Israeli Soldiers Plant Knife on Palestinian Teen Murdered by Settler

Israeli Soldiers Plant Knife on Palestinian Teen Murdered by Settler


There has been a massive upsurge in Israeli killings of Palestinians. But if you read the mainstream media, you’d think it was the other way around. Today, a video was leaked which appears to show Israeli soldiers planting a knife on a Palestinian teenager who was just killed by an Israeli settler in Hebron.

The guy in white brandishing a weapon is an illegal Jew settler occupying land that belongs to the Palestinians. He saw the Palestinian youth, and executed him in cold blood. Armed terror commandos then showed up, and at 12 seconds, one terrorist hands a radio back to the terrorist behind him, and is simultaneously handed what looks like a knife, which he then drops on the ground next to the corpse.

According to Ma’an News Agency, the victim was 18 year old Fadil Qawasmi. The settler who executed him claimed the youth tried to stab him. That’s probably why they needed to plant the knife on the victim…

Ma’an News Agency also notes that Palestinians may only access Shuhada Street, where the murder occurred, by passing through an Israeli military checkpoint with a metal detector, through which he wouldn’t be able to pass a knife.

Here’s also a video of Irish shoppers clearing Israeli goods from shelves in support of BDS and the Palestinians. All I can say is: Thank you Ireland, you fucking rock!

The Irish are the only people with morals, honor and dignity outside of Icelanders. Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik recently declared boycott of all Israeli goodsas long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues“. How freaking awesome is that? What amazing people of conscience Icelanders are.

Iceland and Ireland were the only countries that arrested Zionist bankers for global financial manipulations. While in the west the bankers were being bailed out using the impoverished public’s money, Icelanders said that since it’s the bankers who created the problem, it will be the bankers who will pay for it, not the Icelandic people. Ireland has followed suit and stood up to the “house tax” that forced the Irish to pay for the “privilege” of living on their own land.

If you live in Iceland or Ireland, you have a lot to be proud of:


If you have trouble seeing the planting, here is another video which outlines it and slows it down:

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    1. I see him giving the radio back and then looks like he does some forward motion which is weird, but he could of been fixing his assault rifle strap shaking his left arm… why would he need to throw it which such momentum when he could of just dropped it.

  1. Fuckers are masters at the slight of hand…in the next week if not sooner the Jews will be bringing the pain in the form of another full blown incursion / invasion into Palestinian lands.
    Future content guaranteed.

  2. Watching this has reminded me of the nightmare I had last night. I woke up drenched in sweat as I was in a room full of people sat round a table wearing skull caps. There was an creepy looking elderly woman reaching towards me. I don’t know why I was there and what was being said but I’ve been up ever since trying to remember what it was. Seeing that bastard in the white, brought it all back! These fucking kikes are now sub consciously causing me distress as well.

    1. Last night I had a dream where I got into a bad motorcycle accident and ended up in the hospital where they transplanted my head onto a woman’s body. At first I was in shock but then I kinda liked it.
      I woke up before I could feel my own tits…dammit!

  3. My brain cannot think of it anymore, why Isis dont attack Israel, or send their jihadist to Israel border, killing zionist soldier at will, well we all know Israel army only dare to attack palestinian that poorly train and arm.

    No need for them to make a caliphate ruling before make a move toward al Aqsa.

        1. That’s the spirit @tuahantizion

          Have you woken up sipping a cuppa coffee or you’re still slumbering on or were you wide awake all along
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      1. Bloody oath! And I would sleep easy at night without a single bit of remorse. I consider gassing kikes as providing a community service. Like when you call to have your house fumigated for a rat infestation.

    1. Gassing them will be too good for these chosen people. I say let’s march them all back to the red sea. Part the red sea and drown them all! We will commemorate this occasion by unveiling a large bronze statue that features Yahweh being thrown in the ocean followed by the total number of Jews alive today. After the unveiling, we’ll sit and have bagles and coffee.

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  4. I know a few people that even faced with such videos are too brainwashed to see the truth. So infuriating.
    Fair play to Iceland and Ireland…..if only we would all follow this great example.

  5. <3 ICELAND! 😀 I wish i could live there, its the last paradise on earth.

    This whole situation reminds me of what happened 70 years ago before WW2 started. Following the same pattern, the boycot of goods is the second phase, followed by false flag attacks.

  6. Yes, fair pay to the Icelandic people, they made a stand against those sly twats which is to be applauded. Good on all 330,000 of them !.
    The Irish too. The idea was to prosecute and send those scurrilous bankers down. Not sure what, if anything at all, came of that.

    1. Ah to live in a land with only 330,000 people….and Jew boycotting ones at that. If only…instead being culturally raped and overrun with Muslim rats and rolling over for filthy Jews….good old Blighty.

  7. It,s Juden who start all the worlds wars
    It,s Juden who deceive the good, and honest populace
    It,s Juden that steals most of the worlds gold
    It,s Juden who is the real anti Christ
    It,s Juden that discriminates more than any other people
    It,s Juden that rape, and molest our children
    It,s Juden that created their own demise, and the world will soon get together, and wipe them off the map, because of their, cheating, murdering, molesting, thieving, and corrupting the worlds morals, everyday!

        1. @leveiheaded. I truly feel sorry for YOU my man! I think that the level in your head is off by a few degrees, so stop being a cheap Jew, and go buy a good one, will ya!!! Maybe then you will see what 90% of the world, now sees.

    1. Right… Soldiers weren’t even there when he was shot by the illegal settler. So ho did the soldier get possession of the knife before “placing it back”?
      And how did the Palestinian get it through the checkpoint? Your theory isn’t working out so well.

  8. If you believe this, you believe anything. No matter how much you may hate the Israelis, the perpetrators here are the Palestinians.

    If you want somebody to grant you favours and liberties, you don’t go around stabbing people, hurl rocks and other missiles at them and then tell the world that you want this and want that and want, want, want.

    Palestinians: pay respect to earn respect, so shape up or remain caged in your shit-hole for as long as it takes.

  9. “There has been a massive upsurge in Israeli killings of Palestinians. But if you read the mainstream media, you?d think it was the other way around.” Don’t know what you heard. But my MSM says around 40 arabs killed around 8 Jews. No matter where you go someone is always going to spin things. Agendas from both sides.

  10. Fuck those miserable kikes, all they have in min dis world domination… The Jew plays both sides of the opposition, to destroy us gentiles in the middle.. Obama is a fucking jew, Putin is a fucking jew, the terrorist groups are funded by fucking jews. It’s all a show.

  11. That supermarket video is over a year old.

    It is actually taken in Belfast, Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Many people would object to it being called Ireland. But the film was shot in Asda in West Belfast which is predominantly republican, so many of the protesters would actually consider themselves Irish rather than British.

    We, in Belfast pride ourselves as being equal opportunity racists. If you’re not white and from here we will hate you.

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