Israel Using White Phosphorus on Palestinians in Gaza (photos and video)

Israel Using White Phosphorus on Palestinians in Gaza (photos and video)

Did you know that after World War II, more than 30 Million people, mostly Christians were exterminated in death camps known as Gulags run by Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia? Yet even though Gulag’s death toll far outweighs the death toll of the alleged Holocaust, Jews got away with it. And true to their nature of psychopathic, blood soaked mass murderers, they freely commit war crimes against the Palestinians and as with Gulags, no trials are held to prosecute and execute them.

The use of white phosphorus – a highly incendiary weapon – in densely populated civilian residential areas in the Gaza Strip by the Israelis has been documented and proven countless times. International law prohibits the use of White Phosphorus in populated areas but what do the Jews care? They got away with murder of 30 Million Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Finns, Poles, Germans and Romanians so why should they concern themselves with the death of tens of thousands of Palestinians?

According to the outcome of an investigation by Amnesty International, during Operation Cast Lead, which they dubbed as “22 Days of Death and Destruction”, Israeli forces made extensive use of white phosphorus launched into residential areas, targeting homes, schools, medical facilities and UN buildings – all civilian objects – causing death and injuries to civilians.

After the attack, Human Rights Watch delegates found fragments of White Phosphorus shells in residential areas of Gaza. The shells were manufactured in the United States and marked: THS89D112-003 155MM M825E1.

1,434 Palestinians were reported killed during Operation Cast Lead, 288 of them were children. We must never forget who the real criminals are.

Video showing use of White Phosphorus on Palestinian civilians by Israeli war criminals is below:

And a gallery of a few photos of the genocide:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Israel Using White Phosphorus on Palestinians in Gaza (photos and video)”

      1. That’s a good discription @thedre. Get some white phosphorus on your skin and it will continue to burn into the body until it is extinguished from lack of oxygen or it burns itself out.
        Inhalation of large quantities of WP smoke, or contamination by ingestion, can lead to serious health problems or multiple organ failure.
        Thank you Mark for another accurate and informative post on the worst scum ever to infect this planet.

    1. White phosphorus is a material made from a common allotrope of the chemical element phosphorus that is used in smoke, tracer, illumination and incendiary munitions.[1] Other common names include WP, and the slang term “Willie Pete,” which is dated from its use in Vietnam, and is still sometimes used in military jargon.[2] As an incendiary weapon, white phosphorus burns fiercely and can set cloth, fuel, ammunition and other combustibles on fire, and cause serious burns or death. (Wikipedia)

    2. This happend back in 2009 and “Israel says white phosphorus use in Gaza “exceeded authority …”
      White Phosphorus: White phosphorus is a material made from a common allotrope of the chemical element phosphorus that is used in smoke, tracer, illumination and incendiary munitions

    3. It burns the skin and is hard to remove,even jumping in water doesn’t help as it just starts burning again when you come out because it reacts to air.
      My friends father got his face badly burned by phosphorus when he was a kid,it happened at an ex-military camp where i guess weapons were stored during WW2 which obviously hadn’t been cleaned up correctly,long story short,he now passes as a Freddy Krueger look a like. XD
      I just googled Phosphorus and it says if you ingest it you can suffer from something called “smoking stool syndrome”,ouchy!
      It also says copper sulfate nutralises phosphorus so don’t leave home without it,well,unless you’re not a Palestinian!

      1. i have used White Phosphorus while i was in the military to obscure visibility. basically as long as there is oxygen it will continue to burn strait down to the bone. its also used as an antipersonnel/ dispersal weapon. its most commonly used against civilians that is what the photos show.

  1. Jews, a truly despicable race . Why is this shit not addressed at this day and age ? For fuck sake,s all these atrocities are done in the open for all to see, as if to taunt us. Lying, deceptive bastards. I truly hate those child killing pigs beyond comprehension.

    1. A Jew can be any race, not just Israeli. There are black Jews, Italian Jews, Polish Jews, etc.
      Its a religion, not a people!
      Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East.

      1. They’re DNA says that jew’s are a race. Since my family are Christian we aren’t jewish. Today that should mean you should be a jew to be jewish. But since God Almighty chose them as his [people] rats they live everywhere on this planet. But Who exactly made it a religion??? God didn’t ! Their religion died when Jesus did. God’s infinite wisdom Knew who would kill His Son. 1 Cor.13 says if there is anything you read that hasn’t happened yet when everything else has came true,then it has failed at a previous time.Such as the jews being king of the world,because… Their is only One God,One Faith,One Baptism. PS. There are Palestinian Christians being killed.

    1. Unfortunately they have the loudest voice because of the amount of media that they control.

      It amazes me that the Holocaust is still widely perceived to be history’s worst racial atrocity. I think the Jews are just good at making people feel sorry for them.

      I had a Jewish friend and even though he tried to distance himself from the religion he still had all the negative stereotypical traits deeply ingrained within him. He’s truly selfish and greedy, and is dishonest for self-serving purposes.

  2. Iran was going to use Neutron bombs against Israel provided by the United States but they refused and tried to give them back leaving the Neutron bombs in Irak’s border but the USA crossed their arms and said no you take them they took the Neutron bombs but have not use it yet against Israel if they did that would the start of WWIII caused by americunts of course pretty much everything would get fucked if that ever happens what a shitty excuse for a war 😐 (money involved as usual and population reduction) so seeing this crazy shit with palestines doesn’t surprise me fucking jews

    1. Are you just making stuff up? I read your comment thought it was interesting and decided to try and research it a bit. I couldnt find anything to back up your story in anyway, shape or form. But what i did come up with is that the neutron bomb was designed for anti balistic missiles and to stop mass tank formations. So its pretty much a defensive weapon. Not to mention the fact that it wasnt built until 1981, and let me remind you of the Iranian hostage crisis from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981, and the sanctions that followed. I dont know if you heard a load of crap from someone else and just decided to spread the lie, or if your just making shit up, but please dont spread lies, its bad for everybody and makes you look like a tool. Good day to you sir.

      1. You know what @ Phil, you are so right. Our Canadian Government is no fuckin better. It is truly a shame that our Politicians, Canadian, and Americans, alike are so blind to all these Zionist cocksuckers. And for our good American neighbours, they get more slack because of worldwide policing by their asshole government.

  3. Ill couldnt see the vid. But if you want to see more proof, I can highly recommend the documentary from 2009 “Tears of Gaza” it was totally rejected and discredit from, guess who? The Jews of course, claiming that the hole film was extrem propaganda done by antisemit. This antisemit was a woman from Norway(cant remember her name), it is ? very intresting documentary how the palestinian women n children suffered the 8days bombing in Gaza September 2009. It got very strong scenes of dead children(babys). Maybe Mark could put it up on BG?

    1. I’m feeling you, Just1morefixofgore. Just be careful w/your typing, trying not to let an extra finger drift down and do something unexpected. You can touch “Done” to just temporarily drop the keyboard -so you can review your post before actually submitting it. It takes a bit of patience, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Spellcheck is your best ally here -as it lets you type quickly and will correct a Lot of misspellings automatically as you go. It’s still a good idea to double-check your post just the same, though. If you type lots of slang or abbreviations w/your friends,that’s cool -but it can (sometimes) interfere w/the iPhone’s spellchecking ability. When your ready, touch the Best Gore “Post Comment” button and Be Patient. If you keep it brief, your comment will be posted rather quickly. If your a big, fat Proffessor Blabbermouth like me (still trying to self-edit!) -it may take several minutes and you may get a white screen telling you “Best Gore page is too busy” or something like that. Be confident that -once you “Post Comment”, it’s in! Go read some other BestGore content if you like or just take a little break from it all. If you kept the screen on your browser (you don’t have to), you can go right back to the page you were on and you’ll see your comment posted. Yay! Now, it’s My turn. See you later…

  4. Also, don’t forget how the Palestiniane rats are using their own children as human shields.
    Or that they go on buses and blow themselves up.
    When doing that, do they seriously expect not to get attacked? They deserved it. They could migrate to other countries but nobody wants them, not even the muslim/arabic countries.
    Look at all the terror they caused, look at what they’re doing to Europe.
    In a few years Europe will be full of muslims who do nothing but sell drugs, rape, murder, steal and sit around doing nothing but crimes and get money from the country they’re at. [I.e, France, Sweden]

    Its not that I have something specific against Muslims. I don’t like the Jews or Christians either. But when these people cause THAT much terror, I do think they deserve to get attacked. Even if it means using these kind of weapons on them. If trying to negotiate peace with them won’t work, maybe white Phosphorus will.

    Thank you and have a nice gory day.

      1. No, I actually live in Israel so I know that’s going on, buddy.

        We know what’s going on, people think that the IDF just kills them because it wants to. They mostly attack the launchers and when it gets on a bigger scale they’ll attack an area where there are obviously civilians and militants together so yea, civilians will get hurt just like how they are trying to hurt the people here.

        The US would’ve nuked the place if they were attacked like Israel is. We’re giving them food, water, electricity and what not so quit the bullshiting πŸ˜‰

  5. While I will never, ever condone the use of white phosphorous by Israel on civillian targets, I have to agree with part of Undead’s post above. Snackbarists don’t play by the rules either. If you are not going to identify yourselves as combatants through the use of recognizable uniforms and marked vehicles, and if you establish command posts and weapons bunkers in and around civillian targets like mosques, hospitals, and schools (as this helps build international sympathy for your cause) then you can expect to have the battle brought to you in the way Israel is. Again, i’m no fan of Israel, I’m just pointing out from a military stanpoint why it seems Israel is fighting them in populated civillian areas – because the snackbars force them to. Have the Palastinian combatants put on some uniforms, and have all of them and their rockets move outside the cities, fight a conventional war, and far fewer innocents would be killed. The war would be over in about 10 minutes, though.

    1. Thank you, finally someone who understands.
      I live there and yet I’m not fully up for my own country but come on, they deserved, they’re playing nasty, and the IDF can too.
      They could’ve destroyed the whole place in a day [Which I’m sure the US army would’ve done that if they had their own ‘gaza strip’] but it has to be so humanitarian. They’re getting food, electricity, water, MOTSLY from Israel.

      The US army used “Agent orange” during Vietnam war, yet I see nobody making a huge deal out of it. But when Israel does something similiar, it’ll get bashed. Yes I know, the government isn’t perfect over here but it helps others.
      These people over at the gaza strip haven’t got much to do since the militants over there are controlling them.

      Nearly 400,000 Vietnamese were killed thanks to Agent Orange, about 500,000 people were born with defects thanks to it.
      Muslim/Arabic countries are hanging gays, treat women as if they’re a piece of shit and have no value for life whatsoever.

  6. We really should just let the camel jockies kill themselves off and be done with them for ever. Help them out by giving them just enough weapons to do it and nothing to big to hurt other nations. When there is no one left to fight the world will finally have peace.

  7. I don’t trust religion in any way shape or form all of it causes more misery and suffering than every other belief combined. White Phosphorus is Nasty stuff in the Marines we used it to throw in artillery barrels to weld the inside making the Gun Useless it also works well set off in confined spaces i.e. cockpits of Tanks,Trucks,and gun nests it burns extremely hot (White Hot) and usually Destroys everything it touchs. Used in the manner shown above is against the Geneva Convention and is cowardice cause it could hit anything it doesn’t Discriminate and innocent Women, Children,and Men should NEVER be a Target REGAURDLESS of being in the vacinity of Insurgents, Terrorist,or Soldiers GROW SOME BALLS AND GO TAKE THEM OUT ROOM BY ROOM WITH PRESICION FIRING!!! Better yet take that Fucking book of LIES (bible,cohran,whatever) BURN IT AND START OVER! IS IT THAT HARD? NO!!! Cause this “god” person doesn’t make the World the way it is WE DO!!!!! Not saying we all have to hold hands or kiss each other but GROW UP!! BTW this site is Great I like the pics and Ignore the Bitching. };~}~ ?13?

  8. Oh man, lol. I hope one day you realise that if Israel falls, then a Caliphate would be free to form. If an Islamic Caliphate forms, then say goodbye to your oil. A Muslim bloc will be in utter charge of it.

    Israel is our KEY to destroying/controlling the now totally Islamist Middle East.

    Israel defends itself. It HAS to. Its surrounded on all sides.

    Also, when/if a Caliphate forms, the Muslims in our own nations will riot in their 100’s

  9. In the middle east, the jews use weapons to destroy their enemies, in some cases, when the enemy is not weak enough (Irak, Libya, etc), they cowardly ask their american flunkeys to the dirty job.
    In the west, they did the same thing by creating communism, by financing the belligerents of WWI and WWII, today, the jews are finishing us off by using their control fo the media to promote pornography, prostitution, drug abuse, race mixing with their pet niggers (bestiality), etc.
    The jews use their control of the finance to corrupt western politicians and ask them to open the boarders to third world immigration.
    I think the jews will do the same thing to the arabs, once they’ll bleed them to near death with wars, the jews will destroy their minds with the control of the middle eastern media and school system like they do in the west.

  10. Only a Satan kills those who do not worship him,and what?s a punishment for apostasy in Islam?
    There is something profoundly wrong with Islam and it?s followers,if they can?t live in peace with others.The Christian girl from Pakistan were falsely accused for blasphemy by Muslim cleric who planted the burned pages of Koran into her bag,and she was facing a death penalty for it.
    Fortunately,this cleric?s assistants came out with the truth and said that the cleric did it,even though they were begging him not to do it,but he said that it?s the only way to make all the Christians from the area to leave!
    The Christian girl also has Down?s syndrome,btw.

  11. What I’ve read about Russian Gulags is not at all what Mark made them sound like. I’m not saying Mark is wrong, but is there anyone who knows a bit more on the subject who can enlighten those of us who are perhaps mislead and confused on the topic? πŸ˜‰

  12. THS89D112-003 155MM M825E1

    THS89D is the manufacturer identification code denoting that the shells and contents were produced in April 1989 by Thiokol Aerospace, which operated the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant at the time; 112-003 are the interfix and sequence numbers, which denote that several lots of the same ammunition were being produced simultaneously; 155mm stands for the caliber of the artillery shell. M825E1 is the US military designation for an older remanufactured M825 white phosphorus shell that has been brought up to current M852E1 standard

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