Israeli Settlers – Family of 5 Brutally Murdered in the West Bank

Israeli Settlers - Family of 5 Brutally Murdered in the West Bank

An unknown attacker entered a house in the West Bank’s Itamar settlement, near Palestinian city of Nablus, 63 kilometers north of Jerusalem, late at night on Friday March 11, 2011 and brutally murdered 5 members of the Fogel family with a knife. Among the murdered were three children: 11-year-old Yoav Fogel, 3-year-old Elad Fogel, and 3-month-old Hadas Fogel, and two adults, the parents of the children: 36-year-old Ehud Fogel and his wife, 35-year-old Ruti Fogel. Ehud Fogel was of Israeli descend, his wife Ruti (or Ruthie) was a French citizen.

While the identity of the attacker is not yet known, the Israeli government blames Palestinians and claims that it was a terrorist attack. The settlers were Jewish. Additional two children reportedly escaped the attack.

The response by Israel was swift and major manhunt involving the aircraft was launched. According to the unnamed Palestinian media, Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade had allegedly claimed responsibility for the murders.

Below is a video report on the murders by Al Jazeera:

The pictures in a gallery below are the way they were provided by the family – with faces and some wounds censored out. The family was murdered in their sleep. Prime suspect is still allegedly at large:

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26 thoughts on “Israeli Settlers – Family of 5 Brutally Murdered in the West Bank”

  1. An innocent family murdered by disgusting, cowardly, civilian-slaughtering, Islamist cunts. A three month old baby stabbed in the throat while asleep. Disgracful. And all night, celebrations went on in the Gaza Strip.

    And people criticise the Israelis?

    1. As horrible as it sounds, you’re right. Baby killing Israeli terrorists occasionally catch a backfire and we’re all supposed to put their atrocities on ignore. Nice try. I wouldn’t be surprised if the murder was done by Israeli themselves to justify more killings of innocent Palestinians. It wouldn’t be the first time the Jews have mercilessly slaughtered innocent people, including babies.

  2. You all say how disgusting palestinians are and all that shit, but do you forget the MILLIONS of Palestinian citizens and Palestinian babies that are viciously murdered everyday by Israeli missiles and soldiers?

    Do you forget the wall the Israelis built around the Gaza strip to cut them off of all the resources? to starve them till death?

    They are really innocent people and all the brutal murders started by the Israelies not killing a whole family everyday, but dozens of families in each building they destroy. They have bombed schools and hospitals. They have used phosphorous bombs and cluster bombs which are both banned by the Geneva convention. I am not saying murdering this family is a righteous act, but you have to look at the other side as well, and see why murdering one family is nothing opposed to the hundreds and thousands of family murdered by the Israeli army for just being Palestinian.

  3. Here is the thing, The Israelis think that the land they occupy was given to them by god himself…Nobody seems to give a shit that the COUNTRY of Palestine was completely dissolved to make way for Israel, they stuffed an entire country worth of people into a small little space and said “here ya go, your country is not yours anymore” Take a look at a world map prior to 1948…there is only Palestine…To my Americans, How would you feel if the UN decided to give the USA to lets say, The Bedouins(?) because we all know, they need their own country….all you Americans can now have Rhode Island…..How the hell would you react??? I for one would go apeshit…Not saying murdering children is justified in any case, but the simple fact remains, Palestinians need their own country again, to grow as a culture, not some shit splat hunkered down like rats in a cage.

  4. Those Muslim mother fuckers deserve all the shit they receive from Israel troops. Nuke’em all mother fuckers n wipe this world from the most infectious wound it’s ever known.

    How can u kill children , 3 months baby n 3 year old kid ! how is that possible ! even those slaughters in SS woudnt kill children ! find the mother fucker n kill him slowly , cut him bit by bit.

  5. There’s a lot of shitty comment against the muslim people, and I’m bored of that. I haven’t seen a comment about US army, but they sold a lot of weapons to many countries, they promote dictatorships in many countries, they allow Sionists Israelis to murder a lot of palestinian children… And for that, just because there’s a family killed by supposed EXTREMIST muslims, some jerks begin to cry, but there’s a lot of people killed by US marines in Irak, Afganistan, Vietnam. Even raped girls. But well, I didn’t really wanted to criticize the US army. I have nothing against them to say. I have nothing about gore, I think this is a great page, but when some guys begin to say this kind of shit, this page seems messed up.

  6. It’s all good that the comment was removed…haha, I saw it via E-mail…hahahaha….Ignorant people who’s only course of action is to curse at the people they disagree for lack of an actual argument make me laugh. Go back to your trailer park, crack open a busch light and tell granny thanks for the gum job 😉

  7. all these fucking killers need to die cant wait to be a cop or Detective. The people who say they deserve to die FUCK YOU GO TO HELL. This is sad who ever did this i so want to kill that person.

  8. This shit was wrong however you look at itat least the murder of the little ones. The parents who knows whether they were alright or not. But I understand watching you and your people suffer endless hatred, deceit, and evil from another can lead to this. Compared to the callous, heartless, treatment they regularly receive right along with the bullshit justifications. You feel this is nothing as a necessary(comparably much smaller) evil or maybe your just evil as well. Would be nice if we had info on who the intruder was. But the person apparently covered their tracks just enough to not be discovered.

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