Israel Murders Palestinians Suspected of Kidnapping Three Israeli Youths

Israel Murders Palestinians Suspected of Kidnapping Three Israeli Youths

Israeli Special Forces claim that they have finally hunted down and executed the two men responsible for kidnapping and murdering three Israeli teenagers back in June. This event, of course, is all the fuel Israel needed for the fire that would become the Gaza Strip genocide. The claims that these men are Hamas militants is hard to verify and I would not be at all surprised to find, like the Boston Marathon bomber, that these men were just patsies. Israel doesn’t need to keep using this event as an excuse anymore since it is getting what it wants as US is now actively bombing Syrian civilians to get to “terrorists” much as Israel had bombed Palestinian civilians to get to “terrorists”.

But then again, who knows? Maybe they are the men responsible. Still does not justify the murder…I mean “collateral damage” of over 2000 Palestinian civilians, the people directly responsible for Israel having the land it sits on today. Even North Korea condemned Israel, for fucks sake.

In related news, another peace talk is in the works for October to see about establishing a more permanent cease fire between Hamas and Israel.

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  1. You mean the 3 teens that died in a car crash with the photo of the car online…Israel made up hostage story to detain over 200 Hamas in west bank before mowing the grass again in Gaza…..Israel the real cancer in the middle east…direct cause of Islamic militancy and our own 9/11 by supporting the ugly step child…Fuck Israel….wake me up when the Islamic state vs Jew state war starts….

    1. I kinda doubt that IS will attack Israel in the near future. Since IS is for the most part a US Gov or western asset, and Israel is known to have the best training camps for all sorts of terrorists, (among them islamic as well), its a semi-controllable environment. Still, that doesnt mean that they wouldnt turn against their financiers or that there is no genuine islamic terror out there.

  2. It only toke them cca. 2200 tries before they finaly found the right people that “killed” them… I bet that israelis apologysts excuse will include “Palestinians looked all the same…”. So of course israel didnt wasted any lifes in vain just to deliver “justice” for the “death” of 3 jewish wastes of oxigen… yet no one ever condemns israel for war crimes…

    Its all about “Mind over Matter” in apologist views, because for indoctrinated zio-puppets… they “Dont MIND what the israeli does to the palestinians, because the palestinians dont MATTER…”

  3. Well of course, those were the guys who killed those teenagers…

    Haven’t you seen the interrogation video? The witness reports? The court proceedings? The corporate presstitutes covering this story?

    Oh yeah, these WERE, the corporate presstitutes, who made this claim…

  4. I couldn’t give 2 shits about what’s going on. Its all about greed and power. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I wish this world would just explode already and wipe out all of humanity. Fuckin aliens probably look at us like we are cockroach’s.

  5. First, it was not “Special Forces,” it was a Territorial Brigade, meaning Reservists. Second, they were Oengaged by one of the suspects with an AK47. The return fire killed him. Then, two Frag Grenades were tossed into the dry cesspool the second suspect was refusing to come out of. After warning him, and knowing that he had an M16, they neutralised him just as the should. Third, three senior members of HAMAS have separately acknowledged that both men are members and that both did the deeds attributed to them, albeit while maintaining that they did so on their own without permission of the hierarchy. Fourth, Operation Protective Edge in Gaza had nothing to do with these two men or their terrorism. It took place after PIJ, not HAMAS, launched on average 100+ rockets or missiles ler day for six consecutive days. Israel repeatedly warned HAMAS, as the self-declared governing entity in Gaza to rein in PIJ, and on Day 3 the other groups that had joined them. When on Day 5 HAMAS itself joined in the attacks Israel had no choice but to come down hard. Lastly, using the label “genocide” to describe 2,300 people out of a population of 1.8 million dying over the course of six weeks is patently absurd. However, if that word interests you can find some very interesting reading in the HAMAS Charter.

  6. Oh it had everything to do with it. Each generation on both sides have to cut it’s teeth thru fighting and so it’s no difference with these youngsters(born after 1995).
    My generation did this in the 1st Gulf War, Panama and Grenada. World Peace is such nonsense.

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