to leave Israel alone they would have peace. Israel left Gaza in 2005. Israel wants nothing from Gaza except the absence of rocket attacks and tunnels dug into Israel for the purpose of murder and kidnapping.

        The death of Palestinians is very sad, but Hamas bring it upon them deliberately, seeking these images so that people will be angry at Israel.

        What would you do if the people in the next town over were constantly shooting rockets at you? Wouldn’t you want your army to protect you?

        The reason there are so many dead Arabs and so few dead Israelis is that Israelis value life, and have built bomb shelters and the Iron Dome to defend their people. Hamas has built tunnels and shelters to defend its top people and its rockets, but refuses to allow civilians in there, leaving them up top to die. Every dead Arab child is a media victory for Hamas. You who are attacking Israel are falling for this obscenity.

        The Jewish people as a whole, and Israelis as a whole, value peace but have had to defend themselves against attacks from people committed to genocide. Look at Hamas’s charter: it explicitly called for obliterating Israel and killing all Jews. Israel’s mainstream society and media have nothing like that.

        Don’t people value the Western freedoms that we have that Israel promotes and encourages? Hamas, and Arab societies in general, have no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no rule of law, no freedom of sexual orientation, no genuine democracy — all the things we take for granted in the US, Canada, Israel and other liberal democracies.

      1. Dont kid yourself @Antro + @scarface. Just piss off you known Shills. How can you try and justify this? You Jews are the most hated species in the world. Hated more than all other religions combined. Israel will be taken from you. I hope the 2nd REAL holocaust happens, not the last FAKE Holohoax.

    1. didn’the jews just get out of gaza and give it to the pals…now they want it back?…they did leave some rockets there…the pals have been returning those as quickily as they can…damm those zios

  2. This situation gets more and more depressing by the day. And to top it off, you have reporters on Fox news still whitewashing their war crimes and any person they bring in to defend Palestine isn’t allowed a word in edge ways as they are usually obliterated by the Zionist reporter.

    HOWEVER, Everyone who hasn’t already seen this interview of Raanan Gissin (Israeli General) being fully confronted by UK Ex-MP George galloway needs to watch it. The devil himself (Gissin) was left speechless.

      1. Children are a huge threat as they grow up to be terrorists. Best to shoot them when they are young as it gets them used to being dead which is what they’ll be one day anyway.

        1. @beach, I couldn’t disagree with you more. What an ignorant statement. Children are innocent and don’t have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. One of those children could have grown up to be something amazing. Palestine is not a terrorist state, so why would the children grow up to be terrorists? They are simply obsessed by ruthless Zionists that have took away their right to a life. Bastards.

          1. I love kids as much as the next person but some do pose a threat while they’re still kids. my uncle in the marines said some of them would shoot you just as dead as a grown man in some of those 3rd world countries. He had to kill children before they killed him. He says the children haunts him the most.

      2. Israel can apparently openly shit on an entire race and systematically wipe them out because they are immune from committing genocide since they were ‘victims’ themselves. Just like apparently only white folks like myself can commit hate crimes. The hypocrisy is so obvious and undeniable it’s like a rapist denying what he’s doing while openly committing the act and blaming his victim at the same time.

    1. Somewhere I have a photo of an ambulance with the Red Cross on top and a perfectly placed tight circle of 20mm
      Cannon fire in the middle of it. I should find that as it’s a perfect statement of Israeli policy towards human decency.

  3. The president of Bolivia declares Israel a Terrorist State and now requires Israelis to apply for visas now….brazil, chile, ecaudor have pulled their ambassadors….no doubt the establishment of BRICS has already weaken the Zionist…every American should be grateful to Putin for bringing multipolar balance to the world…the next step is to counter NATO with BRICS own security force….BRICS is Zionism worse nightmare come true….screw Israel and screw the AIPAC whores in the US congress …

  4. Yes they bomb ambulances. They bomb everything in sight. And until the day they and the U.S cease to be allies, this shit will go on and on and on as it has for as long as I can remember.

    Pissing in the wind , until a huge change arises.

    1. Same here in the UK. Its sickening. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. I guess the only thing we can do to help is keep spreading the truth and donating money to aid charities in Gaza to help rebuild hospitals and administer aid around the country…or whats left of it.

    2. India too is supporting Israel, one would think a previously colonized State would be more inclined to support Gaza, but sadly that’s not the case.

      As evidenced by all the media present at this site, we can safely say Israelis are the assholes here for targeting innocent civilians and even schools!

        1. Hey PoZ ya mention a bit about freemasonry, every now and then I’m trying to do some studies on it but don’t no what to trust. I have a few friends who like to think they know what they are talking about then I see some videos a read a bit. But then people eat LSD and think they know everything. Can ya point me In the right direction? I met a black man in his late 40s at the laundry mat the other day he said he used to be in it but to out, didn’t get in to much detail either. I sold him mushrooms right after he was pretty cool.

          1. It’s a secret society run and controlled by Jews. Members of all races join, but Jews control it. The Jews use the non Jewish members to carry out their dirty work. Click on my user name and read the protocols, it mentions the real purpose of freemasonry. Masons will lie to you about the purpose. They take an oath of secrecy on penalty of death.

    3. Well, no surprise there. I don’t watch Dutch television, because I already know what BS is flashed on the screen 24/7. The Netherlands is firmly in control by the zionists and associated scum.

  5. They say there is a rise of antisemitism in Europe and around the world. Happy days are here again. Since Jews feel no guilt, shame, or remorse when they murder babies and young children, I don’t see any reason that anyone should feel bad about killing a Jew.

  6. I just don’t know what to say…
    I wish I had the power to kill those
    child murderers..


    THIS “GAL GADDOT” Jewish bitch put this on Facebook-
    Stupid dumb Jewish bitch-

    “I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens. Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children?We shall overcome!!! Shabbat Shalom!
    #weareright #freegazafromhamas #stopterror #coexistance #loveidf”

    Not surprisingly, it didn?t take long for the hate tweets to emerge.

    I mean-is she fucking serious…
    I hope people online will keep thier word and boycott the movie coming out in which she is WONDER WOMAN…

    I can only imagine what the movies other actors, producers and directors and whoever the fuck signs that Jews’ paycheck is thinking..
    I’m hoping she just ruined her entire acting career….

  7. But it’s people dying and getting blown to bits? I thought this was the idea of best gore? Like, when it’s Brazilians or Thai’s it’s a laugh and a half. What is so special about these lads?

  8. Man, imagine the internet during Vietnam Days. Its amazing being able to witness this online. All together heartbreaking, but, I believe the internet and gazas victims sharing these brutal live acts will help the growing antisemitism spreading around the globe 🙂

  9. Israel may have a right to defend itself but they take it too far. The entire country of Israel is nothing more than a bunch of murderers. Not soldiers, not patriots, just plain and simple murderers.

  10. I am so grateful that BG exists so we can see videos like this. If anyone sees any links to that press man who died, please post them here. The only way to fight all this is to work together and put all the pieces together. Sharing undeniable knowledge is our only true weapon. Did anyone see anything in the video pinpointing this video to the current conflict. We really need to be able to lock all the evidence in. Then we must share that evidence with as many people as we can. Leave no holes, no room for argument. We truly have the power of the internet. Lets use it!

  11. Was interesting how the blast penetrated the ambulance and exploded at ground level. Crazy how everyone was injured below the knee’s. Things you just don’t think about until you see it. So real…

  12. Israel has hijacked the US and corrupted a whole nation transforming them into killing machines worldwide. im afraid as long as the US continues to exist as the united states of israel and not America, the whole world will suffer nonstop. these people are ruthless crooks. hopefully russia will standup for the rest of the world and fight these criminals before its too late.

  13. I would just like to thank the israelis for again snubbing American diplomati efforts. I almost wish I could sneak these poor bastards a multi-megaton weapon, so they could jam it up tel-aviv’s ass. I am not an ati semite, but what is happening here is not war, it is genocide. It is criminal. It is disgusting, and you should be ashamed.

    1. its not genocide. they havnt killed enough people. I think it needs to be at least 40% of the population so they still have many thousands to tag that accolade.

  14. This is an awesome video. I love watching all the people suffer. Makes me feal great about being part of a stable country.

    I just wish Hollywood films were more like this. I hate it when in the action films explosions go off and people either get thrown 20 yards and get up or die instantly. Its so unbelievable. Of course in a hollywood film the ambulance would have gone up in a massive fireball. Nothing like dozens of people all screaming at the same time, haemorrhaging and preparing for a life of disabilty.

    I always wanted to be in the artillery. Something comforting in knowing that your maiming people from a far.

    At least it was a nice day for it. Nice blue sky. they’ll laugh about it later.

  15. I think a bomb should be dropped on all the sand niggers. and not just any fucking bomb. a bomb so hot that it kills everyone of their asses and turns all of that sand to glass so slick people can fucking skate on it.

  16. In all languages ??of the world Israel is a criminal does not know the language of force, very surprising that the world stands idly in front of the scene, Israel massacres against civilians in the occupied Gaza, the Palestinian people have the right to live free and independent like all peoples of the earth.

  17. That blood covered blanket / rug that dude in the ally was laying on at the end was nice. If anyone there reads this, post it on ebay and I’ll buy it. Help bring some $$$ into your country, and it would look perfect hanging beside my gun safe.

    1. No, Jews will kill us later. Typical Jewish comment to turn this on to the muslims when the JEW is the cause for their downfall and all the massacre in the Middle East. I hate jews I hate jews I hate jews I hate jews I hate jews I hate jews!

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